Thursday Thirteen – Christmas Vacation! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen – Christmas Vacation!

Thirteen Things We Did on Christmas Vacation!

1. Opened Christmas Presents.
2. Ran a half and a full marathon back-to-back days in training for the real back-to-back half and full marathon.
3. Tried out the new P90X3 Yoga and Pilates DVDs we bought.
4. Went to P.F. Changs.
5. Went to P.F. Changs again.
6. Had an animated movie marathonon Christmas.
7. Finished reworking the re-release of PROTECTIVE CUSTODY.
8. Finished writing the first draft for Book Three of the X-OPS Series.
9. Went to see Disney’s Frozen.
10. Went to see The Hobbit.
11. Went to see Disney’s Frozen again.
12. Went to see Saving Mr. Banks.
13. Had fun!


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Brenda Wheeler says January 3, 2014

I'm tried just from reading your list! LOL

Sounds like you had a blast! 🙂

Brenda Wheeler says January 3, 2014

*tired, not tried*

LOL, see I can't even spell after that marathon! 😉

paigetyl says January 3, 2014

Brenda – LOL! We did!


Heather says January 9, 2014

Sounds like you had a good vacation. Have yet to see 9, 10 or 12, but I did finally get to see Monsters University — my niece got it for Christmas and watched it with me.

paigetyl says January 9, 2014

Heather – We did, thanks! Glad you liked Monsters University. You'll love the others!


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