True Wolf – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author


the stat series, book 3


Werewolf agent Caleb Lynch takes the lead on STAT’s newest case:
to track down the thieves who stole nuclear weapons from the air
force. His best lead points him to a brother-sister duo with a shady
record, but Caleb sees something in the mysterious woman that
could change his whole world.

Brielle Fontaine’s supernatural abilities are a force to be reckoned
with, making her one of STAT’s biggest threats and a most useful
ally. But Brielle is suspicious of anyone who might use her for their
own gain, so she keeps most people at a distance—that is, until she
meets werewolf Caleb Lynch.

When Brielle, Caleb, and the other STAT agents come under fire
from supernatural terrorists seeking to start a war, the attraction
between them could lead to something much more explosive...

Releasing December 5, 2017
When SWAT Officer Max Lowry meets Lana Mason, he falls fast and hard. He’s positive she’s The One. And Max’s favorite part? Lana’s a wolf shifter too, so they can skip the awkward reveal and head straight to the happily ever after. There’s just one problem: Lana doesn’t know that she’s a werewolf.
To make matters worse, hunters with intent to kill have tracked Lana to Dallas. Max has to figure out how to keep Lana safe, show her who and what she really is—and just how much she means to him.

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“Why hasn’t there ever been anyone else?” he asked quietly. “I mean, you’ve mentioned several times that it’s just been you and Julian. Why aren’t you with a guy?”

The question was so blunt that all Brielle could do was stare at him with her mouth open.

Caleb held up his hands apologetically. “I didn’t mean that the way it came out. I just meant that you’re a beautiful woman. I find it hard to believe there haven’t been men interested in spending time with you.”

Brielle felt a burst of warmth and happiness swirling up inside her chest at his words, and suddenly, she wasn’t upset by his choice of words anymore. The fact that she was reacting so strongly to him calling her beautiful struck her as both silly and juvenile. What was she, a sixteen-­year-­old going gaga over the latest boy band singer?

“I tried a few times,” she said, brushing her hair back when the breeze coming in from the water tossed it playfully around her face and forcing herself to answer his question instead of thinking about the way his casual compliment made her feel. “I dated a few guys, but it never went anywhere. Having a brother around who was constantly getting into trouble certainly didn’t help. What about you? Do you have anyone waiting for you back home when you return from saving the world?”

He let out a snort of amusement that quickly turned into a laugh. “I’m an omega. By definition, I’m a loner. Like you, I’ve dated, but it never seemed to work out. I’ve never had a connection with anyone.”

Brielle gazed up at him. Why did it bother her so much that this amazing man hadn’t found someone to share his life with? For some reason, it seemed like such a waste.

“Maybe you simply haven’t found the right woman yet,” she murmured, fighting the urge to reach up and caress his chiseled jaw. She wanted to do it so badly, she could almost feel his scruff under her fingers.

“Or maybe I have,” Caleb said, bending his head to touch his lips to hers.

He kissed her slowly, tentatively, like he wanted to give her a chance to pull away if she wanted to. She didn’t pull away—­or want to. Instead, she reached up and buried her fingers in his shaggy hair, pulling him down and opening her mouth to invite him in, desperate to let him know how much she wanted this.

Her tongue tangled with his, and she moaned at how good he tasted. One of his strong arms wrapped around her, tugging her against him, lifting her up on her toes a little until her breasts were pressing firmly against his powerful chest as he slipped his free hand into her hair.

It felt amazing.

Heat poured through her, and she came damn close to wrapping her legs around him and climbing him like a tree. The need to be even closer to him was overwhelming.

They quickly went from kissing to making out with an intensity that kind of scared her. She’d never come close to getting swept away by a man’s kiss before. She’d never even considered letting it happen. But with Caleb, it was almost too easy to lose herself in the moment. To let the fire fill her up inside and make her burst into flames right there in the middle of Odessa.

As Caleb’s big hand tightened in her hair, tugging at the strands in the most delicious way she’d ever experienced, Brielle couldn’t help but wonder what it was about him that made her respond this way. Then she felt his rumbling growls welling up through his chest, the vibrations slipping inside her to do crazy things to her soul, and she stopped caring about why or how. She simply enjoyed the sensation of being in his arms.

When something grazed her tongue, sharp enough to draw blood, it wasn’t that hard to figure out it was his fangs. Why they had extended in the middle of them kissing was a mystery, but she decided she didn’t mind them at all. In fact, the sensation of those fangs scraping across the surface of her sensitive tongue was kind of interesting.

Before Brielle had a chance to experiment a little with that, Caleb abruptly broke the kiss and pulled away. The move was so jarring she almost fell over.

Opening her eyes, she saw that Caleb looked dazed, his eyes glowing vivid blue as he gazed down at her. The tips of his fangs were peeking out over his lower lip, and he was growling softly with nearly every breath. She knew all of that put together meant that he was on the verge of losing control of himself and going omega, as he liked to call it. She’d be lying if she said it didn’t worry her a little, but she refused to believe he would ever hurt her, no matter how much control he lost.

Unfortunately, from the expression slowly crossing his face, Brielle wasn’t too sure if Caleb believed that as much as she did. She could tell he was fighting hard to regain his control, his eyes darting left and right like he was wondering if running away might be the best option. If it weren’t for several other tourists walking along the pier, he might have done it.

“Caleb,” she said softly, reaching out to place her hand on the sleeve of his leather jacket and wondering what she’d done to make his inner werewolf come out. “Just breathe and tell me what’s wrong.”

Caleb didn’t say anything, but as she stood there watching, his breathing slowed, the blue glow fading from his eyes and his fangs retracting. But even then, Brielle noticed he still didn’t move to close the distance between them. It was ridiculously stupid, but the separation hurt all the same. And for the life of her, she couldn’t understand why.

“Speaking of award ceremonies,” she said to Max, “I didn’t see you on the stage getting a commendation, so I’m guessing you must be here to support someone who did?”
He nodded. “Yeah. Some of the members of my team got recognized today. How about you? Your boyfriend getting a commendation?”
Max thought he was being pretty damn smooth, but the smile tugging at Lana’s lips told him she saw right through his deception.
“Nope, no boyfriend,” she said. “Actually, it was my dad. Brandy took forever getting dressed. Then we got stuck in traffic. We barely made it here in time to see him get the award. I had to watch from the back of the auditorium.”
That explained why Max hadn’t picked up Lana’s luscious scent earlier. And while he was relieved she didn’t have a boyfriend, it made him wonder which of his fellow cops getting a commendation this afternoon could possibly have a daughter this smokin’ hot.
Max opened his mouth to ask her who her father was when another DPD officer walked by with a plate filled with a collection of various hors d’oeuvres. While Max wasn’t impressed with the selection of food, Lana looked at the appetizers longingly, even though she still had the ones her friend had given her. Maybe she wasn’t big on squash blossoms. He didn’t blame her.
“Would you like me to get you something else to eat?” he asked.
She glanced down at her plate, then shook her head. “Thanks, but unfortunately, the spinach puffs were the only thing remotely edible, which is probably why they’re all gone. I can’t believe they’re trying to pass this stuff off as food.”
He grinned. “I was just thinking the same thing a little while ago. I’m planning to head out as soon as this thing is over so I can get some real food.”
She leaned in close and gave him a conspiratorial wink. “Maybe we can slip out now while no one is looking. I can drop my car keys off with Brandy and we can disappear into the night. I’d just about kill for a slice of pizza.”
Any other time, Max would have been stoked to hear that. In his opinion, there wasn’t anything sexier than a woman who loved pizza. But right then, all he could think about was how his body was reacting to Lana’s nearness. Not only was his pulse racing, but his claws and fangs were dangerously close to coming out. He only hoped his eyes weren’t turning gold.
On the upside, at least he now knew for sure she was a werewolf. He could smell it in her pheromones. That was probably why they hit it off so well. Well, there was another reason, but he wasn’t about to go there—even if a little wolf voice in the back of his head whispered maybe he should.
Lana was telling him about an awesome pizza place that wasn’t too far away, wondering if he’d be interested in checking it out, but instead of answering her, he went in a completely different direction.
“It’s so cool finding another of our kind here,” he said. “I totally didn’t expect it.”
She didn’t seem to mind that he’d changed the sub¬ject, but she looked a bit confused. “Another of our kind? Are you a pescatarian, too?”
Max chuckled. That body and those looks combined with a wicked sense of humor? It was like she was made for him. A werewolf who didn’t eat meat? Now, that was epically funny.
Unless it was true, in which case it was a little strange.
Before he could say anything, Lana leaned over to look at something behind him, her lips curving into a smile. Max turned to see who she was looking at and was a little surprised to find Deputy Chief Hal Mason. The deputy chief was in charge of the police depart¬ment’s specialized Tactical Division, which included the mounted police, canine unit, helicopter support, EOD, and SWAT. As a high-ranking officer in the depart¬ment, Mason had to attend every award ceremony, but this time he’d been recognized for his commitment to developing his entire division, especially SWAT.
“Hey, Dad.” Lana stepped around Max to give Mason a hug. “I was looking for you and Mom earlier, but you were deep in conversation with some people and I didn’t want to interrupt.”
Max picked his jaw up from the floor and shoved it back into place. Lana was the deputy chief’s daughter?

 UNDERCOVER WOLF is Paige Tyler's STAT world at its most intriguing. Tyler has an amazing way of giving her readers the perfect escapes with a lot of action, mystery, intrigue, and a romance that will have your heart beating faster. UNDERCOVER WOLF is the epitome of Ms. Tyler's best work!"

Fresh Review, Fresh Fiction

Riveting, suspenseful, and heart-pounding. It combines supernatural suspense, paranormal romance, and action-adventure in a thrilling novel!”

Goodreads Review

TRUE WOLF breathes life back into the alpha werewolf genre that I adore!"

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A page turner that kept me on the edge of my seat. There is plenty of danger, angst, laughter, tears and some steam to get us to a HEA, and leave us wanting the next book in the series.!"

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I loved every single bit of this book. Reading a Paige Tyler book is sitting back on the sofa with a cup of coffee and letting yourself get swept away in the world of supernaturals. I really like everything werewolf and their instant attraction to someone and I devoured this one in one sitting!"

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This is an action packed, sexy, paranormal romantic suspense. The danger is almost non-stop.  You will meet some very different supernaturals among the good and the bad guys.  All the characters are exciting, our hero in particular. He is very unpredictable. I loved every page.  Great fun and excitement.!"

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The characters in this book are flawed and mostly anti-heroes. I like this about them and I like how they can still perform acts of good with great courage. It shows a depth in character. For romance lovers who enjoy fated mate themes and bad boys with hearts of gold!”

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Like previous Paige Tyler books, this one is full of action, suspense and passion. Both the characters are instant hits with me! I enjoyed reading about their journey as well as them juggling their increasingly dangerous jobs and their relationship with each other. I love the paranormal element of Paige Tyler books, which definitely makes her a one click author for me!"

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Non stop action, some mystery and awesome werewolves! 

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A brilliant read!"

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If you love werewolves, sexy heroes, heroines who can handle them, action, drama, fears and tears, a sweet yet steamy romance, then you have to read WOLF REBEL!""

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Readers of Stephen Kings "IT" will love the Clown aspect of this story!"


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