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Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Fun Facts about Independence Day!
Happy July 4th!

1. More than one in four hot dogs and pork sausages consumed on the Fourth of July originate in Iowa.

2. $207 million in fireworks are imported from China for 4th of July fireworks celebrations.

3. Thirty-one towns in the US have “liberty” in their name.

4. Twelve towns in the US have “independence” in their name.

5. Nine towns in the US have “freedom” in their name.

6. One town in the US is named “Patriot.”

7. Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, picnics, and baseball games.

8. In 1778, General George Washington marked Independence Day with a double ration of rum for his soldiers and an artillery salute.

9. The first recorded use of the name “Independence Day” was in 1791.

10. The town of Bristol, RI is noted for having the oldest, continuous Independence Day celebration in the United States – since 1785.

11. The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, which is held on Independence Day, supposedly started on July 4, 1916 as a way to settle a dispute among four immigrants as to who was the most patriotic.

12. Americans consume about 150 million hot dogs on July 4th, or almost one hot dog for every other person in the US.

13. Though always a holiday for Federal employees, it didn’t become a paid holiday until 1941.

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Stephanie Sullivan says July 3, 2008

Great list Paige! Love that picture at the top. Yummm. I’ve never wanted to be a flag so bad in my life. LOL!

smitsp says July 3, 2008

Love learning more about hot dogs. 🙂 God only knows I’ve consumed a lot of them since being at the parents–and yet I’ve not tired of them. (Try them with mustard, chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, and celery seed salt. Yum. Actually, that was a recipe I picked up over at Divas).

Happy 4th!

Cassandra says July 3, 2008

I eat tofu dogs when the rest of the family (except for two of my cousins) eat all beef franks.

But I would love the weiner that flag is hiding! 😛

Now that’s what I call a Big Frank! LOL

My T13 is up at:


Phoebe Jordan says July 3, 2008

Happy T13! I love your list it’s very imaginative and informative too. Love the HUNK and Happy 4th of July! Hope to see you at my 8th edition about Michele Bardsley at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.

Adelle says July 3, 2008

Holy, that’s a lot of fireworks! Happy 4th of July from your Canadian neighbor, Happy T13!

Ava Rose Johnson says July 3, 2008

Great list Paige!

Shelley Munro says July 3, 2008

Interesting facts. As a vegetarian I can’t understand the allure of hot dogs. 😉

Nina Pierce says July 3, 2008

Oh, you’re facts are wonderful, Paige. And you definitely have the better eye candy! I couldn’t find a hunky guy draped in red, white, and blue. Mind if I steal him. No, I suppose that wouldn’t be very patriotic. *vbg*

Janice says July 3, 2008

Hi Great TT, mine is simular with fact about our nation and our holiday.

Happy fourth of July.

Heather says July 4, 2008

Fun and interesting Independence Day post, Paige. Here’s wishing you a safe and fun-filled 4th!

Ashley Ladd says July 5, 2008

Wonderful T13. I like yours way better than mine.

I hope you had a very happy July 4th.

paigetyl says July 9, 2008

Stephanie – LOL! Thanks!

Smitsp – That’s a lot of stuff on a hot dog! LOL!

Cassandra – LOL!

Phoebe – Thanks! Glad you like him!

Adelle – Thanks!

Ava Rose – Thanks!

Shelley – I admit, I only eat the fat-free kind!

Nina – LOL!

Janice – Thanks!

Heather – Thanks!

Ashley – Thanks!


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