Thursday Thirteen! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen “Sexy” Drinks for Summer!
1. Absolut Sex

2. Between the Sheets

3. Blow Job

4. Chocolate Martini

5. Espresso Martini

6. French Kiss

7. Malibu Coconutini

8. Screaming Orgasm

9. Sex Machine

10. Sex on the Beach

11. Slippery Nipple

12. Slow Comfortable Screw

13. Strawberry Kiss

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PhyllisC says June 24, 2010

Thanks for the post – the drinks and the hunk. 🙂

Are the recipes posted somewhere too? Some I've heard of but not all of them.

paigetyl says June 24, 2010

Phyllis – I actually thought about putting the recipes on there! LOL! I got some of the from and some from WITH SEXY NAMES


Darla M Sands says June 24, 2010

Now I want to go have a liquid lunch. Thank you for sharing!

Inez Kelley says June 24, 2010

I did a T13 similar to this once. Love some of the names!

Robin L. Rotham says June 24, 2010

Now if I could just learn to like booze…

David Bridger says June 24, 2010

Sex on the beach for me, please. 🙂

Elise Logan says June 24, 2010

fun list. I'm not much for adulterated martinis, but some of those look yummy!

Heather says June 24, 2010

Have to say, I honestly don't care for most of these, but that last does look good. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

Shelley Munro says June 24, 2010

I like a strawberry kiss on a hot day. 😉

Tatiana Caldwell says June 24, 2010

Mmm, not only do these drinks have sexy names, but the LOOk sexy, too. I've had a few of them before, but must try them all at at least once! 😉

Alice Audrey says June 24, 2010

You've got my mouth watering.

Janice says June 25, 2010

My sister use to drink screaming orgasm. Talk about selling something with sex!

Happy TT.

Sasha Devlin says June 25, 2010

Should I be hesitant to admit I've had most of these more than once? The only one I can't claim is the absolut sex. But I might be going out soon…..

Adelle Laudan says June 25, 2010

MMM they all sound so yummy. I'll have one of each please.
Happy T13!

Jennifer Leeland says June 25, 2010

I've had a slippery nipple before. But the strawberry kiss looks yummy!!

Angelika Devlyn says June 25, 2010

My money's on #8 🙂 Great TT – Do you know why the TT site doesn't seem to have been updated? Prob not! LOL but that's never happened before…

Please pop by and check out 13 {{MORE}} Characters in my Dark Kingdom Chronicles Series HERE! Thank you!

Hope to see you there,

Angelika Devlyn X

A. Catherine Noon says June 25, 2010

ROWR! What a fun list! I'm all twitterpated just reading it! 🙂

Happy TT!

The Cinnamon Chocolate Dreamer says June 28, 2010

This is my first time checking your TT and I love it! Figures the alcoholic in me would pick today to check your page. lol

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