New Review for Librarian By Day! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

New Review for Librarian By Day!

I’m so excited! Two Lips Reviews gave 5 Kisses to my sexy contemporary erotic romance Librarian By Day!

“Paige Tyler is one of the hottest spanking romance writers around, and Librarian by Day is a prime example of why. The heat between Nik and Jennifer is so hot you might need oven mitts to read this romance. Jennifer is shy, so very shy, she has never told a lover her most secret parts of herself. When she does, how will Nik react? Nik is such a sweet alpha male. Every girl should have a Nik in her life. Jennifer is so lucky to have him! Trust me, he knows how to handle his girl. One of the great things about a Paige Tyler romance is the emotional connection that is between the characters. I love how the characters grow and learn from each other, becoming more than they were before. The real treat in this romance is the connection Ms. Tyler creates with her characters. It always is a joy to watch unfold. When you want a spanking romance to remember you want Librarian by Day on your keeper shelf!”

– Tina

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Naughty By Night!

Shy, reserved librarian Jennifer Davidson has a secret side that few people know about. She writes erotic spanking romances on the side. She’s never
been spanked herself, but when her boyfriend stumbles across one of her books, all that changes.

Nik Evans has always hoped there was a bad girl hiding underneath his prim, proper librarian, but even he is surprised when they begin to explore her
fantasies and he finds out just how naughty she can be.

Soon, Jennifer is embarking on a sensual journey of discovery in which she learns that having her bottom warmed for real is better than anything she’d ever written about in her books.


As if determined to tease her, however, Nik stopped what he was doing and slid his finger out of her pussy. A moment later, she felt the paddle against her right ass cheek. The leather was cool on her skin, and she held her breath as she waited for him to use it on her. But he didn’t. Instead, he caressed her bare bottom with the leather paddle.

“I heard that you haven’t been focusing on your writing as much as you should be,” her boyfriend said softly. “Is that true?”

Confused, not to mention preoccupied with the way he was rubbing her ass with the paddle, Jennifer lifted her head to look over her shoulder at him. “Wh-what?” she stammered. “Where did you hear that?”

His mouth twitched. “I have my sources,” he said. “So, is it true?”

Stacy. The other girl must have told Nik. She should have known! Jennifer chewed on her lower lip for a moment, wondering where her boyfriend was going with this. “Maybe I have been a little distracted,” she admitted in a small voice.

“Well, then I’d say that you deserve a good spanking for that, don’t you?” Nik suggested playfully. “It might help you to focus more on your writing.”

Jennifer almost laughed. His spankings were exactly the reason she’d been so distracted in the first place. But she wasn’t about to argue, not when getting spanked was precisely what she wanted. And getting spanked for some misdeed,
even if it was just pretend, was a definite turn-on!

Nik lifted a brow. “Don’t you agree?”

She hadn’t realized he’d wanted an answer. Blushing, she nodded her head, then quickly turned back around to look down at the floor again.

Above her, Nik shifted his hand on her back to hold her more firmly in place before slowly lifting the paddle with the other. A moment later, it came down on her bare bottom with a resounding smack!

“Owwww!” she yelped.

Her boyfriend rubbed the offended area with the paddle. “Did that sting?” he asked, obvious amusement in his voice.

“Yes!” she squeaked as the paddle smacked against her other cheek.

“Good,” Nik said, bringing the paddle down on her bottom again. “That way you’ll be sure to focus on your writing.”

Jennifer felt her face color at his pretend scolding. She didn’t know where this authoritative side of him had been hiding, but she liked it!

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great review. congrats!!

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Sounds very sexy. I'll be checking it out.

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Jolie – Thanks!

Ashley – Thanks so much! Let me know how you like it!


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