Saturday Spankings – SUPPORTING THE TROOPS! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Saturday Spankings – SUPPORTING THE TROOPS!

Here are eight sentences from SUPPORTING THE TROOPS, the Army Ménage in my spanking/bdsm/ménage boxed set SOMETHING ABOUT A MAN IN UNIFORM! It’s available at a special PRE-ORDER price, so grab your copy now!

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Dylan’s eyes turned molten. “Then maybe I should spank you.”

A fresh wave of excitement rippled through Shelby. “Maybe you should.”

Dylan held her gaze for a moment longer before he looked over her shoulder at Carter. “You don’t mind if I spank my wife, do you?”

Carter’s breath stirred her hair. “Not at all. I wouldn’t want to come between Shelby and the spanking she deserves.”

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Knowing she and her husband Dylan won’t be able to make love with his Army buddy, fellow Ranger Carter Erickson arriving the next day and staying with them for two weeks, Shelby Reynolds surprises Dylan by greeting him at the door naked when he comes home from work. Only Dylan isn’t alone. Carter came in a day early and gets an eyeful of her very nude body. While Shelby is embarrassed, she’s also extremely aroused. She loves Dylan like crazy and shouldn’t be fantasizing about other men, especially his best friend. As Shelby gives in to her inner exhibitionist, it turns out that Dylan is just as turned on by the idea of a threesome as she is. After all, if a guy can’t share his wife with his best friend, who can he share her with?


“As much as I hate saying this, I’m not being a very good friend keeping you all to myself,” her husband said. “I think I should let Carter have a turn.”

Shelby gave a start. She’d almost forgotten about Carter. Knowing he was probably staring at her reddened ass even now made her squirm. The thought of her husband turning her over to their best friend for a spanking sent a shot of pure, unadulterated desire spiraling through her. It was so unexpected—and so naughty.

She waited breathlessly to see how this was going to work. She expected Dylan and Carter to simply trade places, but her husband had other ideas.

“Go ask Carter to spank you,” he ordered after setting her on her feet.

When she didn’t move, Dylan gave her ass a hard smack.

“Now, babe.”

Shelby pivoted on the balls of her feet, the sting of the spank he’d just given her spreading over her skin. Carter was already sitting on the edge of the couch waiting for her, his eyes hungry. She slowly walked toward him. Willingly surrendering herself like this to another man at her husband’s command was torture of the most exquisite kind. The friction from her thighs rubbing against her clit brought her closer to orgasm with every step. It was all she could do not to stop and touch herself when she came to a stop in front of Carter. Instead, she stood there while the wetness of her arousal moistened her inner thighs.

Carter’s mouth curved. “I’m waiting.”

“For what?” she asked.

That hint of a smile became a full-fledged grin. “For you to ask me to spank you. That is what Dylan told you to do, remember?”

Damn, Carter was just as good at this dominant role-playing thing as her husband.

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Maggie Carpenter says October 18, 2014

SO NAUGHTY… great stuff!!

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What a guy, Carter is such a good sport.

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Very naughty! I love a man in uniform!

paigetyl says October 20, 2014

Thanks, everyone! Glad you liked it!


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