Thursday Thirteen! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Strange College Courses!
Some of them look like they’d be fun, though. LOL!
1. Underwater Basketweaving
I thought my hubby was kidding about this class until I saw it’s actually abailable at UC San Diego!

2. Buffy Studies
Would have loved this class in college!

3. Finding Dates Worth Keeping aka Dating 101
Who couldn’t use this calss in college, right?!

4. The Science of Harry Potter
Would have loved this class, too, but Harry Potter didn’t come out until after I graduated.

5. Myth and Science Fiction in Star Wars, the Matrix and Lord of the Rings
Yeah, I would have liked this class, too.

6. Maple Syrup, The Real Thing
Wonder if you get pancakes with it.

7. The Art of Walking
While good exercise, I’m not sure if this should be a college class.

8. Cyberporn and Society
So, they sit around watching porn all day and learn something from it?

9. Daytime Serials and the Role Soap Operas Play in Daily Life

10. The Science of Star Trek
Fun, yes. Education, probably not so much.

11. The Science of Superheroes
The study of physics using superheroes
Kind of cool.

12. Learning from YouTube
The study of how YouTube videos influence culture.

13. Zombies in Popular Media
Maybe I should tell then they should study DEAD SEXY, my upcoming book from Ellora’s Cave in this class.

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david-bridger says July 15, 2010

Brilliant! I would love to take Star Trek Science! 🙂

Jolie Cain says July 15, 2010

Ooohhh….several of those I'd have loved to take. Why did I get stuck with "The Early Novel" and "Nineteenth Century Lit?" lol!

Stephanie Bennett says July 15, 2010

These are awesome! LOL I'd love to take them all. Happy Thursday!

Alice Audrey says July 15, 2010

Where do I sign up for the Buffy Studies class?

Heather says July 15, 2010

I'm thinking maybe the walking class is under phys ed, in which case, I would definitely have prefered that to the health course I had to take. And I did study Star Wars in a class section on mythology.

Elise Logan says July 15, 2010

Star Trek actually has quite a lot of really good physics and biology.

As for walking, if Weight Lifting or Running can be a course, I don't see why Walking can't be the same.

I certainly took some fun ones in college. None of the really cool ones, though.

Darla M Sands says July 15, 2010

What a great list! Thank you for sharing. I should go to school. Seriously.

Shelley Munro says July 15, 2010

Some of these sound intriguing. I'd love to take the Buffy class.

Inez Kelley says July 15, 2010

Wait, don't most college guys have a degree in porn already?

I could ace some of those classes myself come to think of it.

Jennifer Leeland says July 16, 2010

Ooooh Buffy studies. I am all over that.

Janice says July 16, 2010

Sounds like fun! Where do I sign up for a class?

Great list.

Happy TT.

Tatiana Caldwell says July 17, 2010

Although some of these sound like fun, they can't be real classes.

I mean – there are parents who paid MONEY for their kids to take these classes? I had to beg mine to let me take Calc 3 over …

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