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New Cover Squee!

Just got my cover for my upcoming combo release of two contemporary erotic romances in eBook and print from Blushing Books, Bridezilla and A Date for The Wedding! It features cover model Jimmy Thomas, so of course it’s hot! LOL! Rae Monet, the artist who does my covers for Blushing Books, does such gorgeous work, doesn’t she?! I absolutely love it!



Travis McAlister heard about it happening, but he never imagined his sweet, beautiful Chloe Sheridan, would turn into Bridezilla. When they set the date for their wedding, though, Chloe changes right before his eyes and his once calm, organized girlfriend is now freaking out over every minor detail of the upcoming nuptials.

He tries his best to ignore her behavior, but when they still don’t have a DJ a week before the wedding, Travis finally decides it’s time to take matters into his own hands. Not only does he hire one himself, but when she argues with him, he puts her over his knee for a well-deserved spanking.

Travis wonders if warming her sexy bottom will be enough to get her to change her ways, but he doubts it, especially when there are still dozens of decisions to be made and an out-of-control bride determined to make a major event out of every one of them!

A Date for the Wedding

Sabrina Kyle wants to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. What better way to do that than to go to a mutual friend’s wedding with a handsome man on her arm, right?

Finding such a man on short notice is difficult, though, so against her better judgment, Sabrina asks her gorgeous coworker Holden McKenna to be her date. Her plan to make her ex-boyfriend jealous works perfectly, but things go awry when Holden catches onto the scheme. Not at all pleased to find out she’s used him, Holden drags her off for what he considers is a well-deserved spanking and Sabrina spends the rest of the evening with a tingling bottom.

Sabrina is determined to stay as far away from Holden as she can after that, but back at work she’s mortified to learn they’ve been hand selected to work on a new advertising campaign together. How can she be expected her to work with a man who spanks her every time they have a difference of opinion? And why the heck is she starting to enjoy it?!

Bridezilla and A Date for the Wedding will be available soon in both eBook and print!


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Nessa says November 18, 2009

These look like fun.

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Mary Quast says November 19, 2009

I wonder if Travis is any relation to my hunky McAlister brothers in my books. LOL.

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