Mrs. Giggles Gives VALUABLE CARGO an 83 and a Great Review! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Mrs. Giggles Gives VALUABLE CARGO an 83 and a Great Review!

I’m psyched! Mrs. Giggles gave my sexy new sci-fi erotic romance Valuable Cargo an 83!

“I initially thought Valuable Cargo would be a sleazy smutty sex romp, but I’m quite pleasantly surprised to find that this one has actual plot and credible romance. The story does follow many of the formulaic tropes typical of futuristic romances right down to the fundamental premise, but the author takes the effort and time to show me that the main characters are connecting on an emotional as well as physical level. I really appreciate that. Garrick and Tanna are likable, intelligent, and capable characters. When they do have sex, it seems like a natural progression of their relationship instead of some eye-rolling “Look, readers! Sex scenes! Isn’t this story hot?” gratuitous titillation moment.
In the meantime, the pacing is good, the secondary characters aren’t intrusive, and the author manages to sneak in some exposition without making the whole thing seems too obvious or too much like a dry lecture.
I initially began reading this with one foot at the exit, so to speak, because I was expecting this to be some tawdry orgy-in-space story. How wonderful that this one turns out to be quite a solid read.”
Rating: 83
They Don’t Make Guys Like Him Anymore!
Tanna Aldrick is the captain of a deep space salvage ship in the twenty-ninth century. When she and her all-female crew stumble upon an ancient ship floating in the middle of nowhere, they figure they might be able to find a few valuable tidbits left on the decrepit spacecraft. But what they discover is more valuable than anything they could have ever imagined finding – a gorgeous hunk of a man from the twenty-second century, perfectly preserved in cryogenic suspension. Mankind has changed a lot in seven-hundred years, and six-foot-four, blond-haired, blue-eyed guys like him aren’t just rare; they’re nonexistent.
From the moment they revive him, Tanna finds herself falling for their handsome passenger. As logical as her reasons for not getting romantically involved with him are, however, she still finds herself inviting him into her bed.
Garrick Carlisle wakes up after seven-hundred years in hypersleep to find that everything and everyone he knew is gone. Lost and disconnected, the only thing that keeps him from completely losing it is the beautiful and sexy, dark-haired ship’s captain who rescued him.
Tanna isn’t the only person interested in Garrick, though. A man like him would bring a high price on the slave blocks on any number of planets and there are a lot of unscrupulous people in the galaxy willing to do anything to get their hands on him.How far will Tanna go to protect her valuable cargo and what will Garrick do to stay with the woman he has come to love?
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