Saturday Spankings – GOOD COP, BAD GIRL! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Saturday Spankings – GOOD COP, BAD GIRL!

Here are eight sentences from GOOD COP BAD GIRL, part of my recently released boxed set RECLAIMED: Four Sexy Stories of Erotic Submission!

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“So, did you ever get that birthday spanking you were looking for?”
“Your birthday spanking. Did you ever get one?”
“Oh!” Julie felt her face color. “No, I didn’t.”
But the mere mention of one made her think of the heart-shaped paddle she’d gotten for a present, as well as her promise to put it to good use if she ever found the right guy, and Officer Kirk Chandler definitely looked like the right guy.
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2011 EPIC Award Finalist

Gotta love a guy who comes with his own handcuffs…

When a hunky guy shows up at Julie Hanson’s apartment to tell her the police received a complaint about the noise from her birthday party, she assumes he’s a male stripper her girlfriends hired. Upon discovering the gorgeous Kirk Chandler really is a police officer, she’s completely mortified, especially since she teased him about giving her a birthday spanking.

Kirk appears at her door for a second time later that night, bearing gifts and asking if she got her birthday spanking. Julie not only gets her bottom nicely warmed, but is treated to a night of pleasure that qualifies as the best birthday present any girl could ask for.


He looked around the apartment again, then back at her, a teasing glint in his golden brown eyes. “So, did you ever get that birthday spanking you were looking for?”

She blinked. “Wh-what?”

“Your birthday spanking. Did you ever get one?”

“Oh!” Julie felt her face color. Dang it, why did she have to blush so easily? “No, I didn’t.”

Actually, she’d completely forgotten about it. But now the mere mention of one made her think of the heart-shaped paddle she’d gotten for a present, as well as her promise to put it to good use if she ever found the right guy. And Officer Kirk Chandler definitely looked like the right guy.

He gave her a slow, sexy smile as he took a step closer. “Do you still want one? If you do, I’d be happy to do the honors.”

The thought of draping herself over his knee for a spanking made her pussy spasm and she bit her lip to stifle a moan. She looked up at him from beneath lowered lashes.

“It’s after midnight, so technically it isn’t really my birthday anymore. Do you think it would still count?”

He let out a soft chuckle. “I don’t think there are any rules when it comes to birthday spankings.”

She nodded. “Probably not.”

“Is that a yes, then?”

Her lips curved into a smile. Go for it, she told herself. “It’s most definitely a yes.”

He grinned. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

Now that she had given him the okay, Julie expected Kirk to take her hand and lead her over to the couch so he could administer her spanking, but he surprised her by sliding his hand in her long hair and bending his head to kiss her first. His mouth was gentle on hers, his tongue teasing as it persuaded hers to come out and play. She melted against him, her hands gliding up the front of his shirt to settle on his shoulders. She’d been all set for a spanking, but kissing was fine, too. The muscles of his shoulders flexed and bunched beneath her fingers as she gave them a firm squeeze. She’d been right. He was extremely well built under his uniform.

The urge to see what he looked like beneath that crisp, navy blue shirt was almost too powerful to resist and she was just about to say to heck with the spanking and go for the buttons on the garment when he lifted his head with a groan.

“Time for that spanking,” he said softly.

Julie’s pulse skipped a beat as he took her hand and led her over to the couch. After all that talk about spanking with her friends earlier, she was even more eager to experience one, and the knowledge that she was about to have her bottom reddened by a guy as hot as Kirk Chandler made her pussy tingle with anticipation. Still holding onto her hand, he sat down and slowly guided her over his lap so she was lying stretched out on the couch. When he expertly rested one hand on the small of her back to hold her in place, she found herself wondering if he had done this before. She opened her mouth to ask him, but at the feel of his other hand lightly cupping her ass through her short skirt, she forgot all about his qualifications for the job and told herself to just be glad he knew what he was doing.

“Since it wouldn’t be very gentlemanly of me to ask how old you are, I’ll just spank you until I think you’ve had enough,” he said. “How does that sound?”

“Mmm,” she purred. “Sounds good to me.”

She wondered if she should mention this would be her first spanking, but then decided against it. She didn’t want to come off as inexperienced. Especially since she was the one who had suggested he give her one. Besides, she was a Cosmo girl. Fun and fearless, that was her. And more than a little eager for him to warm her bottom.

She held her breath as she waited for Kirk to begin, but he didn’t start spanking her right away. Instead, he gently caressed her ass cheeks through her silky skirt. That part of her body had always been one of her favorite erogenous zones, so she wasn’t surprised to feel her pussy immediately start to get wet. Of course, that probably had something to do with the position she was in. Not only did it give Kirk a delicious view of her long legs, but it also made her feel very submissive. That was a new experience for her, but she discovered it was a huge turn-on.

Julie was so caught up in her newfound submissive side she didn’t realize Kirk had stopped massaging her bottom until she felt a light smack on her right cheek. Even though it didn’t sting, she still let out a startled little gasp.

“Too hard?” he asked.

She lifted her head to look at him over her shoulder. “No, it just surprised me. You can spank me a little harder, if you want.”

Giving him a provocative little smile, Julie turned back around to rest her head on her arms again. Kirk chuckled and lifted his hand to smack her on the other ass cheek, this time a little harder. It stung more than the first spank, but in the best possible way, and she lifted her bottom up a little higher for the next one. When it came, she almost let out a little moan. She had no idea getting a spanking could be this erotic, but as Kirk went back and forth from one cheek to the other, she felt herself get more and more aroused. It was as if there was a direct connection between her ass and her pussy, because both were tingling. She got even more turned-on when he stopped the spanking to rub her bottom again. Her skirt had ridden up a little to expose the edges of her skimpy panties and she caught her breath as his fingers brushed the parts of her derrière left exposed. She could only imagine how much more exquisite his hand would feel on her bare skin.


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Birthday are such a good reason for a throrughly sexy spanking.

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very well written and very hot, the descriptions are vivid and it was extremely easy to imagine the scene. Great work!

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I secretly longed for paddle tucked away… I think it's time to bring it out.

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Yummy, a nice birthday spanking is always something to treasure.

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Birthday spankings can be such fun!

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Ooh, everyone loves a birthday spanking!

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