Thursday Thirteen – Excerpts from SPANKING SYDNEY! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen – Excerpts from SPANKING SYDNEY!

Thirteen Sexy Excerpts from SPANKING SYDNEY!


The man lifted his head, his soulful dark eyes meeting hers. Sydney caught her breath. When she’d been hoping her new boss would be younger than Ted, she hadn’t expected him to be gorgeous as well. Tall and well-built, he had an angular jaw and rugged looking features to go along with those penetrating eyes—a combination that had her pulse suddenly fluttering. Please, let this be her new boss.


“Rather than have you transferred to another department, I could give you a spanking instead,” he said softly.

Sydney blinked. She couldn’t have heard him right. “A sp-spanking?”

Was he serious?

He nodded. “In my experience, a spanking can be an excellent method for adjusting a poor attitude. But I’d only do it if you agreed to it, of course.”

Sydney chewed on her lower lip. She’d gotten spanked a few times by an old boyfriend, but it had been during sex, so it had been fun. She didn’t think a spanking administered by her boss as a form of punishment would be very much fun at all. In fact, it would probably hurt like hell. Still, getting spanked would be better than getting demoted. It would also probably be a lot better than getting yelled at again, too. She cringed inwardly as she remembered how Max had shouted at her when he’d come back from the staff meeting that first morning. She really hated getting yelled at.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she wondered if his offer to spank her instead of demoting her could be considered sexual harassment. Probably. But a spanking was still a whole lot more acceptable than a pay cut, especially since her lousy performance justified the demotion.

“Well, Ms. Davis?” Max prompted quietly. “What’s it to be—the transfer, or the spanking?”

She swallowed hard. Lifting her chin, she met his gaze. “I-I’ll take the spanking.”


“Bend over and put your hands on the desk,” he instructed.

His request sounded so polite Sydney almost smiled. But then she remembered what was about to happen, and sobered quickly enough. She’d agreed to this, she reminded herself as she bent over and put her hands on the desk. The position made her snug skirt cling to her bottom, and she blushed as she felt it ride up a little higher on her thighs to reveal even more of her legs than it already did. If she’d known she was going to be bending over for a spanking, she would have worn slacks.


Dammit, but the dom in him came out at the worst times.


Sydney blushed as she set a stack of mail on his desk. Getting spanked during sex was one thing; getting spanked by her boss was another. She couldn’t understand why the thought of him warming her ass made her pussy spasm. There’d been nothing even remotely sexual about the spanking he’d given her the other night. Now that she thought about it, Max had been all business. He’d had her bend over the desk, spanked her bottom soundly, scolded her about her behavior, then dismissed her. Absolutely nothing sexual about it. Then why did she have to fight the urge to slide her hand under her skirt and touch herself every time she thought about it?


What exactly was it about the spanking that turned her on so much? Was it the physical act of getting spanked, or the fact that an incredibly gorgeous guy had been the one administering that spanking? Then again, did it really matter what the reason was? The bottom line was that she’d liked it.

Wow. That was quite an admission. It was one thing to say it hadn’t bothered her, but now here she was saying she’d actually enjoyed it. That begged the next question. Did she want it to happen again?

Sydney chewed on her lip as she thought about that. Just because she’d liked the first one didn’t mean she’d like the next one. She supposed the only true way to know for sure would be to get Max to spank her again.


Max appeared in the doorway connecting their two offices. “Sydney, could I please see you before you leave?”

Something about the way he said the words made her pulse skip a beat. “Of course.”
She put her purse back in the drawer and walked into his office. Her knees suddenly went weak as he closed the door behind her. This was what she’d wanted all week, so why was her heart practically pounding out of her chest?

“You’ve been slipping, Sydney.” Max folded his arms and fixed her with a stern look. “Not only have you been late several times, but your work’s gotten sloppy again.”

Sydney swallowed hard. “I know what you’re going to say.”

He lifted a brow. “Really?”

She nodded. She wiped her hands done the front of her skirt to stop them from trembling. “Yes. You’re going to say I need another spanking, and you’re absolutely right.”

Sydney didn’t who was more shocked by the words, her or Max. He stood there, speechless.

She couldn’t believe she was going to do this, but…

Sydney walked over to the desk, flipped up her short skirt and bent over, revealing the skimpiest pair of black bikini panties she had in her wardrobe. Little more than a tiny triangle back and front, they barely covered her bottom, which was exactly why she’d worn them. And since she didn’t wear pantyhose in the summer months, he not only had a perfect view of her ass, but of her long, bare legs as well.

Hands on the desk, she looked over her shoulder to see Max regarding her with what could only be called amazement in his dark eyes. So, her usually self-assured boss was put off-balance, was he? Good. Giving him a saucy look, she let her lips curve into a smile.

“I’m ready, Mr. Daniels.”


Max was silent as he studied the spreadsheet, and Sydney tilted her head up to look at him. God, he smelled so good. Not like he’d doused himself in cologne like some men she knew, but clean and fresh and completely masculine. Her hand tightened on the papers as she resisted the urge to reach up and caress his cheek. All at once, his eyes met hers, and she caught her breath. Almost of its own accord, her gaze went to his mouth. All she had to do was lean a little closer…


He should have done the smart thing and stayed where he was. Hell, he should have waited until she climbed under the covers and fell asleep. Careful to avoid looking at her, he tossed the magazine on the table and headed for the bathroom.

“Ooops.” Sydney slipped past him. “I forgot my brush. Let me grab it real quick.”

As she picked it up, it slid out of her hand and fell to the floor. Without missing a beat, she bent over to pick it up, stepping back just enough so that her ass rubbed up against his raging hard-on.

Max drew in a sharp breath. Grabbing her wrist, he spun her around and took the hairbrush from her. “Okay, I can take a hint.”

Sydney blinked up at with those beautiful blue eyes. For a moment, he thought she was going to feign innocence, but then she looped her arms around his neck, her lips curved. “It took you long enough. I was afraid I might have been too subtle.”

He put his arms around her, pulling her snug against his erection. “I might be a little slow, but like I said, I can take a hint. If you wanted a spanking, though, all you had to do was ask.”

She pulled back, her eyes wide. “A sp-spanking?”

“That is what you want, isn’t it?”


When he stopped to squeeze her stinging ass, she closed her eyes and moaned against his hand. God, that felt amazing.

She felt Max’s fingers on the waistband of her panties, pulling them down. Leaving the skimpy bit of material banded around her thighs, he trailed his hand up the back of her legs to caress her bare bottom.

Sydney moaned again, spreading her legs as she felt his hand go between them. Max ran his fingers along her pussy lips to tease her clit with little circular motions before plunging deep inside her wetness.


Giving him a sexy smile, she turned back to the desk. But instead of sitting down, she bent over and propped her head on her hand, wiggling her ass back and forth as she look at the topmost spreadsheet. She got halfway down the page before a strong hand cupped her bottom. Her grin broadened. That was easy.

“Are you deliberately trying to distract me?”

She shivered as his warm breath tickled her ear. “Is it working?”

“Oh, it’s working,” he said huskily. “It’s also going to get you a spanking.”


“Do you like that?” Max asked, his voice a husky whisper in her ear.

“Yes,” she breathed.

He pressed a kiss to her neck. “Do you want me to make come like this?”

She moaned.

“Say it.”

He gave her ass a sharp smack to emphasize his words.

“Make me come,” she begged.


Other than the hairbrush he’d used at the hotel in San Francisco, and the one time when he’d used his belt, Max usually spanked her with his hand. She had to admit the thought of being spanked with the ruler was kind of exciting. Her pulse beat a little quicker as he watched him slap it lightly against the palm of his hand.


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