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Looking for a Sexy Christmas Read?!

Looking for a sexy Christmas read? Then check out my hot erotic Exotica romance SEXY SECRET SANTA from Ellora’s Cave!

I love writing holiday theme stories, especially Christmas ones, so when I came up with the idea for a story about a hero and heroine who get locked in their office building for the night, I thought why not have them end up there because they sneaked off during the office Christmas party for a little nookie?! The idea worked and my editor at EC loved it! Hope you do, too!

Happy Reading and Merry Christmas!

Hollie Kerr has lusted after hot architectural engineer Dirk Fraser ever since they started working together, so she’s thrilled to discover he’s her Secret Santa at the office Christmas party. What she doesn’t know is that her friend has led him to believe Hollie prefers a good spanking over a boring, old  present any day.

Though Hollie is surprised when Dirk put her over his knee, she can’t pass up the opportunity to get spanked by a hunky guy like him. Her upturned bottom isn’t the only thing that gets hot, however, and soon they’re having sex right there in the office. By the time they come up for air, the party has wrapped up, their coworkers have left and the building is locked up tight.

What’s a girl supposed to do when she’s trapped all night in the office with a gorgeous guy? Have sex in all the places she’s ever fantasized about, of course!


Hollie frowned as a thought abruptly occurred to her. What if the whole I’ll-give-it-to-you-later thing was a stall tactic to hold her off until everyone left the party? Maybe Dirk had forgotten to get her anything at all. She hated to think he was type who would do something like that.

She finished off the last of her cookie, determined to figure out what Dirk was up to. “Okay, I can’t take it anymore,” she said to him. “I want my present now.”

His brow creased. “Seriously?”

“Uh-huh. I think I’ve been patient long enough. I want it now.”

Dirk hesitated, as if debating whether to give in to her demands, but then he finally nodded. “Okay, if you’re sure. But I think I better give it to you in private.”

Setting her half-empty cup of eggnog on the table, he took her hand and led her out of the atrium and down the hallway. His hand was big and strong and warm around hers, and she had to bite her lips to stifle a little moan at the tingle that ran through her at his touch.Hollie opened her mouth to ask where he was taking her when they stepped into the computer drafting and design studio. Since she didn’t work in the architecture side of the business, she didn’t come down to this part of the building often, but she knew Dirk spent a lot his time working in the room and she wondered if he had hidden her present in here. Then again, the studio was the farthest away from the atrium where the festivities were being held back out in the atrium and he had closed the door after they’d come in. Maybe Dirk wanted privacy when he gave her the present. That made her squirm in anticipation. What kind of gift could require this much privacy?

“So, where is it?” she asked.

He let out a soft, sexy chuckle. “Impatient, aren’t you?”

She grinned. “I prefer to think of myself as eager.

Taking her hand in his again, Dirk led her over to one of the drafting tables in the back of the room. But instead of reaching underneath it and coming up with the Christmas present he had promised, he sat down in the chair and began to guide her over his knee.

Hollie looked at him in surprise. “What are you doing?”

He frowned up at her, confusion clear on his face. “Giving you your Christmas present, just like you asked. Are you saying you changed your mind and don’t want it?”

Hollie knew exactly what kind of present she would end up with if she let Dirk drape her over his lap like he obviously intended—a spanking! And while she loved a good spanking as much as the next girl—okay, maybe a little more than the next girl—she was shocked Dirk had thought to give her one. Was her kinky side that obvious? Was the fact that she had a thing for strong, masculine men who knew how to warm her ass written all over her face?

Well, however he knew, she wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity like this, not when a guy as hot as Dirk was doing the spanking. Though she did understand now why he wanted to give her his present in private.

She gave him a sexy smile. “I didn’t change my mind. You can go ahead and give me my Christmas present.”

The corner of Dirk’s mouth edged up, but he didn’t say anything, just guided her the rest of the way over his knee. Familiar with being in that position, Hollie put her hands on the floor to help balance herself. As he placed a strong hand on her back to keep her in place, she got the feeling he had done this sort of thing before, too.

Even though she liked getting spanked, Hollie couldn’t keep herself from tensing a little as she waited for the first smack. But Dirk didn’t spank her right away. Instead, he gently caressed her ass through her skirt. She had to stifle a sigh of pleasure. Regardless of the fact that he seemed to know what he was doing, she had expected him to give her a dozen or so smacks on the derriere and be done with it. However, he was obviously going to take his time, which meant she was in for some serious fun.

When he finally brought his hand down on her upturned bottom, she gasped. The smack seemed to echo in the room and she was grateful the rest of their coworkers were making too much noise at the party to hear.

“Was that too hard?” he asked.

She looked over her shoulder at him. “No. You can spank me a little harder, if you want.”

His mouth quirked. “You really are a bad girl, aren’t you?”

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