New Review for VAMPIRE 101! I’m Speechless! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

New Review for VAMPIRE 101! I’m Speechless!

I’m speechless! And flattered! And totally psyched by this review for Vampire 101 from Dark Divas Reviews!

“MODERN DAY VAMPIRES: VAMPIRE 101 is another mouthwatering hit from Paige Tyler. I absolutely devoured this book. Savanna and Kaige are so mesmerizing that it felt like I actually knew them. They could have been my neighbors they were so realistic. The romance that blossoms between them is heartfelt and passionate. I was rooting for them from the very beginning. Kaige is such a protector of Savanna. He makes it his job to keep her safe at all costs. When it dawns on him that he’s falling in love with her, I wanted to hug him, he was so dumbfounded about it. Savanna is a jewel. Sweet, innocent, charming and when it really counts, strong and passionate. At turns, MODERN DAY VAMPIRES: VAMPIRE 101 is hilarious, comical, suspenseful, erotic and downright captivating. Paige Tyler is wicked with a pen and knows how to yank her readers in and leave them breathless from beginning to end. If you’re in the mood for a superb paranormal romance with some erotic scenes woven in with a splash of suspense for good measure, MODERN DAY VAMPIRES: VAMPIRE 101 is definitely the book for you. This one is going on my keeper shelves and I’ve already re-read it three times, so I guarantee you’ll love it!”


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The Bumbles says April 17, 2009

I enjoy all your posts – and your *hugs* – so it is great that you got such a stellar review. I always wonder where authors come up with the names of their characters. It must be like coming up with a name for your child!

paigetyl says April 22, 2009

The Bumbles – Thanks so much! I love picking names for characters! I always look for something that fits each of them, though sometimes they end up telling me what their name should be! LOL!


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