Thursday Thirteen! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Mini-Excerpts from my sexy new contemporary erotic romance Librarian By Day!


Watching his girlfriend’s sexy little ass wiggle as she hurried down the hallway and into her bedroom, Nik Evans was sorely tempted to say to hell with their dinner reservations, strip off his clothes, and join her in the shower.


As he waited for the Internet to connect, he noticed an open Word document on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. His brow furrowed at the title. Her Lover’s Hand by Kylie Blake. His mouth twitched. That had to be one of those mushy, on-line romance novels his girlfriend liked so much. They always had sappy titles like that. Curious, he clicked on the document to maximize it. Who knew? Maybe there’d be some dirty parts to read.


A grin spread across Nik’s face. It seemed his prim, proper librarian had a naughty side he didn’t know about.


The fact that his sweet, demure girlfriend had written all of those sexy spanking scenes had him hard as hell.


His brow furrowed as another thought suddenly popped into his head. What if Jennifer didn’t just write about spanking? What if she liked getting spanked as much as the characters in her books did? If Nik had been turned on before, that was nothing compared to how aroused he was at that idea.


Okay, so maybe she wasn’t quite as adventurous in the bedroom as the girls she read about in Cosmo, but she thought she did okay.


“You know,” he said, reaching up to gently brush her hair back from her face. “You kept me waiting quite a long time while you were getting ready earlier.”

Her brow furrowed, confused at his words. “I did?”

He nodded. “You did.”

She felt her face color. “I didn’t mean to. It’s just that I was running late at work, and then I had to stop at the store…” She caught her lower lip between her teeth. “I’m sorry.”

Nik’s dark eyes were appraising as he studied her. “I’m sure you are,” he said. “But I think you might need something to help you manage your time better so that you don’t do it again, don’t you? Like a spanking, let’s say.”

Jennifer blinked up at her tall, handsome boyfriend, sure
she hadn’t heard him right. “Wh-what?”

He nodded. “A spanking,” he said matter-of-factly. “I’ve heard it can be a very effective way to modify bad behavior.”

Jennifer’s eyes went wide at that. Who was this guy, and what had he done with her boyfriend?


Her pulse quickened as she felt her boyfriend firmly place one hand on the small of her back. The simple action was enough to send a little quiver of excitement through her, and she almost let out a moan. As eager as she was for this spanking, though, she couldn’t help but be a little nervous at the same time. Would having her bottom reddened sting as much as she had imagined? Would she like it much as the heroines in her books did? Would she get as turned on as they did? As her boyfriend placed his other hand on her skirt-covered bottom, she realized she was about to find out!


Jennifer dragged her mouth away from his, her breath coming in quick pants as she got closer and closer to orgasm. Nik bent his head, burying his face in the curve of her neck. His own breath was coming fast and hard, just like his thrusts, and she clutched at his shoulders as she felt herself start to climax.


Oh God. She slowly regained her breath afterward. That had been so much better than anything she’d ever written in one of her books. Wrapping her hand around the back of his head, she pulled him down for a kiss. With a growl, Nik rolled over onto his back, taking her with him. As his cock slowly began to harden inside her again, she could only sigh against his mouth. Oh yeah, this was way better.


Nik lifted a brow. “Fantasies, huh?”

She nodded shyly.

“I see,” he continued, his voice a low, sexy rumble as he slid his hand in her hair. “So, tell me about some of these spanking fantasies of yours.”

Jennifer looked away. “Oh, I couldn’t tell you them,” she said then let out a nervous, little laugh.

“Sure you can,” he said. “You can tell me anything.”

She hesitated. She really did want to tell him, but it was just so embarrassing. She began to trace small circles on is chest again. “I’m just always dreaming about getting spanked in different places,” she finally said, still not looking at him.

Nik kissed the curve of her neck. “What kind of places?”

She shivered as his mouth found the sensitive skin behind her ear. She’d never told her fantasies to anyone, not even to her best friend. But for some reason, she found herself telling Nik what he wanted to know. “In a secluded part of the park. Or in an elevator,” she said softly. “At the library where I work. Silly places like that.”

He pulled away to gaze up at her. “The library, huh?”

She shrugged. “After it closes for the night and no one’s there. I told you it was silly.”

“I think it sounds hot,” Nik said.

Jennifer jerked her head up to look at him in surprise. “You do?”

“Uh-huh.” His mouth edged up. “So, what time does the library close tomorrow night?”

She blinked. He couldn’t possibly be suggesting…

“Seven,” she told him.

Beneath the covers, he ran his hand over the curve of her hip. “Then how about I come by and give you that spanking you’ve been fantasizing about?”


Five minutes later, Jennifer locked the door and hurried over to where he was leaning back against the front desk. Giving him a sexy smile, she leaned close to give him a kiss.

“I’ve been thinking about this moment all day,” she breathed.

Nik ran his hand over the curve of her hip. “Me, too.”

She giggled, then as if realizing she still had her reading glasses on, made as if to take them off, but he caught her hand.

“Leave them on,” he told her softly. “I like the whole prim and proper librarian look.”


“So, how do we do this?” she asked shyly.

“Well,” Nik said as he took her hand and began to back toward one of the big reading tables in the center of the library.

“I thought I’d bend you over one of these tables, then spank that gorgeous ass of yours until it glows. How’s that for starters?”

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Stephanie says January 15, 2009

Sounds awesome, Paige. Happy Thursday! *HUGS*

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Wow, good exetpts. Librarian By Day sounds like a fun book. 🙂

Heather says January 15, 2009

Oooh…excerpts. Happy TT, Paige!

Tink says January 15, 2009

Sounds good, perhaps I should put the book on my wish list… 🙂
My TT has 13 funny diet quotes this week.

aliceaudrey says January 15, 2009

Great list, Paige. Gives us a real feel for the book.

The Bumbles says January 15, 2009

Hope someone doesn’t come across this page minimized on my work computer!

Very effective excerpts.

Janice says January 18, 2009

Interesting excerpts.

BTW, I’m sorry I’m late posting this comment for TT, but all I have is a dial-up server and my landline was down for three days, argh. But it was fix today so I’m . . . ba-aa-ck!


paigetyl says January 21, 2009

Stephanie – Thanks!

Brenda – Thanks! It’s a really fun story!

Heather – Thanks!

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AliceAudrey – Thanks!

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