Thursday Thirteen – Summer Fun! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen – Summer Fun!

Thirteen Things that Say Summer!

1. The Beach
2. The Pool
3. Flip-Flops
4. Toe-Rings
5. Tank Tops
6. Shorts
7. Swimsuits
8. Ice Cream Cones
9. Iced Coffee
10. Iced Tea
11. Cookouts
12. Fireworks
13. Blockbuster Movies


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Brenda Wheeler says May 23, 2013

Apparently I have to, I've been cleaning out pool for the last couple hours…lol! Taking a break now, then going out to take a swim and then lay by my clean pool to soak up the sun! 😉

Brenda Wheeler says May 23, 2013

Our pool, not out pool…hahahaha! 😀

Jennifer Leeland says May 23, 2013

FIREWORKS!!!! Happy Summer, Paige!

Heather says May 23, 2013

Ice cream and grilling…two summer activities I can easily get into–along with reading on a friend's patio swing. *G* My T13

paigetyl says May 23, 2013

Brenda – Would so love a pool! We go to the beach, though!

Jennifer – You, too!

Heather – Totally!


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