New Review for VALUABLE CARGO – 4.5 Stars from JERR! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

New Review for VALUABLE CARGO – 4.5 Stars from JERR!

I’m so excited! JERR gave my sexy new sci-fi erotic romance Valuable Cargo 4.5 Stars! Check it out!

“Paige Tyler has offered the reader a highly enjoyable and believable look into the future. Valuable Cargo is chock full of excitement, drama and seduction. What I enjoyed the most is that Garrick wasn’t thrown 700 years into the future and then given some kind of implant or magic pill that makes him understand everything in no time. Instead he has to slowly learn to adjust. That aspect, coupled with the comic relief provided by the younger crew members in turn, made all the characters and the plot more believable and easier to relate to. It warmed my heart watching the bond created between the shipmates grow. As the book goes on they feel more like a close knit family than people who just happen to work together. Tanna is very much her own woman and aware of how the decisions she makes affects others. I couldn’t help but respect and like her. The mentality of both lead characters is a perfect match. If you want to read a book that will leave you rooting for the hero and heroine at every stop, that will steal a place in your heart, pick up Valuable Cargo the next time you go online!”


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