Thursday Thirteen! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Sexy Excerpts from AND THE RANCH HAND MAKES THREE, my Hot New BDSM Cowboy Menage!

From where she sat perched on the edge of the desk, Heather listened with half an ear as her husband Clint discussed Blaine’s qualifications for the job. She knew she should be asking questions, but she couldn’t quite figure out how to work the topic of favorite sex positions into the conversation.

His palm was slightly calloused from days spent riding horses and roping cattle, and a delicious, little shiver went through her at his touch. That hand would feel so good warming her ass.

Her husband slipped his fingers under her chin, tilting her face up. “You were thinking about having sex with Blaine the whole time I was talking to him, weren’t you?”

Her color deepened. “Maybe just a little bit.”

“I bet you wanted to unbutton his jeans and give him a blowjob right in the middle of interviewing him for the job, didn’t you?”

She looked at Clint from beneath her lashes. “You caught me. But I’d only do it because it would turn you on like crazy.”

He bent to nuzzle her neck, one of his hands cupping her breast through the thin fabric of her tank top. “I’m hard just thinking about it.”

Heather ran her hand down the front of his shirt and over his big belt buckle to the huge erection straining against his jeans. “Mmm, you are hard.”

He kissed his way up to her ear. “Imagining you wrapping those beautiful lips of yours around another man’s cock does it to me every time.”

That wasn’t something a wife heard every day. Luckily for her husband, she got just as aroused by the thought as he did.

She gave him a sultry smile. “Clint and I have a very open relationship, Blaine. In fact, he knows I’m out here seducing you right now. I wouldn’t be here if he didn’t.”

Blaine lifted a brow. “Clint knows and he’s okay with it?”

She looped her arms around his neck. “Not only is Clint okay with it. He gets completely turned on by it. It’s part of what makes our relationship work.”

His eyes widened a little at that and she thought he might pull away, but instead he put his arms around her and pulled her against him. “Do you get turned on by it, too?”

Her smile broadened. “Most definitely.”

Clearly Blaine was turned on, too, if the erection in his jeans was any indication. Wrapping her hand around the back of his head, she gently pulled him down until his lips were on hers. Considering how hesitant he was when she’d first come onto him, she thought he might not kiss her back, but she needn’t have worried. Blaine took possession of her mouth, his tongue tangling with hers as his hand found its way into her long hair. She sighed. Damn, she loved a guy who knew how to kiss. And Blaine could definitely kiss.

“Have you ever spanked a woman, Blaine?”

His eyes widened a little at the question, then he let out a soft chuckle. “No, ma’am. Can’t say that I have.”

It was her turn to be surprised. With hands like his, she was sure he’d done lots of spanking. The idea of being his first gave her an extra thrill. “Would you like to spank me?”

“I can give it a try.”

She laughed. “Well, it’s easy. All you have to do is smack my ass with your big, strong hand until my pussy is soaking wet.” She gave him a slow, deep kiss. “Something tells me you won’t have any problems accomplishing that.”

Giving him a wink, Heather turned and sauntered over to the bales of hay in the center of the stall. Then she looked at him over her shoulder and wiggled her panties over her hips and down her legs. Behind her, Blaine’s face went from just plain hungry to completely ravenous. Lips curving, Heather grabbed one of the horse blankets from the stack and draped it over the bales of hay. Climbing up on the bottom one, she got on her hands and knees and presented her ass to Blaine, then sent him a comehither glance.

“Anytime you’re ready, sugar,” she said. “And keep in mind that I’m a filly who likes a firm hand.”

When they were both spent, she collapsed against his chest, breathing ragged. His arms went around her, holding her close.

“That was incredible,” he said.

Heather smiled against the side of his neck. “Yes, it was.”

“Would I be overstepping if I asked whether we can do it again?

She lifted her head to look at him. “No, it wouldn’t be overstepping. I’d love to do it again. But I think you should know Clint will be joining us next time. Sometimes, he just likes to watch, and other times, he likes to join in.”

Clint always wanted to hear the details after Heather had sex with a guy, and last night had been no exception. So she’d recounted the entire erotic encounter for her husband as he made love to every inch of her body. While getting busy with the cowboys who worked the ranch was definitely fun, it was the quality time she spent with her husband afterward that made having sex with other men even more exciting.

She wasn’t sure if Blaine would be comfortable undressing her with her husband leaning back against the counter watching, so she started on the buttons of her shirt. Blaine, however, mustn’t have been as shy as she thought because he immediately moved to help her. He undid her bra next, tenderly cupping her breasts when they spilled free of the silky fabric. Her nipples were already sensitive from being aroused all day, and she caught her breath when he gave her nipples a squeeze.

Blaine grinned and slid his hands down her stomach to her belt. He gave it a tug, then undid the buttons so he could push her jeans over her hips. His hands lingered on her bare legs before he slowly took off her boots. The hands she’d placed on his shoulders to steady herself slid down the front of his shirt as he stood, and she automatically reached for the buttons on his shirt. When she had them undone, she slipped her hands inside his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders and down his well-muscled arms.

She raked her gaze over his broad chest and rock-hard abs. He was just as gorgeous as she’d remembered, and she couldn’t resist running her hands over all that manliness. Thanks to the tri mirror above the vanity, Heather could see their reflection as well as Clint’s expression. Her husband was watching intently, his dark eyes molten. She gave him a naughty smile.

She placed her hands on the wall and turned her head to glance over her shoulder at Blaine, but found herself locking eyes with her husband instead. The lust she saw there made her pussy quiver, and she caught her lower lip between her teeth.

“That’s it, baby,” Clint urged. “Let him see how much you like putting on a show for me.”

Heather moaned. It was like being in her own porn movie with her husband as director and her as the star. The only thing missing was the camera.

“Mmm, you’re very wet.”

Her lips curved. “We are in the shower.”

He laughed, the sound soft and silky in her ear. “I don’t think that’s why you’re wet. I think it’s from getting spanked while your husband watches.”

Pulse quickening, she took Blaine’s hand and led him down the hallway, stopping in front of a door at the far end. Clint followed, his dark eyes glinting with excitement. Giving the men a sultry look, she opened the door and led the way down the steps to the part of the house she and Clint affectionately called the “playroom.” The comfortable couch, plasma TV and king-size bed wouldn’t have looked out of place in any finished basement. The spanking implements and bondage gear, on the other hand, most assuredly would. As would the expensive leather saddle sitting on a stand to one side of the room.

Heather turned to see Blaine’s reaction to the sex toys, and found him regarding them with a mix of surprise and intrigue. There was a small smile playing around the corners of his lips, too. As if he was already thinking about which of those toys he’d like to try out.

Heather held her breath as Clint surveyed the spanking implements hanging on the wall. There were paddles of every shape, size and thickness, as well as straps, floggers and riding crops, so he had a lot to choose from. He picked the black riding crop with the loop on the end. She trembled just from the thought of him using it on her.

Clint glanced at Blaine, then jerked his head at the remaining spanking implements on the wall. “Take your pick.”

Blaine’s eyes locked with Heather’s for a moment before he walked over to browse the selection. He spent a long time considering the paddles, even taking a few of the wood ones off their hooks to smack them experimentally against his hand, but in the end, he decided on a strap. Two inches wide and made of supple leather, it was one of her favorite things to get spanked with.

Clint crossed the room to stand beside her, where he flicked the slapper at the tip of the crop against his jean-clad leg. Heather blinked up at him expectantly.

“Ready for your spanking, babe?”

She nodded, mumbling around the gag as she presented her ass even higher in the air.

Clint tossed Blaine some cotton bondage rope. “Why don’t you put your calf roping skills to good use and tie up my wife.”

Heather didn’t know which was hotter, the idea of being roped by the hunky ranch hand or that it was her husband who suggested it.

Blaine uncoiled the length of rope, a gleam coming into his eye. Heather’s heart raced. She didn’t know how he planned to tie her up exactly, but something told her it was going to enjoy it.

“Get on your knees,” he ordered.

She did as he commanded, following his with her gaze as he circled around her.

“Put your hands behind your back.”

She obeyed. A moment later, she felt Blaine wrap the soft rope around her wrists a few times, then pull it snug and tie a knot. Assuming he was done, she was about to give it an experimental tug, but the she felt him loop the rest of the rope around her ankles. Bound both hand and feet, she knew she couldn’t possibly wiggle free—not that she would want to—but she couldn’t resist tugging at the restraints anyway. Her struggling only pulled the ropes tighter and made her even more of their captive, which made her predicament more exciting.

A smile tugged at the corner of her husband’s mouth as Blaine tied one more knot in the rope for good measure.

“You have no idea how hot you look tied up like that,” Clint said to her.

From the sizeable bulge in both men’s jeans, she was pretty sure she did. She gave him a saucy look. “I’ll look even better with a cock in my mouth.”

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You had me from "favorite sex positions."

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paigetyl says October 13, 2011

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Very hot & spicy, Paige! Sounds like a great story.

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Great excerpts. Very hot.

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