Thursday Thirteen – Sexy Excerpts from SEDUCING OFFICER BARLOWE! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen – Sexy Excerpts from SEDUCING OFFICER BARLOWE!

Thirteen Sexy Excerpts from My Hot New Release SEDUCING OFFICER BARLOWE!


Royce relaxed his grip on his weapon. Snapping the holster closed, he made his way around to the front of the car, only to stop in his tracks at the sight of two long, shapely legs and an unbelievable ass, which at the moment was high in the air because its owner was currently bent over the hood inspecting the engine.


If he wasn’t sworn to serve and protect—and assist stranded motorists—he probably would have been having all sorts of inappropriate thoughts. Who the hell was he kidding? Police officer or not, he was having them anyway—in the form of a very vivid fantasy involving the woman bent over the hood of the car like that while he fucked her from behind. The image made him go rock-hard inside his uniform pants.


Tall and slender, she had curves in all his favorite places. He’d always had a thing for blondes, especially ones with pillow-soft lips and big, blue eyes.


Normal police procedure would be to call a tow, but that would mean handing her off to some big guy with tattoos named Tiny, and Royce was too selfish at the moment for that.


When he leaned over to take a look at the engine, so did the gorgeous blonde, which gave him a great view of her cleavage. Damn, she had some nice firmware.


She reached up to tuck her long, silky hair behind her ear, inadvertently brushing
against him. Or maybe not so inadvertently. He wasn’t sure. Whichever, it made his cock throb.


“So, what does your wife think about you being a cop? Since it’s so dangerous and all.”

Was that her subtle way of coming on to him, or was she still making polite conversation?

“I’m not married.”

Surprise flickered in her eyes, along with something he could have sworn looked like relief. “Oh. What about your girlfriend, then?”

“Don’t have one.”

More surprise, and this time, it was definitely followed by relief. Hot damn, she was coming on to him.


She looked up at him from under her lashes. “There must be some way I can repay you?”

He could think of lots of ways she could repay him, and all of them involved getting naked. What he said was, “That’s not necessary.”

Her lips formed a pout. “Are you sure? There must be something I can do to show my appreciation, Officer.”

His cock hardened to new and painful proportions inside his pants. Man, she was killing him here.


Before he could say anything, she reached out and wrapped one hand around the back of his neck to pull his head down. He could have stopped her, probably should have, but with an invitation like the one he was getting, what was a man supposed to do?

So, he met her halfway, leaving no room for doubt that when their mouths finally came together it was because he wanted to kiss her as much as she wanted to kiss him. And once he started, he didn’t want to stop.


Kissing Officer Barlowe was crazy and impulsive. Considering they were in the
middle of the street where anyone could see them, maybe it was even a little reckless.

But it also fulfilled a long-time fantasy of Harley’s—part of it anyway—and she wasn’t about to pass up the chance to grab it—or him— with both hands.


He gazed down at her, his dark eyes smoldering. Muttering something under his breath she didn’t catch, he thumbed the button on the radio.

“Dispatch, this is Five-Twenty-Five-John.”

The radio hissed. “Go ahead, Five-Twenty-Five-John.”

“I’ll be 10-6.”

Another hiss. “10-4.”

Harley lifted a brow. “10-6?”

Officer Barlowe flashed her a wicked smile. “There isn’t a code in the handbook for officer having sex, so I told dispatch I’ll be busy for a while.”


“I have a confession to make, Officer,” she said softly.

He drew her bottom lip into his mouth and sucked on it. “Is it something I’m going to have to arrest you for?”

An image of him pushing her up against the wall and frisking her popped into her head, and she stifled a moan as her pussy spasmed.

“I don’t know.” She trailed her fingers down his abs to caress his belt. “Is
fantasizing about having sex with a hot cop a crime? Because I’ve fantasized about it for a long time.”


Harley was about to look over her shoulder to see what he was doing when something cool and metallic snapped around her wrist. Handcuffs. A quiver of excitement raced through her as he gently pinned that arm behind her back and cuffed it to the other one.

She caught her bottom lip between her teeth. This was even better than her fantasies.

He put his mouth to her ear again. “Spread ‘em.”


She’d had sex doggiestyle before, but never like this, with her hands bound behind her back. God, it was hot!

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chirth7 says January 26, 2012

Paige, I don't want to wait! I want to read it now! 🙂 You did my favorite thing in erotic romance, where I got to hear the dirty mind of the hero. That to me is the sexiest part! Awesome scenes, wish we could have heard the doggie style sex scene too. 😉

Thanks for sharing, You have a hit!! Hope you can plug away the rest so I can read the print version soon!!!! 🙂

Hugs, Christine

paigetyl says January 26, 2012

Christine – Blushing here! Thank you do much! I'm already working on the outlines for the other stories! I really love to explore the hero's dirty mind, too! LOL!


Kimberly Menozzi says January 26, 2012

Do e-readers come with built-in fans? I suspect your readers might wish they did! 😉

Happy TT!

paigetyl says January 26, 2012

Kimberly – LOL! Too funny!


Shelley Munro says January 26, 2012

Sounds like another hot book, Paige. Congrats on your latest release!

paigetyl says January 26, 2012

Shelley – Thanks!


Alice Audrey says January 26, 2012

There may not be a police code for having sex, but I'll bet everyone in the precinct will know.

paigetyl says January 26, 2012

Alice Audrey – Maybe, but I'm not telling! LOL!


Jennifer Leeland says January 26, 2012

LOL! Alice! "busy for a while"="I'm getting laid, damnit!"

Great excerpts, Paige! Sounds like this one will burn up everyone's ereaders!

paigetyl says January 26, 2012

Jennifer – LOL! Thanks so much!


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