Thursday Thirteen! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Mini-Excerpts from my hot new paranormal erotic romance Animal Attraction!


As Roger Brannick began handing out story assignments to the other reporters attending the staff meeting, Eliza found it hard to keep a straight face. He had them investigating rumors of vampires prowling New York City’s Central Park, sightings of ghosts in a Miami hotel, tales of zombies terrorizing Los Angeles, even a sea monster living in the Great Lakes. The list, which seemed to go on and on, only got more and more bizarre. What was even more absurd was that Roger was treating them as if they were seriously newsworthy. Then again, he wasn’t the only one. She looked at the other reporters at the table. My God, they were actually taking notes!
“Eliza,” Roger said, finally coming to her. “The other day, we got an email from one of our readers up in Fairbanks who says he has evidence of a werewolf in the area. It seems that a couple of hikers turned up dead recently, and though the authorities are calling it a wild animal attack, I want you to go up there and check it out anyway. Undercover, though. I don’t want people getting wind that you’re up there looking for a werewolf. We don’t want to attract the competition. Say you’re up there doing research for a book you’re writing on wolves, or something like that.”
Werewolf? He has to be kidding. She’d definitely go in undercover. She certainly didn’t want anyone knowing why she was really up there, that was for sure. If anyone found out, they’d think she was insane.


Taking her napkin off her lap and placing it on the table, Eliza pushed back her chair and got to her feet. When the waitress had told her that there was a bottle of ketchup on the table behind theirs, she had naturally assumed it was unoccupied, so she was surprised to see a man sitting there. And not just the average, run-of-the-mill guy she’d expect to find in a diner either, but a mouth-watering specimen of a man. Her breath caught as she found herself stopping right there in the middle of the diner to stare at him She had read in Cosmo once that there was something different about Alaskan men, that living in the great white north made them more masculine and sexy. Staring at the man seated at the table, she could well believe it.
Thank goodness he was intent on whatever he was reading on the laptop in front of him, because he would surely think she was a freak standing there staring at him with her mouth hanging open. But good heavens, with that thick, dark hair, chiseled, hair-roughened jaw, and wide, sensual mouth, how could any woman not be mesmerized?
Abruptly realizing how idiotic she must look just standing there, Eliza finally forced her feet to move. As she neared his table, the man looked up from his laptop and she felt her breath hitch as his gaze met hers. She’d never seen eyes like his before. Not quite brown, but not really hazel, either, the only way she could think to describe them was gold. And the sexiest pair of eyes she’d ever seen. The heat from them mesmerized her, pulling her into their depths, and suddenly she found it very hard to breathe.


God, she smells incredible. Hunter McCall watched as the girl walked back over to her table and sat down. Of course, with those big, blue eyes, full lips, and long, dark hair, she was gorgeous too, but with his werewolf senses, scent was always the first thing he noticed about a woman. And she definitely had it in that department. Hers was so arousing that just one whiff of it had his heart beating against his chest and his cock already beginning to harden.

Get a grip, dude. Another minute and you’ll be over there humping her leg.

Focusing her attention on the wall over the fireplace instead, she saw a large X-Files poster with the phrase “The Truth is Out There” written in bold print across the bottom. Man, this guy is a weirdo. She could just imagine how the conversation with him was going to go. He would probably swear that the werewolf was really a secret government agent sent to kill people who were a threat to the current administration. Then he would pull out a complete set of tinfoil hats and insist they all put them on so that the government couldn’t record their thoughts.
Why did she take this job again? Oh yeah, a paycheck.

God, he’d been so stupid. He should have just said the hell with the bill and gone after her. She had been attracted to him; he had seen it in her eyes, smelled it on her skin. So, why had he let her get away? Because he was a moron, that’s why. Of course, if he had chased after her, he probably wouldhave only embarrassed himself. What would he have said? You smell better than any woman I’ve ever met. Want to come back to my place so I can hump your leg? She would have looked at him like he was some kind of pervert.


Tossing the towel on the counter, Hunter took the pepper mill from her and opened the cabinet above her head. His nearness was doing crazy things to her pulse, and Eliza found herself leaning back against the counter and holding her breath as he reached up to put the pepper mill away. She very nearly moaned out loud when she felt his chest brush against the tips of her breasts. God, she could feel the heat from his body through their clothes!
With the pepper mill returned to its proper place, Hunter closed the cabinet. Eliza waited for him to move away and go back to loading the dishwasher, but he didn’t. Instead, he gazed down at her with those incredible gold eyes of his. This close, she could see that they were flecked with green and edged with a light brown. He really did have the most gorgeous eyes she’d ever seen.
Her pulse quickening, Eliza tilted her head back and licked her lips, silently begging Hunter to do what she’d been longing for him to do since she’d first met him, and kiss her.
She imagined him threading his fingers in her hair, tilting her head back, imagined his mouth plundering hers. The fantasy was almost enough to make her sway on her feet, and she found herself reaching back with one hand to grab the countertop. Dear God, how would she react if he actually did kiss her? She couldn’t believe she was so turned on by a man she’d just met. She didn’t even care that she barely knew him. Her body craved his touch so completely that it felt as though she would die if he didn’t kiss her right then.

“God, you taste sweet,” he said hoarsely, his breathing ragged from their kisses, his mouth hovering temptingly over hers. “I want you, Eliza.”
“Yes,” she breathed. The word a husky whisper on her lips as she pulled him down for another kiss. This time, it was her tongue that sought his, intent on exploring every inch of his tasty mouth. She didn’t care that they barely knew each other. She wanted him and, right then, that was all that mattered.
With a groan, Hunter swung her up in his arms and headed for the stairs.


Suddenly deciding that he was falling too far behind in the let’s-get-naked race, she reached out and hurriedly began undoing the buttons of the sexy flannel shirt he was wearing, only to let out a groan when the broad expanse of his smooth, muscular chest came into view. Daaammmmnnn, he was built! Her imagination hadn’t even come close to how gorgeous he was.


Eliza started to lean forward with the intention of doing a little nibbling of her own. Before she could do so, however, Hunter slid his hand into her hair and pulled her close for another soulsearing kiss before urging her back toward the bed.
“Hey, no fair!” she protested as he nudged her back onto the soft bed. “I was just getting started.”
He chuckled softly. “Don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of time for you to do all the exploring you want. Right now, it’s my turn. I’ve been dreaming of your naked body since I first saw you at the diner. It’s time to see how my fantasies compare to the real thing.”
Eliza blinked. He had been having fantasies about her?

She was just about to pull out onto the road when she noticed a man walking away from the house. Her brow furrowed as she recognized Hunter. What was he doing?
As she watched, he crouched down and examined something on the ground, then got to his feet again. Rather than continue on his way, however, he stood where he was, looking first in one direction and then the other, as if trying to decide which way to go. After a moment, he started walking again, heading across the street toward the warehouses. A moment later, he disappeared around one of them.
Eliza’s frown deepened. What had Hunter been looking at on the ground? More importantly, where was he going? If she didn’t know better, she’d think he was trying to track the wolf. Which was ridiculous, of course. There was no way he could track a wolf. And even if he could, what the heck was he planning on doing if he found the beast? Ask him to come along peacefully?

Stopping, Eliza lifted her cold hands to her mouth and blew warm air on them. This was a waste of time. For all she knew, Hunter had already gone back to his SUV and was on his way home. Shaking her head at her stupidity, she turned to go back in the direction she’d come, only to stumble to an abrupt halt. There, standing no more than ten feet in front of her was the biggest wolf she had ever seen.
Oh crap. The thing is absolutely huge! He had to be twice as big as a normal wolf, maybe larger, with thick black fur and eyes as dark as night. As she watched, his lips curled back to show long, white teeth, and he let out a low snarl.


When they were both naked, Hunter took her hand and led her into the step-in shower. Grabbing the bar of soap, he lathered it slowly between his hands before placing it back on the shelf. A moment later, he was running his soapy hands all over her body. Eliza doubted that the places he seemed the most interested in were all that dirty, but she certainly wasn’t going to complain. On the contrary, she sighed with pleasure as he slid his hands up to cup her soap-covered breasts. He seemed quite fascinated with the way her nipples slipped through his fingers as he played with them, and she gasped as he tweaked the hard tips. He only smiled at her wickedly and gave them another playful squeeze before moving on to other parts of her body. The man was so unbelievably good at getting her hot and bothered.
Hunter lavished just as much attention on her bottom as he had given her breasts, turning her away from him and lathering her ass until it was completely covered in soap suds. While it was incredibly enjoyable, the soap bubbles tickled as they ran down her ass cheeks, and she couldn’t help but wiggle a little. That earned her a quick swat on the bottom, and she jumped in surprise. Not only did the smack send soap bubbles flying everywhere and make a very loud sound in the enclosed shower, but it also sent a surprisingly delicious shiver through her body.
At her startled expression, Hunter gave her a sexy grin. “I had to get the bubbles off somehow, didn’t I?”
“Most people would just have used the hand shower,” she teased.
He flashed her a grin. “True. But that wouldn’t nearly be as much fun,” he added, running his hand over her bottom. “Besides, you have a very spankable ass.”


Looking at the beautiful woman next to him now, Hunter felt so protective of her that it made his chest hurt to think about it. He couldn’t believe how fast she had gotten under his skin, but he could sure as hell get used to being with her.

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