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Life Imitates Art!

In my book, Taking Her Friend’s Advice, the main characters, Kaelyn and Holt, decide to go to a spanking costume party, and she dresses up in a schoolgirl outfit. Since I’ve always wanted to dress up like a naughty schoolgirl for my hubby, I decided to take a page from my book and surprise him!

First, I told my hubby that he needed to dress in khaki pants and a button-up shirt, and then go wait for me in our home office with the door closed while I got ready. As he was getting dressed, I got out our sorority-style paddle and put it in on the desk, then I went into our bedroom to get dressed. My schoolgirl outfit isn’t the regulation kind, but exactly like the one in the photo (which inspired Kaeyln’s costume in the book, btw!) I even put my long hair up in ponytails on either side of my head! After I was all dressed, I knocked on the office door. My hubby asked if I was ready. I smiled, thinking, are you?!

I was actually a little afraid he might have figured out what I was going to dress up as, though, with the whole office scenario and school-type paddle, but from the look on his face, I could tell that he was completely – and pleasantly – surprised!

Leaning against the door jamb, I gave him a coy look and said something like, “You wanted to see me, Professor?”

To my delight, my hubby got right into character, telling me that he wanted to speak to me about my poor performance in class. He told me to have a seat, which I did, making sure I crossed my legs to give him a good show. He’s unable to take his eyes off me, I notice! Then he starts scolding me about my lackadaisical attitude in class, my poor grades, the fact that I consistently forget to turn in my homework, everything! Of course the whole time, I’m sitting there smoothing my skirt, and trailing my fingers across the tops of my thigh-high’s, pretending that I’m not paying a bit of attention, which is when he decides that a good paddling is in order!

I’m astounded, of course! A paddling! I even tell him that I’ll work harder, be a better student, just please, don’t spank me! He is determined to spank me, though, and orders me to bend over and put my hands on the chair. I do. He then asks me if I’ve ever been spanked before. I shake my head. He then tells me that since I have never been spanked before, he will give me a warm-up with his hand first!

He starts spanking me with his hand, first over my skirt, and then over my panties. Then he picks up the paddle! I’m dancing from foot-to-foot and yelping from the very first spank! (He really doesn’t spank me all that hard, but as I said before, I’m very vocal during a spanking!) He tells me to hold still, but of course, I can’t. So he then slides down my panties! I protest, but he says that’s the penalty for not standing still, and starts to spank me with the paddle again! Of course, I still can’t stand still, so he decides to try something different…like putting me over his knee! Now we’re talking! I’m still squirming, of course, and kicking my legs, telling him that I’ll do better in class. Finally, he relents, only to make me stand in the corner! We don’t practice DD, so we don’t do corner time, but for role playing, it makes me melt! And while I’m standing in the corner, he scolds me some more, which makes it even better! Who knew he’d be so good at this role-play stuff?!

Of course, I can’t help but fidget while I’m standing in the corner, so he comes over and spanks me with the paddle some more. Then he asks me why such a good student is suddenly acting like I am in class. I shyly admit that I had heard he has paddled other girls for such infractions.

“So, you wanted me to spank you?” he asks incredulously.

I nod, my ponytails bobbing up and down. Telling me what a naughty girl I am, he calls me out of the corner and puts me over his knee again for another paddling before we moved into the bedroom!

All in all, the whole thing was very, very hot!

Oh, btw, the costume is from Flirty Lingerie!


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AngelBrat says March 8, 2007

That sounds amazing! I’m glad you had such a great time!

Kallisto says March 8, 2007

Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Serenity says March 10, 2007

OK hun, think I told you about this one!! I love the school girl role playing me and the hubby do it all the time!!! I hope you doing it again and again as it gets better every time!!

Luv ya,

A.S.S. says March 10, 2007

How fun! Neat that hubby jumped right into the role play.

~Todd & Suzy

paigetyl says March 11, 2007

Angelbrat – It definitely was amazing!

Kallisto – Very fun!

Jen – I think you did, actually! Dressing up as a naughty schoolgirl is my favorite role-play!

Todd & Suzy – I agree! In fact, I was surprised at how good he is at it!


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