SEAL on a Mission Releases Tomorrow! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

SEAL on a Mission Releases Tomorrow!

SEAL ON A MISSION, the next book in my new SEALs of Coronado Series releases TOMORROW!
I’m a sucker for first dates and zoos. Putting Wes and Kyla’s first date in a zoo was the best of both worlds. Here’s a sneak peek from the beginning of the scene where we get to see how much Kyla loves animals (like us!) and the amazing connection she has with Wes. ?
KYLA COULDN’T STOP grinning as she quickly led Wes by the hand through the entry plaza, then slipped to the left of the flamingos and headed straight for the monkey trail. As she heard the hoots and whoops of the creatures a few hundred feet ahead, it was all she could do to keep from running off like an eight-year-old kid.
She’d tried to play it cool on the drive over, but to be honest, Kyla had started getting excited the moment Wes had showed up at her campus dorm room—looking absolutely droolworthy in jeans, boots, and an untucked buttondown—and announced he was taking her to the San Diego Zoo. She hadn’t been there since she was in middle school, but she remembered having a ton of fun and knew it would be even better with Wes.
“We don’t have to rush, you know,” Wes said with a chuckle. “It’s not like the monkeys are going anywhere.”
Kyla laughed even as she picked up her pace. “I can’t help it. I love monkeys. They’re my favorite thing in the zoo.”
“Hey! I thought I was your favorite thing in the zoo?” he teased, his boots thumping rapidly against the pavement as he ran faster to match her steps. “Should I be worried?”
She gave him a smile. “No way. When it comes to favorite things, you’re in my top three…top five at most.”
“Top five, huh?” Wes’s mouth twitched. “I guess I can live with that. But if I find out you’ve put a warthog on the list ahead of me, I’m going to be hurt.”
Can’t wait to read the rest? SEAL on a MISSION releases tomorrow! ?

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