Thursday Thirteen! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Yummy Excerpts from JUST RIGHT, the sexy tale of Goldie and the Three Werebears, my hot new new erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave!

Even as she rushed over to it, Goldie couldn’t help but wonder who the heck would have a cabin out in the middle of nowhere. Every scary movie she’d ever seen involving a cabin in the woods popped into her head at the same time and she came to an abrupt halt halfway to the steps leading up to the front door. The cabin could belong to an axe-wielding psychopath. Or even the Big Bad Wolf, for all she knew. Maybe she should turn around and go back.

To what, wandering around the woods some more until it got dark?

“I don’t think so,” she muttered.

Besides, the place looked like it was deserted. Even axe-wielding psychopaths wouldn’t want to live this far out in the middle of nowhere.

Yawning, Goldie got up and walked around to the third bed. Hoping it was more comfortable than the first two, she threw back the blanket and sat down. Not too hard or too soft, this one was just right.

Letting out a sigh of contentment, she pulled up the blanket and snuggled into the pillow. As she drifted off to sleep, she hoped the owner of the cabin didn’t come back and find her sleeping in his bed.

Since they were older, Orson and Barrett had been able to change into werebears before Gregory, and by the time he was old enough, he couldn’t wait to experience it for himself. It had been as amazing as he had hoped. In fact, it was all his father could do to get him to change back into his human form. When he finally came down from the high after changing back, he was exhausted, starving, and horny as hell, all common side-effects of the transformation process.

It was the same, even after all these years. At that particular moment, he couldn’t figure out if he wanted to take a nap, eat a horse, or find a woman to fuck. Since he wasn’t currently seeing anyone, though, and there weren’t a lot of women roaming around in the woods, he’d have to forget about the sex part of the equation for tonight and settle for satisfying his other basic needs instead.

She absently wondered if there was a law against so many hunky guys being in one place at a time. If there wasn’t, there should be, because the combined effect they were having on her was practically criminal.

She chewed on her lower lip. “Couldn’t you just punish me yourself?”

His eyes narrowed suspiciously at her words, but she could see the spark of interest there. He was intrigued. “What would you suggest?”

She looked up at him from beneath lowered lashes. “Well…you could always…spank me.”

“So, which one of you is going to give me my spanking?”

Although she posed the question to all the men, Goldie looked at him when she spoke, silently willing him to be the one who volunteered.

His mouth edged up. “What do you mean, which one of us? We’re all going to spank you.”

He shrugged. “I didn’t want to spank you too hard. Like you said, you still have to take a spanking from Gregory, and since you ate his stew and broke the woodcarving he made, I figure he’s probably going to warm that cute little backside of yours pretty good.”

Hands still cupping her ass cheeks, Goldie spun around to find Gregory regarding her with amusement in his eyes.

“Barrett left out the part about sleeping in my bed.”

She blushed. “So, I guess that means your brother’s right about you warming my backside pretty good then, huh?”

His mouth quirked. “Honey, by the time I’m done spanking you, you’re going to be on fire.”

Goldie could only moan in reply as he caressed her freshly spanked cheeks. His touch both soothed her tender skin and sent little shivers of pleasure rushing through her at the same time. Damn, he was good at this. She considered telling him as much when he slipped his hand between her legs and ran his finger over her wet pussy. She let out another moan. There was no use trying to hide how much she liked getting spanked now. He already knew she was excited.

“I think you’re enjoying your punishment way more than you’re supposed to,” he observed.

Since Orson and Barrett were standing behind her, she couldn’t see their reactions, but the predatory glint in Gregory’s eyes as he took in her rounded breasts, slim waist, and long legs was enough to set her on fire.

As Gregory continued to tease and torment her nipples with his fingers, his mouth left hers to trail a path of kisses along the curve of her jaw and down her neck. She tilted her head to the side as much to give Gregory access as to see which brother was working his magic with her clit. Catching a glimpse of dark, wavy hair and a slightly crooked nose, she realized it was the middle brother, Barrett.

“Does that feel good?” he asked, his breath warm and moist against her ear.

She reached up to cup his cheek with one hand as the other found its way into Gregory’s silky hair. “Mmm.”

“Think I could make you come this way?”

She shivered as he pressed a kiss to the hollow behind her ear. “Why don’t we try it and find out?”

Deciding to stop being so impatient and just enjoy everything Gregory was doing to her, she dropped her head back on the bed and found herself gazing up at Barrett and his very hard cock. He had come around the bed and was now standing over her. Mouth curving into a wicked smile, he wrapped his hand around the base of his shaft and offered it to her.

Goldie caught her breath as Barrett got a firm hold on her hips. Hoping he’d take her just as hard as his older brother had, she turned back around to find Orson waiting for her, rigid cock in hand. Oh yeah, a girl could definitely get addicted to this. Lips curving into a smile, she leaned forward to take him in her mouth.

She gasped, unable to believe how breathtaking it felt to have her mouth, her pussy, and her ass filled at the same time.

All three men started moving slowly, as if they knew she needed to get used to so many different sensations. It was more than just the physical aspect of what they were doing, though. There was something psychologically intoxicating about being so completely possessed by these men, pleasing them as much as they were pleasing her.

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*fans self*

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Great excerpts.

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Oh yummo!

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Wow! Hot! This looks to me like your best yet.

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I'd say all the bases are covered, here…

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Well… Nothing left to the imagination there, huh? LOL Happy T13!

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Wow. you should warn a girl!

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I love the title; it makes me grin at my computer. (Which makes my coworkers wonder what I'm up to…)


Happy TT!

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This sounds like one hot book. I enjoyed the excerpts.

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As always, hot, hot, hot! I wish you a ton of sales. Happy T13!

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I didn't read the post. Because the book is in my cart (but I'm not allowed to cash out until I meet my goals this week)

Carol L. says February 12, 2010

Hi Paige,
Some really hot excerpts. This is not good for my hot flashes. lol
Good lord, where are those bears ? Happy Valentine's Day !
Carol L.

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Oh my! 🙂 Happy T13

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