Thursday Thirteen – DEAD SEXY! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen – DEAD SEXY!

Thirteen Lines from my paranormal romance DEAD SEXY!

1. Madame Bijou (to Drake): In my home of Haiti, you would be called les morts qui marchent, the dead tha’ walk.

 2. Drake (when he first learns he’s a zombie): How
the hell was he supposed to live the rest of his life as a zombie?

3. Drake (thinking about his inner zombie): He terrified himself sometimes.

4. Simone (to her agent Megan): I know you’re just trying to help, Megan, but the only guy I want to get to know better right now is the hero in my story. So, unless you have his number, you can just forget about hooking me up with anyone.
5. Simone (thinking about her recent string of loser boyfriends): What she wanted was a guy like the heroes in her books.

6. Drake (thinking): It was never a good idea for a guy like him to get too drunk or too depressed. That was all this city needed—a drunk, depressed zombie.

7. Drake (thinking about Beck): There weren’t many people who could hang out with a guy who sometimes looked as if he’d been dead for a week and calmly ask if he wanted another beer.

8. Beck (to Drake): Get off your occasionally dead ass and go have coffee with this writer chick of yours.

9. Simone (thinking about Drake): There should be a law that said he had to keep those muscular biceps exposed at all times.

10. Drake (when he and Simone kiss for the first time): Her touch was like a tonic to his deprived soul.

11. Simone (to Drake): So, is this as zombie as you get?

12. Drake (to Simone): I’m a reclusive, brooding zombie & you’re a beautiful, successful writer. How do you figure that makes us perfect for each other?

13. Simone (thinking about her relationship with Drake): If this wasn’t love, she didn’t know what was.

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Jennifer Leeland says July 25, 2013

"The only guy I want to get to know better is the hero in my book so unless you have his number…." LMAO! Good one!

paigetyl says July 25, 2013

Jennifer – LOL! Thanks!


Brenda Wheeler says July 25, 2013

This book is off the chart awesome!!! Now I 'need & want' Beck's story…lol! 😉

paigetyl says July 26, 2013

Brenda – LOL! So glad you liked it! And that you want to read about Beck!


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