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The first FOUR books in my SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team Series are on SALE right now! (US not sure about others) Prices like this don’t come around that often, so get them while you can and catch up with those hunky SWAT werewolves! ?
The SALE ends June 24th! Feel free to share and tell your friends!
Hungry Like the Wolf
Wolf Trouble
In the Company of Wolves
To Love a Wolf
Wolf Unleashed
And remember! WOLF INSTINCT releases June 25th! ??
Hunky British #Werewolf Zane Kendrick finally finds his mate in beautiful, fearless FBI agent Alyssa Carson. His inner wolf tells him that she’s The One, but can he trust her?

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Trish says July 12, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the books I’ve read in this series!
I especially loved Alyssa. One of my big issues in modern novels is that I find too many heroines are either too weak and passive OR they’re completely unrealistic killing machines who can take down 100 men in a chapter. I felt like you’ve really got the happy medium quite right. I liked that Alyssa felt quite strong but also vulnerable, as if she was in real danger at some points.
How do you write a strong woman without getting too carried away so she can just kick any man’s ass she meets?

    paigetyl says August 4, 2019

    Hey Trish!

    So glad you’re loving my books! 🙂

    When we write our heroines, we ask ourselves, what would a real-life woman do in this situation or that situation, especially if she isn’t a werewolf. We really love writing kick-butt women and love knowing there are readers like you who enjoy them just as much. Hope you’ll check out our new STAT: Special Threat Assessment Series. It’s in the same world as the SWAT Series, but more like Mission Impossible with werewolves. And lots of kick-butt women! 🙂


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