Not the Man She Thought – Read Chapter One for Free! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Not the Man She Thought – Read Chapter One for Free!

You can read chapter one of Not the Man She Thought over on Bethany’s Woodshed for free!


Beautiful Laken Andara is determined to find a way to be with the man she believes she’s in love with. The only problem is that he’s on a planet half a galaxy away. With no money and lots of spunk, she sneaks on board a cargo ship heading to the Tobagee System, which will put her within easy reach of the man she wants to marry.

But stowing away is a crime, and the captain has his own special way of dealing with spoiled brats that sneak on board his ship. He puts them over his knee and spanks them! Outraged at being manhandled by the handsome Rade Karsten, Laken has no choice but to endure the frequent spankings that take place every time she refuses to follow his orders, knowing that it will all be worth it if it reunites her with the man of her dreams.

Dreams can change, however, and as Laken gets swept up in Rade’s world of piracy, intrigue, and the machinations of the tyrannical Merchant Federation, she discovers that men can sometimes be more – and sometimes less – than what they first appear.

But could Laken ever truly feel anything for a rogue that would rather drag her across his knee for a sound spanking than put up with her headstrong ways? Perhaps, but only if Rade can keep her safe long enough for her to make up her mind.

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Tempest Knight says April 22, 2007

Oooh! That’s one spanking good chapter! Heh!

paigetyl says May 2, 2007

Tempest – LOL! Thanks!


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