New Cover Goodness – MAID FOR SPANKING! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

New Cover Goodness – MAID FOR SPANKING!

So excited! Got my cover for MAID FOR SPANKING, my upcoming release from Blushing Books! Korey Mae Johnson is the artist!  Love it!

Palmer hates her job as a computer programmer. The pay is good, but the hours
are terrible, and what’s worse, she never gets to work on anything interesting.
Unable to take it anymore, she quits to go in search of her dream job. In the
meantime, though, she still has to pay the bills, so she lets her friend talk her
into becoming a maid for Silicon Valley’s rich and famous.

really isn’t her thing, but polishing silver and dusting furniture doesn’t seem
so bad when she meets her first client, the gorgeous Steven Hughes. It might
not be her dream job, but on top of making some pretty damn good money and setting
her own hours, she gets to spend her day with a hot and hunky guy.

are some drawbacks to working for Steve, though. One, he tends to be a little
obsessive compulsive about how he likes his house cleaned. And two, he has an
annoying habit of spanking her every time she doesn’t follow orders. But
everything changes when her curiosity gets the better of her and she sneaks
into his secret room to discovers he’s a computer programmer just like her. And
that working alongside him might just be the dream job she’s been looking for.
If she can put up with all his spankings.

Read an Excerpt!

Coming Soon from Blushing Books!


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Rhonda D says February 27, 2013

Oh yummy! I love the blurb and excerpt on the link. I will definitely be grabbing this one. Woo Hoo! Is it available anywhere else? I have accounts with $ on them at All Romance and Amazon. 🙂

paigetyl says February 28, 2013

Rhonda – Thank you so much! Yes, it will be on Amazon soon! I'll post it on my website, FB page and blog when it comes out!


Brenda Wheeler says February 28, 2013

You gotta love a man with intellectual good looks, my mercy he's sexy in those glasses, and he spanks too! *licking lips while squirming in seat* 😉

paigetyl says February 28, 2013

Brenda – LOL! Yay! This is the first hero I've done with glasses (that came out more kinky that it really is!) but he's pretty dang hunky!


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