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Meet the X-OPS 2 Team from HER LONE WOLF!

Meet the X-OPS 2 team from HER LONE WOLF over at Urban Girl Reader!  Did I mention there are pics?! *hugs*


A Little Pet Peeve!

One of the other writer’s on Romance Divas asked if we had any pet peeves when it comes to other people’s books. I read through everyone else’s, nodding my head in agreement with some, then added my own pet peeve. It really bothers me when I totally fall in love with a secondary character in […]


Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Places That The Heroines In My Books Have Gotten Spanked! in the bedroom in the kitchen in the living room in the shower on a spaceship at a spanking party at an S&M club in a cabin on a dock beside a lake in a cabana beside a pool in a hotel room in […]