Your Hunky Hero for Today is… – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Your Hunky Hero for Today is…

Jake Rutherford from The Advice Columnist! Well, one look at him and it’s understandable why Ivy would totally take him up on his wager and let him spank her!

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Desirée Lee says December 12, 2007

Oh hell yeah…

Robin says December 12, 2007

Oh yeah, it’s obvious why she would say yes! Yeck, I don’t like any type of pain, but I’d let him spank me too…lol

~Heather says December 12, 2007

All I can say is YUMMY!! lol!

Kelley Nyrae says December 12, 2007

wow, he’s yummy!!

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Its about sexy kisses!

Sabrina Brayden says December 13, 2007

sorry…I was staring at abs and completely forgot what I was going to say….

paigetyl says December 27, 2007

Des – Yeah is right! LOL!

Robin – He is yummy, isn’t he?!

~Heather – Thanks!

Kelley – Thanks!

Sabrina – LOL! I can see how he could make you do that!


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