X-OPS Exposed Releases Four Weeks from Today! ? – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

X-OPS Exposed Releases Four Weeks from Today! ?

X-OPS Exposed releases four weeks from today! Who wants a sneak peek at Tanner and Zarina’s story?! ?
He left to keep her safe…
She wouldn’t stay behind.
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Shelley says March 14, 2018

Just wanted to say it is very cool doing police ride alongs. I have a cousin who also has a partner name badge who is a k9 unit dog. There work is hard at times but also rewarding .I guess what I’m trying to said is stay with the class you will learn a lot an have some fun to.

    paigetyl says March 15, 2018

    Yes, we’re really enjoying it! If I were a cop, I’d want to be a K9 cop! 🙂

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