Thursday Thirteen – Sexy Excerpts from A COP, HIS WIFE AND HER BEST FRIEND! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen – Sexy Excerpts from A COP, HIS WIFE AND HER BEST FRIEND!

Thirteen Sexy Excerpts from A COP, HIS WIFE AND HER BEST FRIEND, the third book in my hot Badge Bunnies Series!


Shaking hands with her friend’s hunky husband seemed so formal that Capri automatically moved to hug him. Sam must have thought the same thing because his arms were already going around her. He must have come straight from work to pick her up because he was still dressed in his police uniform. Capri tried not to stare, but she couldn’t help it. Back when she’d been Aly’s maid of honor at her wedding, she remembered thinking Sam Teagan was incredibly hot and that Aly was damn lucky to bag the guy. Not only was he gorgeous as sin, but he was a cop, too. Did it get any better?


She and Aly talked about sex all the time over the phone, but it was a lot different talking about it openly in front of Sam. It was kinky and erotic, and Capri felt more than a little guilty when she started picturing herself doing those same things with her best friend’s husband.

“Doing it on the hood of your cruiser was the best, though,” Aly said, giving her husband a sultry smile.

Capri blinked. She pushed away her empty plate and rested her forearms on the table. “You had sex on his police car?”

Aly nodded. “With the lights flashing.”

Capri stifled a moan. Talk about a fantasy.

“In the garage in the house,” Sam clarified. “With the door closed.”

“I wanted to turn the siren on, too, but Sam said no,” Aly pouted.

Her husband chuckled as he tipped back his beer bottle and took a swallow.

Aly winked at Capri. “It was still hot.”


Capri had seen Aly naked hundreds of time—they’d been roomies in college, after all—but she’d never seen her friend in such an exposed position. From where she stood, Capri could see right between Aly’s flailing legs. If the constant moans she was letting out wasn’t an obvious sign of arousal, the glimmer of wetness that sparkled between her thighs sure as heck was.

Beyond all possible reason, Aly totally loved getting her ass tanned. Clearly, Capri was uninformed when it came to the subject of sexual spankings.


Capri didn’t know how she managed to eat breakfast with Sam sitting across from her. The man looked so damn good in his police uniform that it was all she could do not to drool.


Slinking out of her room, Capri stealthed down the hallway like some spy in a Mission Impossible flick. When she got to the master bedroom, she stopped and carefully peeked inside to make sure Sam and Aly weren’t looking in her direction. Seeing that the coast was clear, she edged closer to get a view. And stared. Sam was in his full police uniform while Aly stood before him completely naked. The naughty image was enough to make Capri tremble, and she had to grab the doorframe for support.


Taking Aly’s arm, Sam gently bent Aly over the bed. The position not only gave Capri a great view of her friend’s ass, but it also meant their backs were to her and she wouldn’t have to worry about them seeing her.

“Do you need me to cuff you?” Sam asked.

The question sent a stab of excitement through Capri. She had no idea why, but the idea of seeing her friend bound as well as gagged was incredibly arousing, and she silently yearned for Aly to nod.


Knowing it was stupid and dangerous, but unable to stop, Capri leaned against the door jamb and slid her hand under her nightie. It was crazy for sure; Sam or Ali could turn and see her at any moment. But she couldn’t help herself. While one hand manipulated her clit and very wet pussy, the other hand focused on her breasts, squeezing first one nipple, then the other through the lightweight material of her nightie.

She stroked herself in time with Aly’s spanking, even occasionally smacking her clit with her fingertips as the strap kissed her friend’s ass. She didn’t do it nearly as hard, of course. It was a much more sensitive area, but it was almost like she was getting punished, too.


Aly smiled. “Sam and I can be at a restaurant or a movie, and all he has to do is whisper in my ear that he’s going to spank me when we get home, and I practically come on the spot.”


They spent the next fifteen minutes trying out the different paddles, crops, straps and whips in Aly’s collection. Capri almost asked Aly to give her a few smacks with each of them, but just the thought made her blush. Then she imagined Sam spanking her, and her face colored even more.


She wasn’t going to be watching a spanking. She was going to be getting one.


All she could manage was a gasp as he went back to spanking her again. The smacks came fast and hard, first on one cheek then the other, back and forth until her ass felt like it was on fire. She wanted to crane her head to watch him spank her bottom—she bet it was fire engine red. But with Sam pressing her flat down on the bed, turning around to look was out of the question.

Aly was watching her get spanked, though. If the fevered look on her friend’s face was any indication, her ass was really getting it.

Capri didn’t know why having an audience excited her so much—she was the one who like to watch, wasn’t she?—but she was insanely turned on. This was so much hotter than watching Aly get spanked—and that had been mind-blowing. If she hadn’t been face down on the bed with orders to hold onto the darn blankets, she would have reached down to play with herself.

Since she couldn’t, she ground her clit on the bed instead. It wasn’t quite the same as masturbating, but combined with the delicious feel of Sam’s hand coming down over and over on her ass, it was enough to send familiar little tingles of pleasure through her that made her think she just might come.


Capri had been attracted to Sam since the moment she’d met him. And standing there in his uniform, he was a double temptation. And the strapping he’d given her had put her in seriously horny mood. But how could she ever look her best friend in the eye again if she slept with her husband?

“Just think about all the new things we’ll have to talk about over the phone when you go home.” Aly winked. “Yet one more thing we’ll have in common.”

Capri’s defenses crumbled at that. “Are you really sure this is what you want?”

“I’m very sure, girlfriend.” Aly took her hand. “But only if you want it, too.”

Capri lifted her gaze to Sam. The thought of his hard, naked body against hers was so intoxicating she was almost dizzy. How could she resist an offer like this?


A hand slid across her bottom, then between the folds of her pussy. She assumed it was Sam’s, but truthfully she had no idea. In all the years spent living in the same tiny dorm room with Aly, there had never been an inkling of sexual interest between them.

They talked incessantly about sex, but Aly hadn’t mentioned doing it with another girl.

And yet Aly had just oohed and aahed over how hot her ass looked. They’d tried a lot of stuff since coming up here tonight. Would her friend go there, too?


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Jennifer Leeland says May 24, 2012

Awesome excerpts, Paige!

Capri Montgomery says May 24, 2012

I really love this book in the series. Very sexy read with a very sexy cop :).

paigetyl says May 24, 2012

Jennifer – Thanks!

Capri – Thank you so much! So glad you liked it!


Alice Audrey says May 24, 2012

LOL on #10. Well, of course she's getting one. 🙂

Shelley Munro says May 24, 2012

I agree with the others. Very hot and awesome excerpts, Paige.

paigetyl says May 24, 2012

Alice Audrey – Totally! LOL! She seemed very surprised, though!

Shelley – Thanks!


Christine says May 25, 2012

Hey Paige! This threesome is new for me, but the excerpts were really great! I look forward to giving the story my first try at 2 girls and a guy.

WTG Paige!

HUgs, Christine

paigetyl says May 25, 2012

Christine – Thanks so much! It's new to me, too! LOL! Let me know how you like it!


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