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RomantiCon Rocked!

The other Ellora’s Cave authors I talked to all told me how much fun RomantiCon is and that it’s the best convention around, but I still can’t believe how much it ROCKED! From the moment we got there until the moment we left, it was a non-stop party! Not only did I get to meet my editor and the other EC staff, but I got to hang out with my fellow EC authors and take pics with the Cavemen! I think Angelo just might be my new favorite cover model! *sigh* Frantically coming up with books with long-haired heroes just so he can be on more of my covers!

The Cavemen
Angelo is the one standing in the back, second from the left!

My hubby and I got there on Thursday, but went to the Cleveland Zoo on Friday, so other than getting our registration badges that day and taking pics of the Ellora’s Cave RV, we didn’t officially start our RomantiCon portion of the weekend until the Roaring Twenties party that evening. I also met my editor on Friday and she’s just as sweet in person as she is online. the minute I told her who I was, she pulled my print book out of her bag and asked me to sign it for her! I was psyched!

The Ellora’s Cave RV!
Okay, back to the Roaring Twenties party. First of all, everyone dressed for the theme, which I thought was really awesome. It was also the first time we got to meet all the other authors as a group, including Laurann Dohner, who talked us into going to RomantiCon. Thank you, Laurann! I’d only talked to her online before that and it was so great meeting her and her hubby in person! We also got to meet my fellow Naughty Author Chicks Michelle Polaris, Dalton Diaz, Ashlyn Chase and Cara McKenna, which was very cool! In between chatting and hanging out with everyone, we were all treated to a show put on by the Cavemen, which rocked! That was followed by dinner and dancing that went on until after midnight! Things moved into the hotel bar after that!

The Cavemen
Roaring Twenties Performance!
The next day was filled with workshops and something called Author Mania, where readers can meet the authors to chat, take pictures and get their autographs in these really neat commemorative books EC provided. All this started early in the morning, but luckily, I didn’t have to be at Author Mania until after lunch, so we got to sleep in!

The awards dinner that night had a sci-fi theme. While the authors and readers didn’t dress up in costume, the Cavemen did, much to our delight! Tight, black pants, high boots and body paint. You get the idea! That night they performed not one, but two shows! Afterward, Jaid Black, who is so sweet and nice, gave a very heartfelt speech. Then it was time for the awards. Though I saw my name listed in the commemorative book as one of EC’s Rising Stars, I had no idea I’d have to go up to the front of the ballroom to get not only my certificate and award, but also take a picture with the Cavemen! Can you say nervous?! I kept thinking I was going to trip over the edge of the dance floor or one of the many cords lying around and embarrass myself in front of everyone. Fortunately, I didn’t do either of those things and the picture with the Cavemen came out awesome!

There was more dancing after that, and while the DJ was fantastic both nights, it was Angelo who got the party started and kept it going. The man knows how to entertain a crowd! I secretly gave him the title Captain Caveman! LOL!

The Cavemen
Awards Dinner!
After sleeping in the next day, we headed downstairs for the booksigning, which was an awesome experience. It wasn’t my first booksigning, but it was by far the best and most fun. I was so psyched to have sold out of all my books! Of course, I had to buy a copy of IF YOU DARE myself because Angelo is on the book cover and I wanted him to sign it. I didn’t even know he was on the cover until author Lacey Thorn pointed it out to me. So, at the urging of Lacey, Samantha Wayland, VJ Summers and Tawny Taylor, I went over to Angelo, who was at the booksigning, and asked him if that was him on the cover. It was, so I had him sign it for me. Of course, I had to get a picture with him! After that, I was all over him! Well, not literally, but I did have to have him sign the EC Cavemen calendars that came in our swag. Which meant I had to get another picture with him!

The weekend finished with a pizza party and bingo. Angelo and Rodney were not only in attendance, but entertained everyone by calling the numbers for the game in true Cavemen fashion. It was a really fun time!

So can’t wait until next year!

I have more pics on my Facebook page if you’d like to see them, including lots more of the Cavemen and my pics with the very hot Angelo!

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Christine H says October 27, 2010

Wow, That was a great recap!! I'd so love to go one of these years.
So many people I know went this year. I went to your facebook page using the link but didn't see the new pics you talked about. I just requested to be your friend, I thought I already was, but maybe not. Unless you have two pages.

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your post. I cavemen are so hunky!!!
Reminds me of when I was about 14 or 15 At the St. Louis Fair I got my Picture taken smashed between two hunky Chippendale Dancers, What a wonderful experience that was!! Something I'll never forget!!

~ Hugs, Christine

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