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A Little Pet Peeve!

One of the other writer’s on Romance Divas asked if we had any pet peeves when it comes to other people’s books. I read through everyone else’s, nodding my head in agreement with some, then added my own pet peeve. It really bothers me when I totally fall in love with a secondary character in a book and the author totally changes his character when he becomes the hero of his own book!

Like in this paranormal romance series I like to read, there’s this cool, hunky, hot vamp who was all laid back and fun, even using the word “dude” here and there. Well, I fell in love with him and couldn’t wait for his book. When his book finally came out, though, the author completely changed his character, turning him into a serious, introspective, almost boring hero. I was like, what the heck?! This is not the character I fell in love with!

So wrong, I tell you!

Anyway, do you have any pet peeves about other authors’ books? Inquiring minds want to know!


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Laurann Dohner says October 14, 2009

I wrote about this not too long ago. I bought a ebook and fell in love with the characters. He was this possesive type afraid to date her because he didn't want to hurt her in any way and didn't think he was good enough for her and she wouldn't even date anyone because she was waiting for 'him' to ask her out. They hook up and half way thru the book she hops into bed with him and his friend. I was like…WTH??? If you won't date because you're obsessed and in love with a guy…and you get him… it was just stupid and out of line to shove her in bed with both of them. It made no sense. That's my HUGE pet peeve. LOL.

Natalie Acres Romance Author says October 15, 2009

Sometimes I buy a book based on its cover. You know how it is: a ‘sexy hunk’ grabs your attention and you just gotta have a piece of the action in between the covers.

My pet peeve is when the hero doesn't remotely resemble the man on the cover. That's a huge disappointment when I'm all set to let the imagination run wild with ‘the guy’ who initially sold me on the book!

Cowboy Love,
Natalie Acres

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