Thursday Thirteen – The Urban Dictionary Edition! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen – The Urban Dictionary Edition!

Thirteen Fun Words from the Urban Dictionary!

1. Cell Phone Salute – When one attempts to send or receive a text message with little or no reception by raising his or her cell phone up in the air thinking that somehow they will gain more bars.

2. Window Eating – The act of standing in front of a refrigerator with the door open for an over-excessive amount of time and then closing the door without taking anything.

3. Link Diving – The act of clicking further and further from your original subject of research. Commonly related to the popular website

4. MeDD – People who have trouble talking about anyone but themselves for any length of time. The “enough about me, what do you think of me” syndrome.

5.  Facebook Insomnia – A condition – generally found in, but not limited to, suburban teenagers – under which, afflicted persons deprive themselves of sleep in favor of repeatedly refreshing ones Facebook ‘News Feed’ in hopes and/or anticipation of a new ‘Status Update’ or ‘Wall Post’ from ones friends.

6.  Man Points – Points that one receives upon the completion of a distinctly manly task. More often than not, intelligent points and man points are inversely proportional.

7.  Prexhausted – Preemptively exhausted. When you are exhausted just by thinking about something.

8.  Pepperazzi – Foodie who obsessively insists on snapping photos of everything they eat and of every other dish at the table.

9.  Soft Googling – When some is bored on the computer and they’re just aimlessly Googling random shit to pass the time.

10.  Hollywood Historian – Someone who accepts movie scripts as historical facts and then uses them in debates/arguments.

11.  Going Commandtoe – Going commandtoe is when you wear closed-in shoes without socks.

12. Stoplight Stagger – That way you stagger your car at a stoplight so that your window isn’t lined up directly with the car next to you so as to avoid awkward eye contact and/or open-window singalongs.

13.  Cute Porn – Any film, video, or series of photos that exists solely to garner the ubiquitous “awww” from its viewers.


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Capri Montgomery says April 11, 2013

Wait, you mean holding the phone up in the air won't get more bars ;).

Kimberly Menozzi says April 11, 2013

Heh. Good list – and I've always called "link diving" "going down the rabbit hole", myself. 😉

Happy TT!

Jennifer Leeland says April 11, 2013

BUHAWHAW! I think my absolute favorite was "prexhausted"! So glad there's a word for it. I love these!

Alice Audrey says April 11, 2013

My kids love window eating. It's always followed by the complaint that there is too much food to find anything good.

Heather says April 11, 2013

Fun list. Can't say I was fmailiar with any of these "terms." My T13

paigetyl says April 11, 2013

Capri – LOL! I know, right?!

Kimberly – I always call it getting distracted, but I think I like link diving better! LOL!

Jennifer – I know, right?!

Alice Audrey – LOL! Too funny!

Heather – Me, either! But they're fun!


Shelley Munro says April 12, 2013

Ooh! I'm guilty of some of these. Fun post.

paigetyl says April 12, 2013

Shelley – LOL! Me, too! Thanks!


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