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Thursday Thirteen – Quirky Kitchen Gadgets!

Thirteen Quirky Kitchen Gadgets!  Boiling Water Buoy – Tells you when your water is boiling. Corn Kerneler – Cuts and collects kernals off the cob. Dinosaur Cookie Cutters – Cookies in 3D Hamilton Beach BReakfast Sandwich Maker – Kind of like a panini maker that toasts the bread top and bottom and cooks the egg. […]


Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen “Wild” Kitchen Gadgets! 1. Gecko Fridge Magnet 2. Beaver Whisk 3. Bird Peeler 4. Monkey Peeler 5. Parakeet Garlic Press 6. Shark Paring Knife 7. Piranha Pizza Cutter 8. Porcupine Brush 9. Shark Bottle Opener 10. Squid Baster 11. Starfish Jar Opener 12. Whale Ice Cream Scoop 13. Woodpecker Scissors Links to other Thursday […]