JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN! – Paige Tyler – New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author


Looking for something fun to read this Halloween Season?! ?
I hope you said yes, because all FIVE Episodes of Season One of PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS UNLIMITED: EDGE OF DARKNESS are NOW AVAILABLE in one book!
Rule#1: When you kill someone, they should stay dead.
Rule#2: The ghosts of serial killers don’t follow rules.
If you love brooding heroes, kick-butt women, serial killers, psychological thrillers, ghosts, haunted houses, sidekicks, ghost hunting, chills, and thrills you’re going to love this series!
Read the whole season of Paranormal Investigations Unlimited: EDGE OF DARKNESS today! ?
“A shocking murder, a potential hot romance, and creepiness that makes you check your closet and under your bed before you go to sleep. You’ve heard of appointment TV this is appointment reading!!!” – Amazon Review

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