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Thursday Thirteen!

Since my sci-fi erotic romance Cindra and the Bounty Hunter just came out in print, I thought I’d do Thirteen Mini-Excerpts from it!
“Don’t take this the wrong way, Ms. Mallory. I find you very attractive, but I don’t think that a single night of sex would be a fair trade for ten-thousand credits worth of my services.”
While he’d been careful how he’d phrased the words, he could tell by the color rushing to her cheeks that he’d clearly offended Cindra Mallory. Then again, maybe that might be a good thing, he thought. If she was suitably insulted, maybe she’d storm out of his office in a huff and he could forget all about her very tempting offer. But instead, she simply lifted a brow.

“Then I’ll sleep with you more than once,” she said. “Is there a particular number you have in mind?” Bladen had to fight to keep his jaw from dropping. Shit, that hadn’t gone like he’d thought it would. Cindra Mallory was seriously willing to sleep with him in exchange for his help. And the sultry look she was giving him right now was making his cock stand up and demand to be put in charge of the negotiations.2.“I’d have no idea what the going rate would be,” he said. “But even if I give you the benefit of the doubt and say that a single night of lovemaking with you is worth a thousand credits, that would still mean you would owe me…” “Ten nights of unbelievable passion,” she finished for him. “Deal!” For the second time that night, Bladen stared at her in disbelief, stunned by what she had just agreed to. His cock, however, was quite thrilled. “Let me make sure I understand this,” he said slowly. “In exchange for my services, you’re agreeing to provide me with ten sexual favors, of my design, and at the time of my choosing?” “Yes, Mr. Sloan, that’s exactly what I’m agreeing to,” she told him.3.“So, what do we do first?” she asked, handing the signed contract back to him. He set the contract on the desk, and then turned to give her a grin. “You.”4.They’d had sex in his office not an hour ago, and he already wanted her again. If he weren’t careful, she would have her end of the bargain paid off before tomorrow morning.5.Though he had been sorely tempted to take Cindra right there on the bathroom floor, Bladen had resisted the impulse. After all, he reminded himself again, they had only agreed to ten sexual favors, and he didn’t want to use them up too quickly. Besides, watching her dry off after her shower was almost as much fun and didn’t count against the ten.6. She was using her sex appeal to manipulate him, or at least she thought she was. If she could use their agreement to get what she wanted, then so could he. He certainly had a few sexual fantasies he’d always wanted to indulge in. The only question was how far Cindra would go to get him to do what she wanted?7.On stage, the woman had positioned herself on top of her partner so that she could take his cock in her mouth while he licked her pussy, and Cindra shifted on the couch as she felt her own pussy getting even wetter. Suddenly, a movement beside her caught her attention, and she dragged her gaze from the performers to where Bladen sat beside her. Her eyes widened when she saw him undoing the buttons on his breeches. He surprised her even more a moment later when he freed his erect cock from the confines the material. Well, she was touching herself, so she supposed this was no different. But when she met his gaze, it was to find him regarding her with a raised brow. Realization slowly began to dawn upon her. “Here?” she whispered. He gave her a roguish grin. “That’s why these booths are built for privacy. But if you’re too shy…” He was daring her, Cindra thought in amazement. He didn’t think she would be bold enough to do it. She had to admit, she’d never done anything even remotely like what he was suggesting, but the idea of having sex right there, where the people on the stage could see them, was kind of exciting. And she could be bold, she decided, just as bold as he was.8.At first, his mouth was feather light on hers, barely making contact. But then the kiss deepened to become more insistent and she parted her lips under his with a moan of pleasure. Bladen tasted of the whiskey he’d been drinking. And something else, too, she thought. She couldn’t put a name to it, but it was something uniquely male, uniquely his. And it was more intoxicating than any drink. Abruptly, Bladen lifted his head to gaze down at her, and in the lighting, his eyes glinted gold. Wetting her lips with her tongue, Cindra slid her hand up behind his neck to pull his head back down. Then he was kissing her again, deep, passionate, mind-blowing kisses that took her breath away, and she could barely think. Except to notice that her legs had indeed gone weak again.9.“So,” she said. “Can you put this ship of yours on auto-pilot?” He glanced at her. “Of course,” he said. “Why do you ask?” She gave him a sultry look. “Because I can think of a lot better things to do with our time than sit here and watch the stars go by.” Without waiting for a reply, she got to her feet and sidled past his chair to walk in the direction of the bedroom. 10.Abruptly remembering that she’d planned to bring up the subject of spanking, she rolled onto her side and with one hand, slowly traced little circles on her bottom.
Bladen’s eyes narrowed with interest, and she smiled as she continued to play with her bottom. He quite obviously loved that part of her anatomy, she mused. Thinking it was time to really heat things up, Cindra lifted her hand and brought it down sharply on her ass. Where before the bounty hunter’s eyes had narrowed, now they went wide, and she spanked herself a few more times before giving him a wicked smile. “I think you could do a much better job of this, don’t you?” she teased.11.Bladen stopped at one of the tables and as he looked around for a server, Cindra found her gaze drawn to the stage behind him. On it, a beautiful woman was draped over her partner’s knee while he spanked her upturned bottom with an oval-shaped wooden paddle. Each time the paddle slapped against her bare skin, the woman would let out a moan, and Cindra watched transfixed as her asscheeks went from creamy white to a cherry red under the man’s ministrations. Though the paddle obviously had to sting, the woman didn’t look like she minded it. If anything, she looked like she was in the throes of ecstasy. As she watched, Cindra couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to get spanked with a paddle like that. Abruptly, she imagined herself in the woman’s position, being held down across Bladen’s knee while he paddled her bare ass.12.The man smiled. “Members of our club are a rather tight-knit group,” he explained. “Especially around tourists who gawk at us as if we were the paid entertainment. They’ll open up to you once they see you perform.” Cindra felt her pulse skip a beat at the word, “perform.” Her pussy immediately went wet at the thought! Bladen glanced at her. “I see,” he said. “Since we’re new here, do you mind if I ask what the protocol is when it comes to that?” “Not at all.” The man gestured to the room. “The floor is yours. Simply do whatever you feel comfortable with,” he said and then with a nod, moved off to join the rest of the people clustered on the far side of the room. Bladen looked at her. “Are you sure about this?” She nodded wordlessly. He gently ran a finger down her cheek. “I’ll take it easy on you.”
Cindra gave him a sexy little smile. “Not too easy,” she said softly. “We have to make this look good, you know.” She leaned close to gently kiss him on the mouth and then before he could reply, she sidled past him to walk over to the padded horse. He probably could have simply taken her over his knee, she supposed, but she’d been drawn to the horse ever since they’d seen the girl tied down and getting spanked over one in the other room. Stepping up behind it, she spread her legs so they were in line with the horse’s wooden ones, and then bent over at the waist so that she was resting on the padded top. Balancing on her forearms, she placed her wrists in the padded leather cuffs, and then looked over her shoulder at Bladen. He was standing where she’d left him, a sexy smile curving the corner of his mouth, and she wondered what he was thinking. After a moment, he walked across the room to where she lay draped over the horse. The first thing Bladen did was secure the cuffs around each of her wrists, and she felt her stomach do a cartwheel as he tightened first one and then the other. She couldn’t believe she was actually doing this, and in a room full of people, no less! After her wrists were securely bound, she expected Bladen to do the same to her ankles, but he surprised her by sliding his hand into her long hair and tipping her head back. She blinked up at him, wondering if he was going to ask her again if she was sure about what they were about to do, but instead, he bent his head to cover her mouth with his in a long, intoxicating kiss. Lifting his head, he gazed into her eyes for a long moment before moving around behind her. As he did so, he ran his hand over her hip and down her booted leg, and she let out a delicious little shiver as she felt him fasten the cuffs around her ankles. Now, with wrists and ankles both cuffed to the wooden horse, she could do nothing but wait in breathless anticipation for Bladen to begin.13.She put her arms around his neck and leaned in close to kiss him on the mouth. “So, what do you think? Could I talk you into putting me over your knee?”Bladen felt a smile tug at the corner of his mouth as he rested his hands on her waist. When she looked at him like that, she could probably talk him into anything, he thought. And the idea of having her over his knee was definitely a turn-on. “You think you’d like that position, then?” “Mmm-hmm,” she said in a throaty purr. He gave her a lazy grin. “Then I think you need to do something about all these clothes you’re wearing.”Looking up at him from beneath lowered lashes, Cindra stepped back and slowly undid the hooks on the bustier she was wearing, then let it fall to the floor. God, her breasts were perfect! It was all he could do not to cup them in his hands so that he could nibble on their pert, rosy tips right then. But he forced himself to wait. It would only get better, he thought, watching as she wiggled free of her skirt. Standing before him wearing nothing but a tiny thong and her thigh-high, black boots, he decided he’d never seen a woman more beautiful. Her lips curving into a saucy, little smile, she reached for the waistband of the thong, but he stopped her.“Leave that on. The boots, too,” he said softly.Cindra and the Bounty Hunter is available in Ebook and Print! Links to other Thursday Thirteens!(Leave your link when you comment, and I’ll add you here!*hugs*

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