Thursday Thirteen – Excerpts from NOT REALLY THE OUTDOOR TYPE! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen – Excerpts from NOT REALLY THE OUTDOOR TYPE!

Thirteen Excerpts from my sexy new release NOT REALLY THE OUTDOOR TYPE!
Kendall stood there beside the racks of fishing poles waiting for the girl to
come back, she realized she was nervous about seeing Jason again. Would he recognize
her? Heck, would he even remember her
Before she could
speculate on an answer to either of those questions, the door opened and the
girl came out, followed by a tall, well-built and even-better-looking-than-she
had-remembered Jason Maxwell. One look into those gorgeous blue eyes and she
felt like she was back in high school again. Jeans and a plaid shirt had never looked
so damn sexy on a guy.

then, he’d alternated between kicking himself for letting her get away and
thanking God he’d been too chicken to ask her out back in high school. Because while being with her
would have been beyond amazing, she would have broken his heart for sure the
day she’d left Copper Canyon for the big city. And something told him you
didn’t simply “get over” a woman like Kendall.

he’d shown her around in the back, he gave her a tour of the store, taking her
through the different areas to familiarize her with each section. Though
Kendall really did make an effort to pay attention to everything he said—especially
since she didn’t know the first thing about most of the stuff—she spent more
time listening to his sexy voice than focusing on what he was saying. His
rough, husky timbre seemed to have established a direct connection with her
erogenous zones. Sort of like a verbal vibrator. The more he talked, the more
insistent the purring in her pussy became until she was sure she was going to
have run to the restroom to play with herself.

tried hard to focus on work the rest of the day, but that was easier said than
done, especially after closing time. By then, the other employees had left for
the day and it was just the two of them in the store. She tried not to let it,
but her gaze kept straying to Jason as she filled the bins with more of the
floaty red and white balls used for fishing. God, he looked hot even doing
something as simple as standing at the counter going over the day’s receipt.
Stifling a moan, she bent to pick up another handful of floaty things and
inadvertently bumped into the metal rack, knocking the whole thing over. She instinctively
reached out to grab it, but it fell anyway, hundreds of red and white balls
rolling across the floor and going every which way.

Jason hadn’t seen, she snuck a glance his way to find him glaring at her, his jaw
tight. He slapped the pen he’d been using down on the counter. “That does it.
I’ve had it!”
face coloring hotly, Kendall hastily bent down to start picking up the balls
when she felt Jason grab her arm. She didn’t know what she expected, but it
wasn’t for him to haul her to her feet and glower at her.
doing this deliberately, aren’t you?” he demanded.
stared up at him, mouth open. “Wh-what? No!”
lifted a brow. “No one could screw up this much unless they were doing it on
purpose. What, is this is your way of trying to get back at me for something
you think I did to you in high school?”
the heck was he talking about? “You really need to get over yourself.  I barely even remember you from high school,
much less anything you might have done.” She tried to yank free of his grip,
but his hand only tightened on her arm. “Let go of me. Unless you don’t want me
to pick up these stupid things.”
you’re going to pick them up, all right,” he growled. “After we get something straight.”
frowned, about to ask him what he meant by that when Jason suddenly bent her
over at the waist, his strong arm holding her in place.
craned her neck to look at him. “What the hell are you doing?”
you focus on you work,” he ground out.
What—?” she began, only to let out a startled little, “Oh!” of surprise when she felt him give her ass a hard smack. “What
are you doing?”
“I told
you,” he said, giving the seat of her tight jeans another smack, harder this
time. “I’m helping you focus. Since you said you didn’t make all those mistakes
on purpose, I have to assume that means you’re not paying attention to your
job. Maybe a spanking will help you keep your mind on what you’re supposed to
be doing.”
If this
wasn’t a date, why was she still standing in front of the mirror wondering if
the silky camisole top she’d combined with a pair of low-waisted pair of jeans,
platform sandals and dangling earrings was sexy enough?
ran her tongue over her lips, torn between waiting for him to kiss her and grabbing
him by the back of the head and planting one on him herself.
She was
this close to giving in to the crazy urge when Jason slid his fingers beneath
her chin and gently tilted her head up. She closed her eyes and parted her
lips. When his mouth finally touched hers, she thought she might melt into a
puddle right there on the front porch of the cabin. He tasted like coffee and a
little bit like chocolate cake, only sweeter and more delicious.
She ran her hands up
the front of his shirt to clutch his shoulders, moaning as the muscles flexed
beneath her finger. When her lips parted, his tongue plunged into her mouth,
seeking hers and tangling with it in a way that made her whole body tremble.

eyed the tank of creepy creatures warily. The idea of venturing in there with
nothing but a flimsy net for protection was almost enough to send her running
out of the hothouse. But getting live bait for the customers was part of her
job. Besides, how hard could it be? All she had to do was put the net in the
tank and wait for the crickets to jump in.

a deep breath, she slowly inched the lid off the tank and carefully set it down
on the table, then hesitantly peered inside. The creatures froze, their eyes
trained on her. They seemed just as afraid of her as she was of them.
Not a
herself, she thrust the net into the tank, only to jump back with a loud scream
when a cricket jumped on her arm. Black and shiny, it had to be the biggest
cricket she’d ever seen. Terrified, she slapped at it wildly with her free hand.
The cricket bounded high in the air. She whirled around, trying to track the
thing in case it attacked her again, but it was no use. She had no idea where
it went. She only hoped it wasn’t on her
Shuddering at the
thought, she turned back around. While trying to save herself from that psycho
cricket, she’d dropped the net into the tank with the rest of them. Crap
lifted a brow, a smile threatening to break the seriousness of his expression. “Crickets
attacked you?”
she insisted. “You should have seen it. They were all over me. In my hair. On
my clothes.” She shivered just thinking about it. “I can’t believe it’s even
legal to keep those things. They’re dangerous.”
chuckled. “The only thing dangerous in there is you, honey. Believe me, those
crickets are more afraid of you than you are of them.”
seriously doubt that.”
know, it probably would have been easier if you’d just used your hands instead
of the net.”
eyes went wide. “My hands? You’ve got to be kidding me. They could have bitten
don’t bite, Kendall.” He jerked his head toward the hothouse. “Come on. I’ll
show you how to catch them.”
blinked. He didn’t seriously expect her to go back in there with those things,
did he? “No way. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not really the outdoor type. That
means anything dealing with nature is off-limits.”
shook his head. “You’ve been living in LA for way too long.”
well at least I don’t have to worry about crickets attacking me there.”
snorted. “No. There, you just have to worry about people attacking you.”
made a face. “Go take care of your stupid crickets. I’m going home.”
turned on her heel to storm off, only to trip over a plastic bucket beside the
hothouse. It fell to the wooden dock with a thud, the contents inside spilling
out all over her feet. This day just kept getting better and better.
she shook her feet, trying to get the dirt off. That was when she realized there
were slimy, wiggly things crawling around in it.
jumped back with a scream, frantically kicking her feet. While the dirt fell
off easily, the squirming things living in it only clung to her skin. She
backpedaled wildly, cringing as they squished under her sandals.
them off me,” she shrieked.
ignored her. Instead, he crouched down to hurriedly scoop up handfuls of the
nasty little creatures and put them back in the bucket.
Kendall, you’re stepping on them. Just pick them up. They won’t hurt you.”
stared at him in disbelief. He wanted her to touch those disgusting squirmy
them up yourself!” she shot back.
of the worms crawling around underfoot, she started for the door when Jason
caught her arm and spun her around.
didn’t learn anything from that spanking I gave you the other day, did you?” he
gasped. He wouldn’t dare spank her again. But as he strode over to one of the
benches alongside the building, she realized he intended to do just that.
The rest of what she
was going to say came out in a whoosh of breath as he sat down on the bench and
flung her over his knee.

can’t believe you spanked me again,” she said.

He got
to his feet, a tower of rock-hard muscle that reminded her how easily it was
for him to hold her down and redden her ass a minute ago. Her pussy quivered at
the memory.
I’ll keep doing it until you do your job better,” he warned.
lifted her chin. “You don’t have to worry about that anymore because I quit.”
recoiled as if she’d slapped him. The stunned expression on his face floored
her. He couldn’t really be surprised, could he?
didn’t know why she kept standing there. Was she waiting for an apology? Or
hoping he’d beg her not to quit? Neither would make her change her mind.
swore as he watched Kendall go. What the hell was wrong with him? He’d promised
himself he wasn’t going to spank her again, but between lying to a customer
about being out of live bait and stepping on those damn nightcrawlers, he’d
lost it. And now he’d lost her.

gulped her coffee, not caring that it was still too hot. God, she sounded
stupid. Jason had spanked her not once, but twice because she’d done something
he didn’t like. But he was also sweet and funny and gorgeous a sin. Not to
mention one hell of a good kisser.

She groaned. No doubt
about it, she was definitely making an appointment with a therapist when she got
back to LA.
could she be a modern, independent woman and submissive at the same time? The
two should be mutually exclusive, shouldn’t they?
toyed with the shoulder strap of her purse, waiting for him to continue.
Unfortunately, Jason made no further attempt at conversation. Which meant it
was up to her.
took a deep breath and plunged in. “That wasn’t the only reason I came back to
work. I…I was worried about you.”
Atwater told me.”
blushed. Crap. What had the man told Jason? “He probably thinks I’m an alarmist.”
mouth quirked. “An alarmist would have called in the National Guard.”
laughed. Why hadn’t she thought of that?
didn’t need to worry about me, you know,” Jason said. “I was fine.”
“But I
didn’t know that then. I kept imagining all sorts of horrible things. If you knew
how worried I was…”
frowned. “Wait a minute. Did I miss something? Because the other night you couldn’t
stand the sight of me.”
know, but you just spanked me and…” Did he know how hard he was making this? “I
was mad at you, okay? But when you didn’t come back when you said you would and
I thought something had happened to you, I realized how much I cared about you.”
said nothing. Unfortunately, his expression gave nothing away, so she had no
idea what he was thinking. Then again, maybe his silence was answer enough. Maybe
he wasn’t as interested in her as she was in him.
eyes burned. Crap. Now, she was going
to start crying. “I-I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come…”
started for the door, but Jason caught her arm. He used his other hand to tilt
her face up to his. What she saw in his eyes made her catch her breath.
glad you came.” His voice was a husky caress in her ear. “I’ve been driving
myself crazy these past couple days trying to come up with something I could do
or say that’d make you forgive me for spanking you. All I could come up with
was the promise that I won’t do it again. Please tell me that’s enough.”
Kendall opened her
mouth to tell him that his spankings were part of the reason she’d come to see
him, but Jason kissed her before she could get the words out.
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