Thursday Thirteen! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things in our fridge. And no, it’s not a comprehensive list! LOL!
1. Whole Wheat Bread

2. Broccoli

3. Carrots

4. Hostess 100-Calorie Pack Cupcakes

5. Hershey’s Syrup

6. Hidden Valley Fat Free Ranch Dressing

7. Heinz Ketchup

8. Lettuce

9. Fat Free Milk

10. Starbucks Frapuccino

11. Sunny D
12. Tomatoes

13. Yoplait YogurtLinks to other Thursday Thirteens!(Leave your link when you comment, and I’ll add you here!*hugs*

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Missy Lyons says January 31, 2008

That was a fun list. I did one myself on myspace, but yours was more fun. :)Mine was my favorie 13 jobs…

Adelle says January 31, 2008

Very healthy eating lol The Chocolate syrop looks really out of place (or is it strictly for research purposes *wink) Happy T13!

Cassandra says January 31, 2008

You know, Paige, if you had some bananas with that chocolate you’d have a very tasty libido enhancer. 🙂

I am to scared to look in my fridge. Last time I swear I think I saw my jello move…on hairy legs! LOL

Great TT!


Kaige says January 31, 2008

Sometimes, I wish I only had 13 items in my fridge! Other days, it just feels like it’s all condiments.

Happy TT!

Gina Ardito says January 31, 2008

Yum. Looks like it’s lunchtime for me. Thanks for whetting my appetite!

Tempest Knight says January 31, 2008

Milk and chocolate! Yummy! *wg* Happy T13!

Jennifer Shirk says January 31, 2008

Hey, I have #5 and 11, too! 🙂

~HeAtHeR says January 31, 2008

Mmmmm……I’m hungry now! You’ve always got to keep the broccoli on hand! lol! Great TT….as always!

Shelley Munro says January 31, 2008

It’s much like our fridge, except I haven’t got any of the nice stuff. *sob* it’s banned from our fridge at the moment cause I need to fit into my clothes again.

Alice Audrey says January 31, 2008

Oh! Thanks for the reminder – I need to cook up the broccoli soon.

Heather says January 31, 2008

Your fridge looks slightly healthier than mine – though I do have carrots in the fridge and other veggies in the freezer, including brussel sprouts and broccoli. Think I need more spinach, though. *g*

Jennifer McKenzie says February 1, 2008

Looks familiar!!! LOL.

Debbie Mumford says February 1, 2008

What a fun list!

julia says February 1, 2008

The chocolate nicely balances all those veggies.

Gwen Mitchell says February 3, 2008

I have almost all the same things in my fridge. I think most of those are staple items. *nods*

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