Thursday Thirteen! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Sexy Excerpts from KARLEIGH’S COWBOYS my Hot New Cowboy Menage!


The barn was just as impressive on the inside as it was on the outside. Lined with spacious stalls on either side, it was home to fifteen of the most beautiful horses Karleigh had ever seen. But as much as she adored horses, it was the two hunky guys pitching hay sans shirts halfway down the center aisle who immediately caught her eye. Both tall with broad shoulders and killer pecs, not to mention some seriously lickable abs, one had dark hair and a sexy trace of scruff, while the other was blond and more clean-cut. When Heather said Colorado Springs was full of hot guys, she’d neglected to mention two of them worked for her.


Both men took off their leather work gloves and held out their hands. Their hands were big and strong around hers. They were rough and slightly calloused, too, she noticed. Nothing like the men back in New York City. Damn, it was sexy.

“Pleasure to meet you, ma’am,” they drawled as they shook her hand, each of them flashing her their own version of a heart-stopping grin.

“Me, too. I mean, you, too. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Her face colored. Darn it. She was normally poise and well-spoken, but concentrating on anything other than those two glorious bare chests in front of her was almost impossible.


Karleigh would much rather have stayed and watched Holden and Mav flex their muscles some more, but she obediently fell into step beside Heather as the redhead led the way to where the mares were stabled. She threw a covert glance over her shoulder to get another glimpse of the two men working, and found both of them standing there admiring her instead. Or more precisely, admiring her jean-clad ass. The lust in their eyes made heat pool between her thighs and she squeezed them together to ease the sudden ache there. An hour ago she’d been flirting with the idea of hooking up with a guy if she happened to meet one. Now, she had two gorgeous guys to pick from. Choosing wasn’t going to be easy.


The redhead glanced at her again. “So, which one do you like?”

“Heather, I’m not picking out a prized horse.”

“It’s not so different. They are some pretty fine studs.”


She waited for Holden to hop off the mechanical bull, but instead he waved her over. There could be only one reason he’d want her to join him. He wanted her to take a turn on the contraption. The mere thought was enough to make her stomach lurch. She didn’t even like roller coasters. She started to shake her head, but he ignored it. Flashing her a grin, he gestured with his hand again, then patted the seat in front of him. Clearly, Holden wasn’t going to get off the mechanical bull until she came over.

Face coloring what she was sure was an embarrassing shade of red, Karleigh made her way to the opening in the fence. She was keenly aware of everyone watching her as she entered the corral and walked over to where Holden sat.

He held out his hand. “Come on up.”

She hadn’t realized he meant to ride the mechanical bull with her. That completely changed things. Taking his hand, she put one foot in the stirrup and let him help her up so that she was sitting astride in front of him. Her short skirt rode up, exposing even more of her thighs, but she barely noticed as Holden wrapped his strong arm around her and gently pulled her back against him. His skin was hot through his shirt, the muscles of his chest hard, and she had to stifle a moan.

He put his mouth to her ear. “Comfortable?”

All she could do was nod. Comfortable? She was in cowgirl heaven.


He found her nipple through the material of her shirt and rubbed his thumb over it. “You liked that mechanical bull, huh?”

“Mm-hmm.” He was making coherent thought all but impossible, and she really had to focus. “I never knew it could be so much fun.”

He caught her bottom lip between his teeth, giving it a tug. “That’s an understatement. I was so hot for you, I wanted to flip up your skirt, yank down your panties and take you right there.”

She gave him a flirtatious smile. “How do you know I’m wearing panties?”

His eyes went a little wide at her words, and he made a sound deep in his throat that was half groan, half growl. Holding her captive with his gaze, he ran his hand up her bare thigh and underneath her ruffled skirt. When he encountered her tiny scrap of panties, he cupped her hot sex. Even through the silky material, his touch was electrifying, and it was her turn to moan.

“Tease,” he murmured against her mouth.

“I never said I wasn’t wearing any,” she pointed out, her voice trembling as little as he ran his fingers over her panty-covered pussy. Finding her clit through the fabric, he made lazy circles around it. She whimpered. “Now, who’s being the tease?”


She automatically moved to take off her boots, too, but Holden stopped her.

“Leave them on.”

Her breath hitched. He seriously had a thing for a woman in cowboy boots, didn’t he? She could oblige him. There was something very sexy about wearing nothing but a pair of boots.


She’d never understood how food could be considered sexy until she watched him bite into a strawberry, then lick the juice from his fingers. It was downright erotic.

He reached over and held one out to her. His eyes locked on her lips as she wrapped them around the strawberry and slowly nibbled. She could do erotic, too.


Mav chuckled deep in his throat, but obligingly went where she wanted him, making slow, deliberate circles around her clit with his tongue before drawing it into his mouth and gently sucking on it. She moaned in pleasure, rotating her hips and grinding against his mouth. She loved it when a man knew how to go down on her, and Mav was definitely a master at it.

As he licked her, Mav traced one finger up and down her slit. That would have been amazing all on its own, but then he slid his finger deep inside her and began fucking her with it. Karleigh gasped, her pussy clenching around him as he moved in and out.


“Would you like me to slide my cock in that perfect ass of yours?”

His voice was like velvet, low and sexy in her ear, and Karleigh quivered with excitement as much from the words as from the image they conjured. The thought of having him in her ass was so wickedly seductive all she could do was nod.

He pressed a kiss to the hollow behind her ear. “I promise this is going to be a ride you’ll never forget.”


She looked from one to the other. “You’re not mad?”

“Why would we be mad?” Holden asked.

She thought it would have been obvious. “Because I slept with both of you.”

“Oh. That.” Mav chuckled. “You’re a whole lot of filly. We don’t mind sharing you.”

She blinked. “You don’t?”

His dark eyes took on that smolder she was coming to recognize. “As long as we do it at the same time. Or more precisely, do you at the same time.” He slanted Holden a glance. “Isn’t that right?”

Holden’s grin broadened. “That’s right.”


“You know,” Holden said almost conversationally. “Just because Mav and I don’t mind sharing, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a very bad girl for sleeping with one of us behind the other’s back.”

She blinked up at him, not quite sure what to say to that. She knew he wasn’t mad at her, so she wondered where this was going.

“Holden’s right,” Mav agreed. “You should definitely be punished for what you did.”

Mav and Holden had stepped back a little, giving her some room, and she turned to look at Mav in shock.


“I agree,” Holden said. “I think a spanking would be very appropriate, don’t you, Mav?”

“Couldn’t agree more.”

Karleigh looked from one to the other to see if they were teasing her, but both men looked quite serious—and determined—in spite of the smiles tugging at the corners of their mouths. She’d never gotten spanked before, but her pussy was already spasming at the idea of being held down over each cowboy’s strong thighs while he reddened her ass.


Mav pushed away from the door post and sauntered into the stall. “My turn, darlin’.”

Her pulse skipped a beat as he took her hand in his strong grasp. Instead of sitting down on the bale of hay Holden had just vacated, Mav turned her to face him. Holding her wrists gently in one hand, he produced a thin strip of leather and bound it around them.

A little thrill of excitement shot through Karleigh. “Wh-what are you doing?”

“Tying you up.” His mouth quirked. “Just in case you’re tempted to reach back with your hands while I’m spanking you.”

Karleigh’s pulse raced. This whole punishment thing was turning out to be even more fun than she’d imagined. She’d had guys tie her up before, but there was something about being calf roped by a sexy cowboy that made the whole thing even hotter.

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