SEAL TO THE RESCUE Releases Next Week! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

SEAL TO THE RESCUE Releases Next Week!

SEAL TO THE RESCUE releases one week from today!
Who’s excited?
Who wants to read an excerpt?
I know you raised your hand to both questions, so here you go…
One way or another…
Holden Lockwood never suspected the beautiful woman he saved from her ex-boyfriend during a drunken brawl was all a set-up. But he always was a sucker for damsels in distress, and if that means going the extra mile and letting her stay at his house to protect her…Now he’s falling head over combat boots for her and it seems she feels the same. But Holden has secrets, one in particular that rip their new romance apart like a land mine.
She always gets her man.
Undercover FBI agent, Kendall Patton, has orders to get close to Holden Lockwood—whatever it takes. Suspected of stealing a high-tech decryption device, Holden is considered a threat to national security. Little does Kendall know he’s a threat to her heart. The deeper her investigation gets, the deeper her feelings get. But when she’s kicked off the case and Holden is arrested, it will take a SEAL team, a little theft, and a lot of luck to save him.
Can their relationship be saved? Or has trust been tested beyond its limits?
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