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Thursday Thirteen – Jellybeans!

Thirteen Fun Things to Do with Jelly Beans! Use them in a centerpiece. Make a jelly bean topiary. Make a jelly bean wreath. Put them in ice cream. Use them as the eggs in macaroon nests. Use them in another centerpiece. Make a bracelet. Put them in the center of Rice Krispies Easter Eggs Make […]


Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen of my Favorite Jelly Belly Jelly Beans! 1. Bubble Gum 2. Cafe Latte 3. Cappuccino 4. Chocolate Pudding 5. Coconut 6. Peanut Butter 7. Pina Colada8. Pink Grapefruit 9. Strawberry Cheesecake 10. Strawberry Daiquiri 11. Toasted Marshmallow 12. Top Banana 13. Tutti FruittiLinks to other Thursday Thirteens!(Leave your link when you comment, and I’ll […]