Thursday Thirteen – Excerpts from RIDE ‘EM HARD! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen – Excerpts from RIDE ‘EM HARD!

Thirteen Sexy Excerpts from RIDE ‘EM HARD!
Britt introduced Shawna to the men, who subtly—as subtle as men could be, at least—eyed her and Shawna with interest. Britt could tell they were wondering if she was totally back in the saddle and looking to end up in one of their beds. She wasn’t ashamed to admit she was known to bag herself a hot rodeo stud now and then, especially after a good night of riding. The fact that she had a friend with her simply upped the chances of both men getting laid.
But Britt wasn’t looking to get lucky tonight. She rarely got a chance to spend any time with Shawna, and she wasn’t going to waste it. Eventually, the guys figured out she wasn’t game and headed on down the trail with a wave and a tip of their hats.
“Forgive me for forgetting my manners. Shawna, this is Clay Winters. Remember, the bull rider I mentioned to you? Clay, this is Shawna Barton, my best friend.”
Shawna’s eyes went wide as recognition dawned on her. “Clay…?” She stuck out her hand, her face coloring. “The bull rider. Of course! It’s nice to meet you in person.”
As she shook his hand, her eyes dropped to that place right below his belt buckle. Britt’s lips twitched. Shawna, you naughty girl. Clay was trying his best to ignore the fact that Shawna’s eyes were locked on the bulge in his jeans, but the damn girl was making it difficult. She wasn’t simply looking, she was flat out staring.
Shawna had almost fainted when Britt introduced the gorgeous man who’d stopped them on the way out of the restaurant as Clay Winters. The very same Clay Winters Britt had told her about only minutes earlier. The one with a cock as thick as her forearm and a tongue that apparently had no “off” button.
“How are we going to find a place to sit?” Shawna yelled over the music.
“We didn’t come here to sit down,” Clay shouted back. “Come on.”
Giving her a grin, he dragged her and Britt onto the dance floor, found a semi-clear space and started dancing to the loud country-rock beat. She laughed as Clay gave her an ab roll that looked better suited to a Chippendale Dancer than a bull rider. She could just imagine him in a pair of jeans and cowboy boots, chest bare and muscles rippling.
“Woohoo!” Britt laughed.
She turned her ass to Clay, matching his rolling motion. Shawna stood there unmoving, her mouth open. Damn, her friend had some serious hip flexibility. Riding horses for a living must do that.
Clay grabbed Shawna’s hand, pulling her tight against his crotch, steering her hips exactly where he wanted them to go. “You ain’t here to watch, girl.”
His kiss was as amazing as the rest of him, and as her toes curled in her boots, she suddenly hoped Britt would take lots of time in the ladies’ room. Or that she’d forgive her if she came out right now and saw Shawna locking lips with her man.
“You’re good at moving with two women in your arms,” Shawna said breathlessly.
He chuckled and spun them around again. “Woman, you have no idea.”
The comment went completely over Shawna’s head, but Britt picked up on it. She raised an eyebrow at him, but he only laughed again, pulling them both in close and letting his hands cup their asses as the music slowed down to a sweet country ballad.
Clay had big hands to go with those other big parts of his.
Britt didn’t have time to think too much about Clay’s comment. Slow dancing with two people at once took a lot more concentration then two-stepping did—who knew?
Or maybe the way Clay’s hand moved over her ass was simply wreaking havoc on her ability to focus. That must be it. Because slow dancing as a threesome mostly involved moving and grinding against each other more than it did any actual footwork.
Until tonight, Britt had never felt even the slightest inclination toward exhibitionism. She might kiss a guy in a crowded bar, maybe even take part in a little hand groping under the table. But only because it was likely no one was paying attention, and she’d never thought about it one way or another.
She was sure as hell thinking about it now. Shawna had been inches away from her while Britt kissed Clay. Her best friend had probably been able to see every exquisite detail as his lips had moved over her lips, as his tongue had moved in and out of her mouth.
The thought made her pussy purr between her legs.
Shawna’s pulse quickened as she sat back between Clay and Britt. It was hard to believe that in a few minutes, they’d all be getting naked with each other. From the moment Clay had kissed both of them in front of the other, she’d known this night was going to get hot and steamy. That being said, though, she’d never in her wildest dreams imagined it would culminate in a threesome with her best friend. Then again, if she was going to do something this crazy, who better to do it with than Britt?
She tilted her head to the left just as Clay’s mouth came down on hers. The touch was electric, just as it had been before, and she closed her eyes and reveled in the sensation. His tongue tasted like the perfect man-flavored dessert and she groaned as she tangled her own around it.
Clay threaded one hand in her long hair, then slid the other down her back to cup her ass and pull her firmly against him. Her breath hitched at the rush she got from being this physically possessed. Damn, she needed to hang out with rodeo riders more often. They really knew how to handle a woman. At least this one did.
She expected him to bend his head and gently take a nipple in his lips, but apparently that wasn’t Clay’s style.
Instead, he took her shoulders firmly in his hands and backed her up until she was pressed against the wall. Then he captured both her wrists in one of his big hands and pinned them above her head.
Okay, that was…different. But definitely arousing.
Craving more, she breathed deep and let her fingers trail up to his rounded deltoids, across to the sinewy trap muscles at the junction of his neck and shoulders, then back down the center of his chest to his abs. His stomach jumped a bit as she traced little patterns along the lines of his six-pack. She quickly found herself developing a special fondness for the happy trail of fine hairs that disappeared down into his beltline.
She was toying with the idea of following that trail to see where it led when the silence in the room caught her attention. She looked up and found both Clay and Britt watching her with amused expressions on their faces.
She felt her face flush and she instinctively jerked her hands away. “I’m sorry…”
Clay reached out and captured her hands, pulling them back to where they’d been before. “No apologies tonight, Shawna. You didn’t see me complaining, did you?”
She would have said something, would have explained that she hadn’t meant to zone out like that, but Clay chose that moment to move one of her hands down toward his belt. He didn’t stop until the tips of her fingers were tucked securely in his jeans.
Her eyes unconsciously moved to lock on Britt’s, wondering if her friend would mind her taking such a leading role in their game. But her friend only smiled and moved around behind Clay, wrapping her arms around his waist.
“Time to stop thinking so much, Shawna, and just have fun,” she said. “If you feel like letting your fingers roam around for a while, do it.”
As if to demonstrate, Britt slid her hands down Clay’s abs to loosen his belt, then slowly unbutton his 501s, giving Shawna all the room to explore she could have asked for.
Britt was lying beside her so close they were almost touching. Her friend’s gaze was locked on the scene between Shawna’s legs, clearly transfixed by the hunky Clay casually lapping at her pussy. Britt’s dark eyes were glazed with the same lust Shawna was sure must be in her own.
Shawna looked from Britt to Clay, then back to Britt again. Britt’s fingers were on her clit, making little circles. Shawna had never watched a woman play with herself—it was far sexier than she would have imagined.
Shawna’s face was only inches from Britt’s now, and she seriously got off on gazing into her friend’s eyes as they worked to get Clay rock hard. Their lips were so close that in some ways, it seemed like they were kissing each other. Kinky, but fun to think about.
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