Thursday Thirteen – MAID FOR SPANKING! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen – MAID FOR SPANKING!

Thirteen Sexy Exceprts from MAID FOR SPANKING!


the hell had she been thinking? Colleen Palmer seriously doubted her sanity as
she pulled the minivan to a stop outside the big, two-story home in the
luxurious Los Altos Hills. She didn’t even like to clean her own apartment and
now she’d taken a job as a maid so she could clean up after someone else? Maybe
quitting her computer programming job hadn’t been such a good idea.


It had
actually been Kristy who’d talked her into taking the job. Kristy had been
cleaning houses for over a year now and loved it. Apparently, she thought it’d
be a good fit for Colleen, too.

joking, right?” Colleen said when her friend had first suggested it. “I don’t know
the first thing about cleaning houses.”

easy. You just do what you do to your place.”

let out a snort. “I’m lucky I remember to take out the trash.”

laughed. “You’ll have to do a little bit more than that. But it’s easy. It’s
all in the handbook.”

There was actually a handbook?


Mr. Hughes didn’t answer, Colleen took out the key to unlock the door when it
swung open. Startled, she stood there for a moment, speechless. She’d assumed Steven
Hughes would be an older man, simply because the house was so freaking
expensive, but the man who stood in the doorway looked as if he wasn’t much
older than she was. Tall, with dark hair, well-chiseled features and a body
that obviously spent a lot of time in a gym, he was easily the most gorgeous
man she’d ever seen. Even the wire-rimmed glasses he wore, which by rights should
have detracted from his good looks, made him even more handsome.


ran the vacuum over the section of the rug on either side of the couch, then in
front of the low-slung coffee table. She was thinking how incredibly easy it
was to clean a carpet that had obviously never even seen dirt much less made
friends with it when the vacuum suddenly stopped. Frowning, she flipped the
switch off then on, but the vacuum still wouldn’t work. She turned to see if
she’d jerked the plug out of the wall and was jumped when she saw Steven Hughes
standing there with it in his hand.

scowled. “What the hell are you doing?”

the hell did it look like she was doing? “Vacuuming.”


gritted her teeth. He sounded like he was talking to a child who should know better.
“You told me you wanted the rug vacuumed, so that’s what I’m doing.”

brows drew together. “I also said I wanted you to keep the noise down.”

How the
heck did he expect her to vacuum quietly? She would have asked, but getting
into a fight with a client her first day on the job probably wouldn’t be a good

“Fine. I
won’t vacuum. But don’t complain that the rug isn’t clean.”

the cord a jerk, she yanked it out of his hand and angrily wrapped it around
the hooks on the vacuum. Across the room, Steven Hughes muttered something
under his breath she couldn’t catch.

whirled around to face him, pinning his with a glare. “I don’t know who the
hell you think you are, but you’d better start treating me with a little more
respect, or you’ll be cleaning your own damn house.”

turned back to finish wrapping the cord, only to gasp when a hand caught her
arm and spun her around. She knew Hughes was tall, but she didn’t realize how
tall until now. He towered over her.

the one who needs to learn some respect,” he said. “I pay a lot for your cleaning
service and I want it done right.”

lifted her chin. “I was doing it right until you came out here and got in my
way. I was even going to make sure the tassels on your overpriced rug were all
straight and pretty just like you ordered—which is beyond stupid, by the way.
I’m a maid, not your slave, Mr, Hughes, so you can just go to hell.”

so much for not getting into a fight with a client. She could kiss this job goodbye.

realizing he was still holding onto her arm, Colleen tried to yank it free, but
he tightened his grip. The next thing she knew, she was bent over the back of
the sectional couch. What the hell?

tried to push herself upright, but a strong hand on her back firmly pushed her

craned her neck to glare at him over her shoulder. “What the hell do you think
you’re doing? Let me go.”

glowered down at her with those incredible blue eyes of his. “Not until we get
something straight. You might not be my slave, but I pay to have you come here
and clean, not interrupt me while I’m working.”

could officially add arrogant to his list of flaws. And why the hell did he had
to bend her over the couch to lecture her? She opened her mouth to ask when she
felt his hand come down hard on her jean-clad ass.

eyes went wide. She had to be imagining things, because there was no way he had
just done that. But when his hand came down again, this time on her other
cheek, she realized she hadn’t been imagining it at all. Steven Hughes was
spanking her.
the record, he didn’t usually make a habit out of spanking women.
Mia, a
tall, athletic redhead walked over to the counter and poured herself a cup of
coffee. “What did you think of Steven Hughes?”
shrugged choosing her words carefully. “He’s nice enough, I suppose.” 
suppose?” Kristy looked at her as if she’d lost her mind. “Colleen, the guy is
absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention filthy rich. And the last time I checked,
he was extremely single.”
That he
was single certainly didn’t come as a surprise. The guy was sort of lacking in
social skills. “I don’t wonder why. The guy has some serious control issues.”
a dark-haired woman with big, brown eyes, laughed. “What gave it away? Was it
the fact that he wanted you to straighten the tassels on the rug after you
vacuumed? Or that he wanted the wine glasses he never uses cleaned every day?”
no, no.” Mia sat down in the only other empty chair at the table. “I bet it was
his thing about the streaks on his sixty-inch plasma television screen. Am I
made a face. “All of the above. You left out the most important rule, though.
Never, ever to go into his inner sanctum. All the other stuff just makes him
seem like a freak, but that rule about the room being off limits is beyond
weird. What’s up with that, anyway?”
thinks he makes porn movies in there,” Lauren said.
snorted. “It’s better than your theory.” She looked at Colleen. “Lauren thinks
he’s some kind of spy like James Bond, and that’s where he communicates with
his super-secret headquarters. Oh, and that there’s a secret passage in the
room that leads to his own private Batcave.”
grinned. “You’ve gotta admit, he does have the whole Clark-Kent thing going on.
I could totally see him as the superhero-type for sure.”
laughed. She serious doubted Steven Hughes made porno movies or had a secret
identity. It would take him fifteen minutes just to make sure the Batarang on
his utility belt was straight.


tried to brush past him, but Hughes caught her arm. His blue eyes glinted. “Not
so fast. I warned you not to come in here, and you deliberately did it anyway. You
don’t think you can just walk out of here after doing something like that, do

pulse began to pound. If he gave her a few smacks on the ass for making too
much noise while he worked, there was no telling how hard he’d spank her for
sneaking into his secret room.

insane if you think I’m going to let you spank me again,” she told him.

For one
long moment, Hughes stood towering over her while she glared up at him
defiantly. Then his mouth quirked.

he drawled. “I was just going to toss you out and call the cleaning company to
have you replaced. But, now that you mention it, I think a spanking would be
more effective.”


He walked
back into his computer room and stare at the monitors. As much as he hated to
admit it, he sucked at writing code. Well, not coming up with it, but the
minutiae that came with it. He could come up with cool creatures, create
kickass action sequences, even develop creative storylines to support the games,
but when it came to typing, his head moved faster than his fingers. Always had.
Which was he was also crappy at proofreading. Clearly, Colleen didn’t have that

the hell was he saying? If she was any good at programming, she wouldn’t be working
as a maid.

she was spying for that son of a bitch Ed Fulton. Hiring someone to steal his
new video game was exactly something his former business partner would do. And
what better thief than a sexy blonde with legs that seemed to go on for miles?
Yeah, Steve had noticed. She’d been kicking her legs so much while he spanked
her, how could he not?

he took off his glasses and tossed them on the desk so he could pinch the
bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. Spanking Colleen once had
been beyond stupid, but doing it again had been a real bonehead move. He
honestly hadn’t intended to do it. He was simply going to call the cleaning
company and report her. But after she’d suggested it, he couldn’t get her over
his knee fast enough.


opened the door without looking through the peephole, then immediately wished
she hadn’t. Steven Hughes stood on her doorstep, all six-foot-four rock-solid inches
of him.

the hell do you want?” she demanded. 

He gave
her a sheepish look. “Can I come in?”

She glared at him. “How did you find out where I live? What did you do, hack
into the cleaning company’s computer?”

gave me your address.”

gritted her teeth. She was going to kill her friend.

“Can I
come in?” he asked again, then added, “I just want to talk.”

she didn’t invite him in, he let out a sigh. “You have every right to be pissed
at me. I should never have spanked you like I did. I was a complete jerk, and
I’m sorry.”
“Yes, you were,” she
agreed.  “And now that we both agree on
that, you can leave.”


with Hughes—Steve—was actually more fun than Colleen had thought it would be.
It was a little awkward the first couple of days, but the more time she spent
with him, the more she realized he wasn’t such a bad guy. A little paranoid
about security and obsessive about cleaning, but not the jerk she’d originally
believed him to be.

since she’d started working with, he hadn’t spanked her once. Not even when
she’d forgotten his no-food-allowed rule and brought the nonfat latte and
yogurt she’d gotten at Starbuck’s into the computer room.

“But I
used to eat at my desk all the time at my old programming job,” she protested
when he made her go sit at the kitchen table.

folded his arms and leaned back against the island. “And I’ll bet you got
crumbs all over the keyboard.”

Colleen formed her lips into a pout as she dipped her spoon into her yogurt. “You’re
no fun at all, do you know that?”

His mouth
quirked. “You’d be surprised.”
Something in his
voice made her pulse skip a beat, and she paused, her spoon halfway to her
mouth. She thought Steve was gorgeous the first time she’d seen him. Working
side by side with him every day had only intensified her attraction to him.
Which made sense, she supposed. If she had a type, he’d be it.


why the heck had she had made him promise not spank her?

fingers froze on the keyboard. What was she saying? She couldn’t honestly want Steve
to spank her again. Fantasizing about it was one thing, but willingly letting
him do it was something else entirely. And yet, as she gazed over at his strong
hands, she realized that was exactly what she wanted. The thought almost made her

But how
could she get him to spank her when she’d made him promise he wouldn’t do it again?
It wasn’t as if she could come out and ask him for a spanking. She could just imagine
the conversation now.

Steve, could you do me a favor?

Name it.

You know how I told you that I
didn’t want you to spank me again. Well, I’ve changed my mind. I think I
actually would like you to put me over your knee again.

You’re saying that you want me
to spank you again?

Yes, Steve, that’s exactly what
I’m saying. And I’d really appreciate it if you’d do it right and pull my
panties down this time.
Just thinking about
it made Colleen go red with embarrassment.
paused, her fingers hovering over the keyboard on her lap. Hot damn. She’d just
figured out a way to get that spanking she’d been looking for. Eyes locked on
the monitor, she typed as fast as her fingers could move.
are you doing?” Steve asked.
turned her head to see him frowning at the monitor. She hadn’t realized he was watching
her. That made the whole thing easier. She thought she’d have to challenge him
to a game to get him to notice.
some stuff to make the game more interesting,” she said.
typed another erroneous set of instructions, then ran the program to see how
the changes looked. She grinned as the hero pulled a bouquet of flowers from
holster in place of a gun. Opposite him, the sorcerer extended his hand to
produce a glowing round orb, but when the robed figure threw it at the hero, it
wasn’t a fireball, but a water balloon. Colleen laughed as it splatted
harmlessly against his opponent.
however, wasn’t as amused. “Cute. Now, change it back.”
tilted her head to the side as she watched the sequence play out on the screen
in front of her. “I don’t know. I kind of like it this way.”
“Put it
back, Colleen.”
gave him a teasing look. “What are you going to do if I don’t? Spank me?”
words hung in the air between them. Colleen held her breath she waited for
Steve to say something.
He studied her as if
trying to decide if he’d heard her right. After a moment, his mouth quirked.
“If you don’t do as you’re told, you’ll find out.”
stepped closer to him until she was standing between his legs, then reached out
and slowly took off his glasses. Holding them in one hand, she cupped his jaw
with the other and bent her head to kiss him.
pulled her close with a groan, his hands going beneath her skirt to cup her
stinging ass cheeks. Colleen gasped against his mouth and pressed herself more
tightly to him. His erection strained against his jeans, hot and hard with promise.
Her knees suddenly went weak, and she was glad he chose that moment to gather
her into his arms and onto his lap. She whimpered at the feel of the rough material
of his jeans as it brushed her tender bottom. Chuckling, he slipped one arm beneath
her legs and picked her up, then got to his feet. She didn’t have to ask where they
were going as he carried her out of the room and up the stairs.

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