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Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Sexy Excerpts from UNMASKED, My Hot New Erotic Romance from Ellora’s Cave!

Intrigued, Tabitha sat up straighter in her chair and tucked her long, blonde hair behind her ear. “How do you know Robert’s going?”

“His secretary told me. According to her, he goes to these swanky invitation-only parties all the time.” Karleigh’s smile broadened. “From what she said, they’re a little bit wild and a whole lot sexy.”

Just like Robert, Tabitha thought. The man oozed sex appeal from every pore.

“So, you in?” Karleigh asked.

“If Robert’s going to be there, I’m definitely in.”

She’d lusted after the man for two years, after all, and had spent that time dreaming about every inch of his body. She’d recognize him wrapped up as a mummy.

Tabitha cocked her head to the side as she regarded the costume. Reminiscent of a Greek goddess, it was a short, flirty toga dress with a thin, gold belt that crisscrossed around the waist, and a circlet of silk ivy to wear on her head. It was kind of sexy, even on the hanger. It would definitely show off her assets.

Two women dressed as jesters were manning the concierge desk set up inside the big double doors and as Tabitha and Karleigh entered, they asked to see their invitations again. Whoever was putting on the party, they were serious about security. Though Tabitha wondered how the two slender women would keep someone from getting inside if the person didn’t have an invite. Then she caught a glimpse of the two uge, imposing men dressed as medieval executioners standing behind the women. Now they, on the other hand, would be very effective at keeping uninvited guests out.

The jester who had checked their invitations handed them back with a smile. “Welcome to the party. Be consensual. Be safe.”

Tabitha lifted a brow. Be consensual. Be safe. What the heck was that all about?

Tabitha was just trying to see around a man dressed as a cowboy when she heard what distinctly sounded like a smack, followed by a gasp. She glanced at Karleigh to see if she’d heard it, but her friend was busy looking for Robert. Or the hunky Roman gladiator they’d seen earlier. Tablitha wasn’t sure which.

Thinking she must have imagined the sound, Tabitha scanned the room again, only to stop when she heard another smack, louder this time. Realizing it was coming from the center of the room, she edged around the cowboy and blinked in surprise. A petite woman in a French maid’s costume was kneeling on a brocade-covered ottoman while a man dressed as a Southern gentleman spanked her bare ass with an oval wooden paddle.

What the heck?

As a blond-haired cop pulled a laughing fairy complete with gossamer wings and glitter over his lap to administer a playful hand spanking to her barely covered bottom, it finally dawned on Tabitha what was going on.

This wasn’t the average Halloween party. This was a spanking party!

“I know that look,” Karleigh said. “What are you thinking?”

Tabitha gave the other woman a smile. “That the best way to figure out which of the men is Robert is to let each of them spank me.”

Her friend lifted a brow. “You think you’d be able to identify him just from that?”

Tabitha’s smile broadened. “I know I can. I’ve fantasized about feeling his hands on my body forever.”

As she got closer to the phantom, she studied his face—at least what she could see of it—trying to figure out if he was Robert or not. She had thought she’d be able to recognize him whether she could see his face or not, but that wasn’t the case at all. The man was the right build and his jaw had the right angle, but she couldn’t say for a certainty if it was Robert. He was regarding at her with obvious interest, though.

Smoothing her dress, she took a deep breath, put on her best sultry look and walked over to stand in front of him.

“Excuse me,” she said. “Is this lap taken?”

Tabitha had hoped he would respond with some sexy banter of his own since she would surely recognize Robert’s voice, but he merely smiled and patted his thigh with his hand.

As a handsome vampire’s gaze locked with hers, Tabitha expected to feel a little twinge of embarrassment. But instead, her pussy purred as much from the knowledge she was on display as it did from the spanking she was getting. Since when had she turned into such an exhibitionist? She could only imagine how much more aroused she’d get when the phantom pushed up her dress and spanked her nearly naked bottom. She stifled a moan at the thought. She couldn’t believe she was thinking of letting a guy she might not even know expose her panty-covered ass to a room full of strangers. But she wasn’t just thinking about it, she was yearning for it. This party was definitely bringing out her inner bad girl.

In addition to the bare-bottomed fairy draped over his knee, he was surrounded by at least a half dozen more women just as scantily clad. Oh yeah, this had to be Robert.

Rather than walk into the room right away, Tabitha stood in the doorway and watched him administer a spanking. From the way the woman wiggled and squealed each time his hand connected with her ass, it was obvious he knew what he was doing, and suddenly Tabitha couldn’t wait to take her place.

While waiting to take her turn was pure torture, watching him spank the other woman was extremely arousing. Even though she’d witnessed several spankings already, the possibility that she was almost certainly watching Robert administer this one—not to mention the knowledge she would be feeling those big hands of his on her own ass soon—turned her on like crazy.

By the time he set the well-spanked fairy back on her feet a few minutes later, it was all Tabitha could do not to run in and throw herself over his lap.

Tabitha’s pulse raced as he took her hand and led her outside to the ornate stone bench on the terrace. Even though she’d gotten two spankings already that night, the possibility that this time she was actually going to have her bottom warmed by the man she’d been dreaming of, fantasizing about and lusting after forever made her pussy tingle with anticipation. God, if she got any hotter, she was going to orgasm just from thinking about it.

Tabitha let out a husky moan as he gave her ass a firm squeeze.

“Does that feel good?” he asked.

“Mmm.” She nibbled on her lower lip for a moment. “Though it would feel even better if you pulled down my panties.”

“Is that so?”

She nodded.

He chuckled softly, but didn’t reply. A moment later, she felt him slip his fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly slide them down her legs until they were all the way off. She looked over her shoulder and saw him slip them in his pocket. Oooh, that was so hot.

His mouth was firm and yet gentle at the same time, his tongue slow dancing with hers in the most delicious way possible. With a groan, he slid his hand in her long hair and tilted her head back to take complete and total possession of her mouth.

She sighed and melted against him, running her hands up his chest to settle on his broad shoulders. The muscles there flexed and bunched beneath her fingers, evidence of how well built he was. She’d always been a sucker for a guy with a great body and from what she could tell, he was seriously ripped underneath his costume. That made her pause. She’d never had a chance to grope Robert, but was he this buff underneath those suits he wore? She didn’t know and right then she really didn’t care, as long as he kept kissing her.

Breathing ragged, he dragged his mouth away from hers. “God, I want you.”

Her pulse skipped at the words. The thought of having sex with him turned her on like crazy. “I want you too.”

He covered her mouth with his again, tugging her lower lip into his mouth and sucking on it. “Let’s go see if we can find an empty bedroom.”

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