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Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Sexy Games to Play with Your Honey on New Year’s Eve!

1. Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets is a game of strategy and foreplay where the object is to be the first player to reach the other side of the game’s course. To play, you must travel through the course, over and under or around your partner/opponent and “between the sheets” in order to win. Get pretzeled with your partner and see where it goes… you many not finish the game, but either way you both may win!

2. Body Bingo
Couples can have some naughty fun while competing to win Body Bingo„ Reward Cards. Simply get five chips in a row or in each of the four corners of your card, and then claim your sweet reward! Some rewards are sweet, some are romantic, and others are just plain naughty! But whatever your reward, you are sure to have lots of fun!

3. Chocolate Tease

What a fun, sexy, and delicious foreplay game! To play the Chocolate Tease Game, take turns with your partner picking a card and reading it out loud then performing the challenge. When someone successfully completes a challenge, they keep the card and it becomes a point. If the player fails to complete the challenge, the card goes back in the pile. After all 30 challenges have been attempted, the game is over. Game includes 30 chocolate tease cards, 2 paint brushes, and a chocolate jar. Game box measures 5.5″L x 2.5″W x 7.25″T. Count your points carefully because the loser has to submit to every sexy desire of the winner!

4. Climaxxx
Ooh and aah your way to climax as you and your partner play your way through this sexy adult game. Cards direct you through challenges that test your passion, but stay cool to win the game. Although with a name like Climaxxx, there really aren’t any losers!

5. Cosmo’s Steamy Sex GamesCosmo’s Steamy Sex Games is a set of 118 cards, 3.5″ x 4.25″, with twelve sizzling, couples only bedroom games. Heat up your mattress action with games like “The Sexy Scavenger Hunt”, “Call of the Wild”, “Finish the Fantasy”, and so many more. With a handy storage box, you can grab this hot game and go anytime. Play it again and again!

6. Fore-Playing Card GameThe sensational game for unleashing the adventurous spirit within you! Ideal for sparking up a romance! The perfect gift for any occasion or that special intimate evening of passion. The object of Fore-Playing Cardsª is to tease and please each other with favors and to see how long you can last. Anticipate a night of romantic fun and games OR lusty sexual adventures…Your Choice! This kit is complete with “sexual suggestion” playing cards, love candles and invitation to an evening of desire and passion.
7. Private Dick, A Sexual Whodunnit Board GameThere has been an incident! Madame Sleaze has been found pleasured senseless at her Bordello. It is up to you to investigate and find the culprit! Private dick is a game of skill for 2-6 players, set on the ground floor of Madam Sleaze’s Bordello. Using your skills of elimination and deduction, you must find out the perpetrator, the sex toy used and the room in which the pleasuring took place. Game box includes a game board, adult toy tokens, 6 player pieces, a die, 8 room cards, 6 character cards and an incident envelope. Next time you host game night, surprise your friends with this adult twist on a classic game!

8. Sex! Romantic Card GameEach Sex! card explicitly illustrates either a foreplay activity or a sexual position. Each Sex! deck includes three card games. While playing a card game, you and your lover use the cards to plan out one of the 100,000 possible fantasies. After building a fantasy, you both act it out.
Includes new artwork to the packaging AND sex position cards.

9. SextivityFor couples looking to spice things up in the bedroom, Sextivity„ is just the thing. Kit includes 36 spicy sex games ranging from mild, medium to wild. Packed with simple yet steamy activities, tantalizing tips and teasing techniques. All designed to provide everything a couple needs for spontaneously sizzling sex!

10. Strip and TeaseA whole new twist on card games! Go Fish or Concentration with renewed excitement. Anticipation increases with each new hand, and pleasure is awarded to the winner. The initial object of Strip & Tease is to get you and your lover stripped naked. Once in the buff, you can then take part in the many teasing foreplay activities. A naughty twist to your favorite card games.

11. Strip Chocolate CheckersThis is a game you will not forget. It is intended to be played by two people who are looking to lose their clothes and their inhibitions. Once a game of Strip Chocolate Checkers has started, it cannot end until at least one of you has completely stripped. The game includes a checkerboard, a set of white and dark chocolate checker pieces, and easy to follow instructions!

12. StrippopolyAdult Style party board game based on the game you played as a kid… EXCEPT this is the Adult-opoly Version! Bring Strippopoly – to your next party and you’ll get close with everyone that plays! Designed to be played by adult couples, allowing players to engage in romantic activity win or lose! (2) sets of games rules, and (3) Heat levels of play.

13. Tempt and TeaseThe simple, sweet and sexy very adult couple’s game! Temt & Tease is the sweet and sexy couple’s card game that rewards you both as a couple and as individuals. Be the first to reach 69 points in each hand and earn a reward card that outlines a fun and hot experience to add to your lovemaking. Game includes 54 Tempt & Tease cards, 60 reward cards and 1 rule book. For 2 adult players. Quick and easy to learn, fun and sexy to play!

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Shelley Munro says December 31, 2009

I think I need some of these…for research purposes 🙂

Happy New Year, Paige.

Elise Logan says December 31, 2009

*fans self* woo hoo. That's quite a list.

I might have to join Shelley in getting some and conducting a little…research.

Ella Drake says December 31, 2009

Exactly what I was thinking, Shelley. Research.

Stephanie says December 31, 2009

Heehee … Private Dick. I love it!! LOL Great list, Paige. Happy New Year! *Hugs*

Inez Kelley says December 31, 2009

impressive list! I normally play catch the Zzzzz!

Jennifer Leeland says December 31, 2009

Ooooh I'm with Shelley. I need these…..for research of course.

Alice Audrey says December 31, 2009

Between the Sheets sounds like a new and improved Twister.

jamiebabette says December 31, 2009

Fun list. 🙂 Happy New Year!

Jeanne St. James says December 31, 2009

I'm with Shelley. Research. Yeah, that's right! Research!

A. Catherine Noon says January 1, 2010

I'd comment, but I'm gonna be busy with mah husband! 'Scuse me! 🙂

Happy new year!

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