Thursday Thirteen – Excerpts from RIDE OF HER LIFE! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen – Excerpts from RIDE OF HER LIFE!

Thirteen Hot Excerpts from RIDE OF HER LIFE, Book One in THE BUCKLE BUNNIES SERIES!


Daisy sighed as she leaned back against the bar and waited for her beer. Dang. Narrowing down the field tonight was going to be even harder than she thought. This place was packed to the rafters with serious cowboy beef. Half the fun of being a professional rodeo rider was all the hot cowboys she got to work with. Nothing finer
than a man who knew how to ride.


The warm, sexy voice in her ear made Daisy’s breath hitch. She turned to find Sawyer Jones standing there, a bottle of beer in each hand. Tall with dark blonde hair long enough to brush the collar of his shirt, scruff on his jaw and amazing blue eyes, he was one of the best bareback bronc riders on the circuit. And standing right behind him was Beau Monroe, another bronc rider. He didn’t ride in as many events as Sawyer, but when Beau rode, he rode well. And with silky, black hair, a chiseled jaw and eyes the color of deep, dark chocolate, he was handsome as sin.


It wasn’t a given she’d be bedding either of them yet. While they were both smokin’ hot, she didn’t know if they had the one thing in particular she looked for in a man the ability to carry on a conversation. And she didn’t mean about the weather.

She liked a guy who could talk dirty to her.

She wasn’t referring to a guy using nasty words to describe how he wanted to have sex with her—though that certainly had its time and place, too. No, she was looking for a man who took verbal foreplay just as seriously as the physical kind.

She’d first realized the power of a man’s voice and how it could arouse her at the impressionable age of sixteen when she’d gotten her hands on a set of audio romance books. The man on the tape had a voice as smooth as honey, and before she knew it, her hand was down her panties and she was touching herself to her first orgasm. Ever since then, a man with a smooth voice and a knack for whispering just the right naughty words in her ear could get her hotter than a tin roof in August.

Conversely, her attraction to a man tended to drop drastically when she discovered he couldn’t talk it up.

As kinks went, it was rather tame, but it was one of her things.

So, while she wouldn’t turn her nose up her at a good old-fashioned roll in the hay, she always kept her ears open for a man who knew exactly what to say to get her all hot and bothered. Sawyer and Beau were equally attractive, but if one of them talked dirty to her that would certainly help tip the scales in his favor.


Beau chuckled. “Not saying that watching you and your horse work isn’t fun, but speaking truthfully, it’s watching your ass bounce up and down in the saddle that really gets my attention. Isn’t that about right, Sawyer?”

“I do love watching you ride, not gonna lie about that. And I sure as hell don’t mind taking a long look at that behind of yours.” The blond cowboy grinned at her. “But since we’re being straight here, I sort of have a thing for the way those mighty fine legs of yours look in those tight-ass jeans you wear. Damn if I can’t see every muscle flex as you ride. You’ve got the best-looking legs that ever wrapped themselves around a horse.”

Well, dang. They were both interested in her. And they both were willing to talk about it. She might just have a competition on her hands.


After the waitress left, Daisy leaned back and regarded her two men. “Okay, we found a place that’s not as loud as the bar. What exactly did you want to talk about?”

Beau’s eyes held hers. “About getting you naked later and spending the evening make you moan and scream.”

That made both her brows and her blood pressure rise. That was what she’d been looking for. She just couldn’t believe Beau had said what he’d said right in front of Sawyer.

But Sawyer didn’t even bat an eye.

“So Daisy, would you describe yourself as a moaner or a screamer?” he asked so casually the three of them might have been taking about a rodeo event.


“The idea was to give you a little taste — not the whole treat. You want more, you’ll have to wait until later. Besides, I figured you might get a tad embarrassed if the whole restaurant turned to see why you were pulling a Meg Ryan in the middle of the dinner.”


A naughty, little voice whispered in her ear that both men could probably go half the night without popping off—no matter what she did. Rather than be disappointed, she was intrigued. How much stamina did they have?

The fact that she kept thinking about everything in terms of they and them was a bit disconcerting. How was she supposed to figure out which one she was going to sleep with tonight if they both kept being so perfect?

It wasn’t as if she could bed both of them.


The key is paying attention to the little signs that a woman is just about as aroused as she can handle.” Sawyer speared the last piece of steak with his fork and offered it to her. “How wet she is, how plump her clit gets, her sighs, her moans, the way her stomach muscles flex as I run my tongue up first one side of her pussy lips and then down the other.”

Daisy bit back a moan as a surge of wetness flooded her panties.

“Then,” Sawyer’s voice was husky. “When all the signs are there, when I’ve gotten her hot as hell, that’s when I give in and start really lapping her clit. And I don’t stop until I make her come. Over and over and over.”

Daisy didn’t doubt him. She was practically on the verge of orgasm sitting there listening to Sawyer tell her what he was going to do to her.


“Did you three save any room for dessert? Or do you already have other plans for that?”

The waitress looked pointedly at Daisy, then slid a sly glance toward both men sitting across from her. Good God, the woman thought she was planning on having sex with both Sawyer and Beau!

Did Daisy look that kinky?

She decided the answer to that question was probably yes. The waitress had almost certainly caught Daisy giving the foot jobs under the table. The woman had probably heard snippets of their conversation when she’d walked by the table—snippets that likely included references to foot massages, pussy licking and orgasms.

So yeah, the waitress had good reason to think Daisy was a kinky-ass cowgirl ready to drag two rodeo hunks off to her bed for a night of threesome frolicking.


“Well, when presented with an absolutely perfect ass, I think the best way to start is with a good, old-fashioned, spanking,” Beau said.

Daisy’s jaw didn’t drop. Okay, maybe it did. She must have heard wrong. Beau couldn’t have just said he wanted to spank her bare ass. She waited for him to laugh and admit he’d been teasing her, but he didn’t.

“You’re serious? You want to spank me?”

“Hell, yeah. Don’t tell me you’ve never had that ass of yours smacked really good?”


“You didn’t answer my question,” he said, pulling her attention back to the topic of her ass and the silly concept of spanking a grown woman.

She put a piece of cake in her mouth and chewed before answering. “Because the answer should be obvious.”

“If you’ve never let a man spank you before, how do you know whether you’d like it?”

“I’m a cowgirl, Beau. It doesn’t take a lot of sense to figure out that if my butt is sore after a good hard ride on a horse, then a spanking would be ten times worse.”

Beau shook his head. “It’s not even close to being the same thing.”

“Close enough for me.”

He started on the next layer of cake. “Answer me this then, Daisy. Have you ever gotten hot and wet riding your horse? And I don’t mean from sweat. I mean has your
pussy ever gotten completely dripping wet and throbbing with excitement?”

There was that time back years ago when she and her boyfriend at the time had ridden out to the farthest edges of her family’s farm to have sex in an open field. She’d been wet then, but that probably wasn’t what Beau was talking about.

“While horseback riding? No, I can’t say that I have.”

“Further proof that I’m right, then,” he insisted. “Because every woman I’ve ever spanked ended up getting soaking wet.”


Daisy turned to ask Beau which way his room was and found him standing six inches from her.

“I can’t wait any longer,” he growled, pushing her up against the wall beside the elevator and kissing her hard.

She kissed him back, even though she knew the elevator door could open at any moment, or that someone — another family even—could come down the hall. She couldn’t wait any longer, either.

Beau twined his fingers in her hair and pulled her mouth tighter against his own, his tongue bulling its way in. She met him halfway, giving as good as she got. One of her hands slid down his side to his grab his ass and yanked his crotch into perfect contact with hers. She wrapped one leg around his thigh and ground against him.

Dear God, she’d never been this hot in her life. She might just explode on the spot.

Beside her, Sawyer cleared his throat. She ignored him, moaning into Beau’s mouth. Sawyer cleared his throat again, louder this time.

She dragged herself away from Beau to see Sawyer leaning against the wall beside them.

“Sorry for the interruption, Daisy,” he drawled. “It’s not that I’m concerned you’re grinding against Beau out here in the hallway where anyone can see you—it’s that you’re doing it without me.”

Daisy laughed and reached out with her free hand to grab Sawyer’s shirt front and pull him in for a kiss.

His style of kissing was completely different from Beau, but no less captivating. His mouth slowly moved over hers, his tongue teasing hers. She would have kissed him harder, but still trapped in Beau’s arms like she was, she had no choice but to let Sawyer take the kiss where he wanted it to go. The effect was intoxicating.

She felt Beau’s mouth on the side of her exposed neck, trailing kisses up and down from her earlobe to the top of her shirt collar. Between the warmth of his lips and the light scrape of his scruff, she thought she was going to go crazy.

She whimpered, close to tearing off both men’s clothes right there where they stood.


The men shrugged off their shirts, then stood there looking buff and magnificent. They were both of the same build—long and lean with wiry muscles—and Daisy couldn’t help but stand there and admire them. Dang, they were something to behold.

Daisy stepped closer and placed a hand on each of their chests. The muscular planes of their pecs gave way to equally hard abs as she trailed her hands down. This close, she could define the slight differences between the two men. Sawyer was just a bit broader than Beau, and had a light trace of dark hair that ran down his happy trail from just above his belly button and disappearing into his jeans. Beau’s abs were more defined, and she had a crazy urge to drop to her knees in front of him and trace her tongue along every nook and cranny. The idea of being on her knees in front of both of them was doing all kinds of wild things to her tummy.

She was about to do just that when Beau slipped a finger under her chin and tilted her head up.

“Do I need to remind you about the basic rule?”


He grinned. “You show us yours if we show you ours?”

It took a moment for that to sink in — she was a bit distracted by all the manliness on display. But when it did, she laughed.

“No problem.” She reached for the buttons of her shirt. “Fair’s fair.”

“And go slow.” Sawyer gave her a lazy smile. “I like a girl who takes her time.”

Daisy was surprised they still wanted to take it slow, especially after all the verbal foreplay and downright scorching hot kisses. But if they wanted her to take it slow, she could do that.

She started at the bottom of her shirt, undoing one button slowly, then taking a good, long time working her fingers up to the next button, making sure they got a good, long look at the skin she was exposing.

“Mmm,” Beau groaned. “That belly button of yours looks good enough to eat.”

She let out a husky laugh. “I thought you were more of an ass man?”

“I am.” His mouth twitched. “Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all the other fine parts.”

Probably sooner than the two men would have liked, she had her shirt off and was standing there in her lacy bra. She reached around to take it off, but Sawyer stopped her.

“Allow me,” he said, walking around behind her.

As Sawyer undid the clasp, Beau stood in front of her, gazing down into her eyes. The intensity in his was so mesmerizing she was barely even aware Sawyer had taken off her bra. Until Beau pulled her into his arms and her bare breasts came into contact with the hard planes of his chest. Her nipples felt so hard against him that they hurt, and she gasped against his mouth.

Sawyer immediately sandwiched her between them, his chest warm against her back, his hands reaching around to caress the sides of her breasts. She shivered, moaning her approval.

Beau let out a groan and pulled away. Eyes smoldering, he slid his hands down to the waistband of her jeans. Sawyer took advantage of the opportunity—and the space—by cupping her breasts.

He massaged them firmly, tweaking her nipples as he nibbled on her neck. In front of her, Beau worked her belt buckle loose. A moment later, she heard a pop as he roughly yanked each button through its hole. Then he shoved his hands inside her jeans and slowly worked them over her hips and down her thighs. When he was done, he stepped back to admire his handiwork. Sawyer pressed a kiss to her shoulder, then walked around to join him.

Daisy felt like a beauty queen as she stood there in nothing but her tiny scrap of panties, the object of a whole lot of desire.

“Damn, Daisy.” Sawyer’s gaze lingered on her long legs. “You’re even more beautiful than I dreamed.”

She blushed. These two were good for her ego.

“Beautiful, huh?” She gave them a naughty smile. “Wonder what you’ll have to say when these panties come off.”

Beau eyed her wolfishly. “Only one way to know for sure.”

Daisy hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly pushed them down, letting them flutter to the floor. There was something so powerful about being completely naked in front of two awe-struck studs, especially when they were still half dressed.

Their eyes slid up and down her body so hungrily she had to laugh. “Whoa boys, you just ate like fifteen minutes ago.”

“Suddenly I’m hungry again,” Sawyer growled.

His blue eyes locked on the tiny triangle of downy hair at the juncture of her thighs, and Daisy couldn’t help but remember his description of the pussy licking he had in store for her. The thought of his tongue on her clit made a fresh burst of moisture surge to the surface. She had no doubt that if she slid her hand between her legs, her fingers’d come away covered in goo.

Both men came toward her, but Daisy held up her hand.

“Do I need to remind you about the basic rule?” she asked, throwing Beau’s earlier words back at them. “You show me yours if I show you mine.”

Sawyer’s mouth twitched. “Fair’s fair.”

“And go slow, fellas.” She gave them a sultry look as they reached for their huge belt buckles. “I like a man who takes his time.”


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