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Tagged by Tempest!

I was tagged by Tempest over at Midnight Moon Cafe to list 8 random facts/habits about myself, so here goes!

8 Random Facts/Habits About Myself:

  1. When I eat an egg cooked over-easy, I always eat the white first.
  2. I played in the marching band in high school.
  3. I studied ballet and jazz dancing class for twelve years.
  4. I worked as a caricaturist before I became a full-time writer.
  5. When LOTR came out, I had this really huge crush on Viggo Mortensen (and still do!) Did I mention that we have two life-size standees of Aragorn in our home office?
  6. On that same note, I actually got to meet Viggo Mortensen when he was promoting his movie, Hidalgo! And yes, he’s even hotter in person! And no, I didn’t tell him about my crush or the standees!
  7. I like to collect stuffed animals.
  8. My week doesn’t seem complete without at least one spanking!

Now I have to tag eight people, so I’ll tag Kelley Vitollo, LindaH, Anne Rainey, Megan Rose, Stacy Dawn, Sophia Danu, M.A. Gonzales, and Tracy!*hugs*

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Kallisto says May 21, 2007

Wow, you got to meet Viggo Mortensen??? I loved him in LOTR, and enjoyed Hidalgo, although I liked him better in LOTR–the look fit him better, I thought!

paigetyl says May 21, 2007

Kallisto – I almost couldn’t believe it myself! It was so much fun! And while I loved him in Hidalgo, I absolutely love him as a Aragorn in LOTR, too!


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