Thursday Thirteen! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things That Make Me Think Fall!

  1. Apple Cider
  2. Blue Jeans
  3. Blustery Days
  4. Caramel Apples
  5. Chicken (Candy) Corn
  6. Colored Leaves
  7. Cooler Weather
  8. Football
  9. Hay Rides
  10. Pumpkins
  11. Scarecrows
  12. Suede Jackets
  13. The Color Orange

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~Heather says September 20, 2007

Hey Paige! I’m so looking forward to fall! Your list makes me wish it was here now! lol!

Esmerelda Bishop says September 20, 2007

Fall!! I can’t wait!! Pumpkin patches, Ren Fair… so much to look forward to.

Jennifer McK says September 20, 2007

We had a blustery day yesterday which always makes me think of Winnie The Pooh.
Great TT.

Tempest Knight says September 20, 2007

Hehehe! Gotta love the season!

LA Day says September 20, 2007

Can’t wait for fall it’s 90 degrees today!

Amelia June says September 20, 2007

Why must you fall people taunt me?!

(I don’t get fall weather until next month…sniff sniff)

LOL, happy TT and thanks for at least letting me dream!

Heather says September 20, 2007

Hey Paige – Great minds think alike this week, eh? *VBG*

Gina Ardito says September 20, 2007

I have to ask…what’s chicken corn? Is that like Indian corn? Am I being politically incorrect?

Robin L. Rotham says September 20, 2007

What’s not to love about fall? (Well, except the ragweed.) I adore fall. I wish it could be fall all year ’round.

Savannah Chase says September 20, 2007

now you have me thinking about it…nice lest

Elle Fredrix says September 20, 2007

Ah, Fall. My fave season!

Lisa Andel says September 21, 2007

I love those little bitty pumpkins, and the various little squash.

And all the candy.

Jennifer Shirk says September 21, 2007

Black cats make me think fall, too. LOL!

Debbie Mumford says September 21, 2007

Cider … Yummm

shelley says September 21, 2007

Fall is pretty but at the moment I’m thinking spring – especially since it has started appearing down this end of the world.

Adelle says September 21, 2007

Fall is bittersweet for me. I love the colors, the weather and riding in the fall BUT it means winter is on its way. Wah!

Kate Willoughby says September 21, 2007

We have cooler weather here in LA, but I’m certain it’ll heat up again. It’s definitely fall at Starbucks. (I work there.) We’ve got the pumpkin stuff – lattes, pastries, etc. I LOVE pumpkin.

Kelley Nyrae says September 21, 2007

I LOVE hot apple cider. I have the best recipe for it and it makes your house smell sooo good.

paigetyl says September 26, 2007

~Heather – LOL! I’m a warm weather girl!

Esmerelda – I so love Renaissance Fairs!

Jennifer Mck – Me, too! I so love Pooh and Tigger!

Tempest – Yup!

LA Day – I so love it hot!

Amelia – Actually, we live where it’s warm, which I love!

Heather – They so do!

Robin – It is pretty!

Savannah – LOL!

Elle – I love all of them!

Lisa – Me, too! They’re so cute! And yes to the candy, too! *grin*

Jennifer Shirk – They do!

Debbie – Yum, is right!

Shelley – I love all of them!

Adelle – Yes, and you live up north so it’s freezing!

Kate – I so love Starbucks!

Kelley – Me, too!


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