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So, Viggo Mortensen is Into Spanking, huh?

I knew it! No, really, I did, See, I can just look at a guy and tell he’s into spanking. Giving a spanking, that is. And if a guy doesn’t look like he can spank a girl, then he doesn’t do it for me! Back to Viggo. I’ve been crazy about him ever since seeing […]


Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Viggo-licious Pics! Links to other Thursday Thirteens!(Leave your link when you comment, and I’ll add you here!*hugs* The Midnight Moon Cafe Elle Fredrix Heather Kissa Starling Jennifer McKenzie Gwen Hayes Debbie Mumford Bonnnie Rose Leigh Rhonda Stapleton Robin Rotham Ember Case The Novelty Girls Amelia June Michelle Pillow Seeley Deborn LA Day Adelle Laudan […]