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Review of Our Yummy New Wood Paddle!

Though we used the wood paddle we won as a door prize at the spanking party that night in our suite, it was late and we were tired, so it was just a quickie spanking, so I figured I’d wait to give you my thoughts on it until we had used it more fully, which we did this weekend! And wow, is it yummy!

It’s made of very smooth, lightweight wood that’s about 1/2 inch thick, and at first glance, it looks like it’s going to be a very “thuddy” paddle, but it’s not. Instead, it’s surprisingly “stingy,” and feels a lot like the CB paddle, which next to the London Tanner Boudoir Paddle, is my favorite! So yes, I like this new paddle very much! *grin*

Before I get into the actual spanking, I should tell you a little bit about how spanking plays into our lifestyle. My hubby and I don’t practice domestic discipline, so all of our spankings are the sensual kind, but I do enjoy when he spanks me for being “naughty.” I, however, didn’t even know I’d done anything “naughty,” until I was stretched out over my hubby’s lap on the bed, getting a warm-up with his hand, when he announced that he was going to spank me for being such a bad girl while we were on vacation down in Orlando the weekend before!

Giving him a pout over my shoulder, I protested that I hadn’t done anything “naughty.” He chuckled and told me that I had. Then, picking up our new wood paddle, he began to make a list of all the “naughty” things I was responsible for (all of which were totally made up, of course, like the slow service at the hotel restaurant in Tampa, the traffic we got stuck in, and the long lines at Disney, just to name a few!) And after each infraction, he spanked me with our new wood paddle! Of course, I squirmed and squealed and kicked like crazy, even though I absolutely loved every minute of the spanking! Then again, how could I not love it, especially when my hubby loves to rub my bottom in between! *sigh*


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New Beginnings says February 27, 2007

I just dropped by from Todd and Suzy’s place. I was just going to give a quick look around then get back to my packing – I am heading to Disney World tomorrow!! However, it won’t be quite as good as your trip. I am taking 150 twelve year olds with me!! I teach and this is our field trip for the year. The bus trip one way is 12 hours so you can tell I am offically crazy. Thank goodness my husband gave me a wonderful stress busting spanking a few days ago and hopefully I can have more when I get back. I know I will really need it! I am looking forward to reading here more!

PK (Elis)

Tiggr D'Amore says February 28, 2007

Hi Paige… this is your old namesake, the “other” Tiggr here… I, too, found your new blog from Todd and Suzy…

I’ve always enjoyed your writing but this will be even more fun… And to start out with you talking about my two very favorite things and places… spanking and Disney… I grew up across the lake from Disney when it was first built… I’m still a huge Disney-a-holic. Well, I guess the Tiggr gives it away, eh?

LOVE the paddle… very, very nice. And I can’t wait to hear more of your adventures!!!


paigetyl says March 2, 2007

PK – 150 kids!!! Eeek!!! More power to you!!! Gotta love those stress relief spankings, though!!! They can work wonders!!!

Tiggs – Disney and spankings are two of my favorite things, too!! In fact, I have a really cute story about getting spanked by my hubby while we were there at Disney a little while ago!!! I think I’ll post it!!!


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